The only run out song we should have

Whilst watching the Olympic opening ceremony I got round to thinking what we should run out to.

Well for me it showed you should be proud of your roots and in Aston we have one very proud music heritage we GAVE THE WORLD. Geezer Butler was seen photographed with Tom Hanks and unlike him he is a 100% Villa fan.

Therefore can you not say that this should be our run out tune for next season.

Come on imagine that at as the team runs out against Everton, magnificent !!

29 comments on “The only run out song we should have

  1. Hopefully they get rid of the stupid handshakes too, so the team actually can RUN out to our entrance music! I still prefer Craig Armstrong’s Escape though, I think that should be used. It’s excellent and gets everyone pumped up.

  2. Yawn this London biased Olympics opening is so boring it’s untrue. Iv switched of now. I’d rather watch us play stoke with mcleish as manager.

      • London-biased?

        In what way (other than London is the host city). You have themes including Brunel (from Portsmouth),
        the NHS (in every part of the UK) and children’s books. I expected it to have a London bias but it didn’t.

        • Would of been better if they put 12billion into Nhs rather than patronise them with some cast of hundreds rubbish. If Birmingham were to make a bid for Olympics no way would the gov etc put that much money and effort into it. Bit like when Manchester failed. The whole thing is a promotion for London with the rest of the country getting a few worthless scraps. Biggest waste of money ever IMHO.

          • that’s a laugh – IMHO – you’re anything but humble
            It’s true that the Olympics has cost far too much and the NHS could have done with the boost BUT now it’s been spent look at it for what it is – the greatest sporting event!

  3. What song is it, i cant see on my phone

  4. think you need to consider the lyrics ….

    All day long I think of things but nothing seems to satisfy
    Think I’ll lose my mind if I don’t find something to pacify
    Can you help me occupy my brain?

    I wrote to Geezer, via his management company, suggesting he (and Tony Iommi) should write a run-out song but I didn’t get a response. He’s just )today) signed with a new management company so I will try again.

  5. I’d take it back to We Will Rock You! I used to sit in the North Stand as a kid and remember the ground would shake, simple rhythm is the answer.

  6. That would be an Epic song for the team to come out to; all we need is for beer to be allowed in the stands and the atmosphere would be back!!

  7. Should be crazy train!! All aboard!!

  8. Went running today and queen we will rock you came on my iPod. Memories from my youth of a full villa park stomping their feet as the boys ran out! Hairs on the back of my neck! Bring it back I say?

  9. Only one song to have ” theme from am unmade silent movie ” nothing else would make sense ,it’s our history

  10. See the Palm tree swaying way down Villa Park (Summer lane) What a classic, one from the early 1900’s . No just a thought.

  11. ‘Fairies Wear Boots’ – that would go down well.

  12. they should let the fans vote on the runout song! This would be a good one

  13. Should go back to Craig Armstrong, that was class. Gave me goosebumps & it was played before Chelsea game which was great but everyone was up for it that day because of sad news about Stan.

  14. Errr………no.

  15. Ozzie and Bill Ward born and brought up in Aston, group formed in Aston other two out and out Brummies, Geezer Butler a fanatical Villa Fan. A no brainer, just play it bloody loud!

  16. they is only one song the players should run out to and it is the eye of the tiger i would defo get the players pump up

  17. the streets of philadelphia by bruce sprigsteen for tom

  18. After the shambles which was “The Bells Are Ringing”, I did like the single bell tolling before the music started and the peals of bells at the end of the game last season after we won (pity we didn’t win more!!). I love how the crowd rises in anticipation of the team coming out – we do need something!

  19. It’s a valid point, Black Sabbath invented heavy metal, a true legacy.

    I think Iron Man would make a better run out tune, deeper riff and crescendo build up. Would be great to see if the band would maybe do an instrumental version especially for us but I doubt they would.

    We’re not the only team that decent bands support, Citeh and Man U have a couple of their own.

    Interestingly, both do play their music so that would support the suggestion.

    • other clubs do have their own bands but did they invent an whole genre and did they live a 5 minute walk to the ground ?

      • Oasis were Britpop, Stone Roses are widely accepted as having the greatest debut album of all time.

        Not in the same league as Sabbath in my opinion, but my genre is metal and heavy rock.

        Both are mega bands.

        I do think that we should try and get something going with regard to the walk out music, the bells are ringing would have been decent if it hadn’t been written and performed at such a slow pace.

    • I like the idea of Sabbath but try a better track. Paranoid is only popular because it is the most media friendly nowadays. I’d personally go with War Pigs!!

      Or maybe find another local band. Napalm Death anyone??

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