Randy selling the Browns, will he sell AVFC

We have had an interesting news day today !!

It was a shock to hear that Randy is in talks to sell a share of the Browns. I actually believe it is more than just a stake but actually will signal him selling the whole club. the Browns are worth $900M, around £650M so it is not an insignificant sum is it ? In fact in terms of Randy’s wealth it may well double his value but this is what the implications could be for Villa.

As I see it there are three possible implications for us.

1) He will use the money to fund Villa and this will have a beneficial impact to us.

2) This signals he is short on money and needs to sell. The Browns were his Dad’s club and a massive emotional pull for him, would he sell if he did not have to ?

3) No impact at all as he will use the money in other ways and it will not change a thing at Villa.

I guess what you could say is he is willing to talk about incoming investment, did that happen at Villa ? Were rumours of QIA investment more than
mere wishful thinking on some fans behalf ?

I have to say many people believed the cost cutting At Villa was more to do with preparing the club for a sale and not the reasons he gave. Now this may well be rubbish but this indicates he would sell at the right price. With lower wages, a good manager in place then it makes it a better looking prospect that 12 months ago.

At the Browns he has been under increasing pressure. If you measure success as an owner by business means he has done well. If you measure success by sporting achievements, he has been a total failure. I know many Brown’s fans will be delighted he is looking to sell parts if not all of the Browns that says a lot.

43 comments on “Randy selling the Browns, will he sell AVFC

  1. if only he would invest just 10% of that (65 mil) in team building at the villa i,m pretty sure that under PL he would get a good return in less than 5 years or so…..heres hoping!

  2. My guess is it’s a combo of 2 and 3.
    He needs the money and it won’t change much.

    I still don’t really doubt RL’s commitment to the Villa, but think he’s had his fingers severely burnt and will be very reticent to pile much money in.

    The most important thing I’ve heard today is Feyenoord basically saying we haven’t got any money, re Vlaar.
    I wonder if that’s just us playing the pauper to get a better deal (wise) or if it actually might be true.
    Whatever, I still don’t see any top quality coming in and that has to be a concern, for me at least.

    • we had no reason to play the pauper, there was a fixed price on his head. My guess is that we were waiting for a deal to sell someone.

      That has to be Collins, I still think West Ham but obviously the turner deal to Norwich opens up a gap at Sunderland.

      • I can see the Collins thing Ian, but are things really so tight that the club are debating about a couple of million??

        Of course, that trips off the tongue easily, as it isn’t my money, but you know what I mean.
        I actually thought the buy out was 4mill euros or 3 and a bit £mill.
        If so, we’ve paid a bit more, haven’t we?

        • 4M euro’s isn;t it ??

          as for things tight, made an adjustment to the post for that ?

          • He is going through a divorce, so his ex-wife may have a hand in him selling the Brown’s so he can pay her off. Just a thought…

          • Divorce long gone and finished

          • I’m not sure Ian, I’m reading £4m, not euros and mention of “protracted negotiations”.

            As for your amendment, I don’t think RL is looking to sell just yet.
            He hasn’t had anywhere near enough stick yet!

            And the fact that he’s looking to sell ( what seems to be a majority stake, from what I’m reading) would possibly back that up.

          • interesting though …

    • Very astute observations all round anon3. I have to say that I agree fully with your views and concerns.

      While the whole VP scenario is definitely much brighter than it was in mid-May, things are far, far from where they really need to be, both on, and particularly off, the pitch.

      I cant help but feel that we are merely ticking over, and are not at all geared to push on.

      I cannot see Lerner’s plans relating to his NFL team having anything at all to do with my only concern, AVFC. What happens over there is irrelevant to me as a Villan who couldn’t give a toss about the Cleveland Browns, and will I feel be irrelevant to Aston Villa Football Club.

      • “Ticking over” is a good description Andrew.

        I have at least some faith in PL, but I’m not convinced we’ll do much with a load of unproven signings.
        If you buy Norwich type signings, expect a Norwich type league finish, imo.
        Although in fairness, that would be an improvement.
        Perhaps I should be looking at this season as more of the much vaunted “transition” instead of actually hoping to achieve Europa or a cup?

        I agree, we don’t seem to be showing signs of pushing on much.
        Perhaps PL is the true messiah after all though🙂
        Here’s hoping.

  3. I think it’s got to be good news for us. I’m not suggesting he’ll throw millions and millions of pounds our way but it lightens the pressure on his wallet. We are already seeing some shrewd buys from Paul Lambert and I don’t think he would have come to theVilla unless he saw success in the future. Also, welcome Ron Vlaar.

  4. Why does this mean he is selling. Am I missing something? Tired of all the guess work and conclusions that are drawn from the smallest of things. If you want to sell something you tell people that it is on the market. How else are you going to sell?

  5. Strange to think that if he did need the money he’d sell a family owned/run business instead of the villa?

  6. I do believe if a good offer came along, i do think Randy would sell, money talks in the Lerner house hold.

    • He is first and foremost a business man and many have said over the weeks and months that Villa were preparing to sell, that the cutbacks were just for that …

  7. Gotta laugh at the ‘invest’ stuff …… he can’t pump money in now, it would breach UEFA FPP Rules and put us back three years in European Competition terms, which is surely where we want to be ? he could spend money on Villa Park, training facilities etc ..

    • you think anyone else is caring that much abut FFP, don;t say you believed in that when we were battling relegation two seasons running ?

      • They are Ian, even City have to sell to buy now after the huge spend of three seasons ….. UTD are trying to float stocks in New York to raise income, Arsenal’s players screaming that the club needs to spend more but the owners strictly staying put on the balance sheet, Spurs looking to sell Modric so they can spend, Chelsea have been grabbing big sponsorship at every chance to sustain themselves …… No one is spending big money bar Chelsea at the moment. I agree on the relegation point though, it was a massive gamble slashing the wages so drastically and blooding youngsters with a manager of McFuknuts caliber in charge, one which was too close to call ! UTV

        • Am I right in thinking if Man city spend no more they will still break FFP which has been extended anyway. Barca still spending and Madrid and they are way from it.

          As for relegation any other season we would have gone, we got so lucky those below were so crap

  8. We don’t know whether it’s a complete sale or significant sell off.

    I don’t know the ownership basis of the Browns but would presume it would be threeway between Randy, his Mum and sister as was the estate.

    That’s still serious money released, and more importantly, the disposal of a liability which he has poured money into with little to no return and moaning fans (sound familiar).

    I think it’ll be good news that we are his 100% commitment, not sure that the Browns were a huge emotional tug or not, I know that he was getting serious grief from the fans and may have decided it just wasn’t worth the hassle.

    I think that Villa are just taking stock at the moment, realistically we cannot compete with Man U, Citeh or Chelsea as they are in a different league financially.

    I believe Arsenal have the greatest home gate income in the world, although their fans must be seriously upset that they haven’t won anything for six seasons, as they aren’t used to be also rans. Spurs are enjoying a season or three in the sun, but will AVB be a hit or s**t ?

    Liverpool are dire, it’ll be interesting to see how Rogers gets on, and we really do have to get ahead of Everton with the financial stress that they have been under for a decade.

    I don’t know why people are still so keen to get rid of Randy, as many have already stated, be careful what you wish for.

    Unless we were going to get richer Arabs than Citeh (are any left ?), I’d worry about any new owner.

    The facts are, we are the fifth highest net spenders in the league since his arrival. He deserves a manager who may be successful with his cash.

    • Mike Holmgren has confirmed a sell off, Randy says the deal protects the Brown’s from moving, there is no question it is a sell off

      • ‘Just hours after owner Randy Lerner issued a statement confirming that he was in negotiations to sell the Browns to businessman Jimmy Haslam, team president Mike Holmgren said Friday Lerner has in fact agreed to sell his controlling interest of the team’ – NFL website.

        Controlling interest and a sell off are two different things.

        I would imagine that any deal has to be ratified by the NFL as they control the franchise.

        You need to be careful about jumping to conclusions so often, it’s interesting and possibly consequential news, but report it as it is, not how you hope it’ll turn out.

        • ofh FFS he is selling the Browns, if he keeps a small % for sentimental reasons then he has still sold them

          CBS sports lead with

          Holmgren: Browns sold to Haslam

          • He is selling a stake of up to 70%, the controlling interest.

            I work in finance and the truth always lies in the detail, I’m not being pedantic.

  9. Interesting news. Personally I doubt that it’ll have any immediate impact on Villa, but it also suggests that RL is even more likely to try and get out of VP; his problem being that [as Ian has said] at this time he’d get very little from anyone wanting to buy Villa as a business [as opposed to wanting to spend a fortune just to win some silverware].

    • look at the figures and to break even Randy would have to sell for something like £150M and that is forgetting the £100M debt for a second, I see no one who would pay for that at the moment.

  10. I have no idea what it means for Villa. But as a Browns fan I can say…praaaaaaaaaise God!!!!

  11. He’s not looking to sell Villa. The Browns were more his late dads side, he sees Villa as his. Not sure if we’ll see any massive changes, but this can only be a good thing for us.

  12. There’s no way he’s selling Villa. The message that was on the website the day The Scottish Manager was sacked shows that he is committed to getting it right with this club. The Browns he inherited, but Aston Villa he chose to buy in to. That indicates to me that Villa are actually closer to him. So to me this is good news.

    • Agree! His Dad bought The Browns, Randy inherited them. His Dad helped build MBNA, Randy inherited / sold that too! The only thing Randy bought is claret and blue! He’s one of us, just not by birth. Keep believing!

  13. Sell! Sell! Sell!

    Lerner Out asap

  14. here the link were not going to see a penny of it at all what a shame

  15. I dont see the point of this post really. SO he’s selling his controlling share in the Browns. The more readily available cash Randy has will only benefit Villa.Lerner obviously loves the club, He made a big big error of judgement hiring ‘The one that cant be named’, whether he did it to make him a scapegoat of not. Lerner has got it right with Lambert and Im pleased the way Villa are trading in the market at the moment. KEA, Holman, Lowton and now Vlaar all represent value for money and their respective values should only increase.
    As a business Villa can only grow by stripping it back to the start and trading at a more sustainable rate.

    • I agree that PL’s performance in the transfer market looks good so far (will have to wait a few months to be sure though). And although its stating the bleedin obvious, the ability to buy quality cheeply will be the key to us achieving any sort of success. MON only seemed to be able to buy real quality or rubbish – and none of it cheeply. PL has to be able to spot the Youngs of this world, and get them for much less than we have been paying.

  16. Reading all the posts on this site i have not heard anything that really points to what the ramifications would be for our great club if RL was to sell.One would be that new owners would put money into the team and club,or we could wind up with owners from the far east and we have all seen what they are capable of.God forbid would any true Villa fan want owners like the Ventkys or Carson Yuengs at the club personaly i would rather have Randy or Sir Deadly Doug.So lets get away from what money is Randy is going to put into Villa from the sale of the Cleveland Browns and more posts on what the ramifications would be for Villa if the rumours are to be believed.

  17. It’s better for us that Randy will have us a his main sporting focus.

    I believe that his heart is in the right place with Villa, look at the good work he has done off the pitch, and the way that the club is much better placed with supporters clubs and an effective marketing department.

    He was badly let down on the amount invested for the return from MON, there is no argument there. He also made two poor decisions in GH & AM.

    Hopefully he now has someone in charge who will take us in the right direction within our means.

    Anyone who thinks that we should be surging past Citeh, Chelsea and Man U are clearly deluded. We do have them though.

    • Sorry Vaz think you are missing the point villa fans are not deluded as at some point in time the Man Us Man Cities and chelseas of this world will eventualy have to rain in their spending.you have only to look at the Glaziers now flowting on the american stock market to raise funds it only needs a collapse like in 1929 and these clubs shares will be worthless.

      • I don’t know whether they will have to rein in their spending.

        Citeh and Chelsea are backed by a couple of the world’s richest people, I hoped that Abramovich might bugger off when the Arabs came along at Citeh, but it seems to have reinvigorated him, and his spending.

        Man U have a huge income, if they didn’t have the debt that the Glaziers have saddled them with they’d be streets ahead.

        We have had the largest stock market crash and financial crisis since the 30’s in the last five years, it hurt those with banking and financial assets, rather than those with natural resources wealth.

        It hurt Randy far more than Arabs or Roman.

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