Brad Guzan confirms rumours are false

Good to see Brad use social media to debunk a story and maybe more players should do this.

brad guzan ‏@bguzan
Not sure where those rumors started, but as far as I know they are false! #dontbelieveeverything


Not all social media stories are false but a large number are and people always have to issue a lot a caution on what they read (that includes on this blog !!). However I do wish because of the power now in social media the clubs and players realise they can communicate directly to fans and that makes things so much easier.

For example some people on Twitter are believing that we are interested in Defoe !

9 comments on “Brad Guzan confirms rumours are false

  1. Guzan should be first choice,with Given to play in the cups

  2. wasnt it you that made the crass “joke” about Defoe being at the belfry on your twitter page before being rightly corrected by somebody? shame on you ian

  3. BIG NEWS my family in the US have just heard news Randy is selling a large chunk of the Browns and is stepping up his investment in AVFC !!!

    • @AdamSchefter: Browns owner Randy Lerner said he currently is in negotiations to sell his team to Mr. Jimmy Haslam. He wants to keep all details private. – Great News if this is true !

  4. doesnt mean he will invest in us, would be nice but i dont expect this to change anything.

  5. All over Internet. Could be good for us if it means more investment in avfc but dosnt necessarily mean there will be as he may need money for other things. He might also sell us who knows. Does anyone know how much he would get for browns roughly?

  6. Given the financial hit he took in the crash he may need the money to maintain his lifestyle, etc. I’d be very surprised if he means to spend the money he gets from the Browns on the Villa… but there’s always hope…

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