Speculation – Collins back to West Ham

The papers keep dreaming up new links for Collins.

I am guessing the Sun saying Collins back to West HAm for £2M is one of the easiest to speculate on.


I never believed the speculation of him and Warnock going back to Sunderland was too likely. For example Collins’s Mrs is based in London and you can not see him moving up. When he had his twitter feed I remember a lot of her posts was about what was happening down there.

I actually think the West Ham link has more validity over it and with the players back very soon from the US Lambert should have a clear idea on who he wants to go or stay.

After a couple of weeks of transfer inactivity I expect it to hot up soon. The link to the Ipswich defender Cresswell, a left back appears to have substance to it, has Warnock been lined up somewhere ?

19 comments on “Speculation – Collins back to West Ham

  1. Good ………………………

  2. Cresswell is well worth a punt, consistent quality, hard working and a player who will step up easily to the Prem.

    • again another one I can not comment on until I see him in a PL game, will be a big test for a large number of players the first 10 games or so.

      • Still have got to prefer the young and hungry route….? (better than the ageing and slightly useless crop that we currently have)

  3. Very very impressed with Lowton and El Ahmadi. i called them average, what do i know haha cresswell is a very good player and is better than warnock to be honest and has bags full of talent. As for Collins, well, his performance yesterday was woeful the amount of times clark, lowton had to cover him was unbelievable and i would snap west hams hand off for £2million, he looked like he knew his time was up at the club, shame as his first season looked promising, hopefully the vlaar deal will come to life again and we get cresswell in

  4. iv watched alot of el ahmadi and i knew he is a great hungry player.old school.if he doesnt have the ball he s working hard to get it,great tackler and very pacy and skillful.great signing pl.i think the comparision between lowton and kyle walker is about right.this is great stuff from lambert and thats why i know by the start of the season our team will be sorted.in lambert i trust.COME ON THE VILLA

  5. Please let him go to West Ham, my next door neighbours a West ham fan it would make my day. I have to stand him with his flags, banners, shirts, I can take the piss out of him knowing how crap Collins is. Please Please,

  6. To be honest, if we dont end up signing a left back, i would much rather see Delph or LIchaj given a shot than Warnock.

  7. I dont think we need a young hungry leftback as we have 2 in Lichaj & Stevens what I feel we need is a established mid 20s fullback meaning can play both positions with that in mind our fullback issues would be solved.

    We need at least 4 more players as 2 are definitely on there bike in Warnock & Collins.

    1- Striker “Preferably one off our UK Shores”
    2- Central Defender x2
    3- Attacking Midfielder/Wide Midfielder.

  8. Warnock is under-rated, he’s just currently the scape goat for last season now that McLeish has left. The whole team were crap last year so I can’t see why Warnock is getting so much stick. Under MON he was class.

    I’d keep him, even as a hard man in midfield, as even his biggest haters can’t deny that he can tackle. Every team needs a hard man.

    • He is not afraid of a tackle, but that’s all he can do. Cant pass, head, shoot or use his right foot. Not good enough to be in midfield and has no real pace.

      • Sums Warnock up In minimum words Benno. I recall a loss at Blackburn 3 seasons ago when Mr Warnock was being given the run around. He lost his cool and we lost 1-0 from a free kick he gave away. He is dangerous. Sell him please Mr Lambert. free transfer would be OK by me as well.

        • I suggest you look that up, that did not happen. Martin olsson crossed it in, in open play and richard dunne scored an own goal. So yeah, part of the myth about warnock, he is under rated.

          • I think you will find that it did happen. Warnock fowled unnescessarily and Pederson scored direct from a free kick. Maybe it was 4 seasons ago. But it happened.

          • It was under houllier and we lost 2-0 at Ewood park. I think it was the day we first saw Pires in a villa shirt and the first game for rovers under the Venkys

  9. If Lambert thinks we need a left back !! We need a left back … Mr Lambert knows what he’s doing so as the saying goes … In Lambert we trust:-)

  10. Watched the whole game with Timbers last night. Whole team ethic has changed. Hunt the ball down in numbers. first time passing,everybody moving to accept a pass. What a difference a manager makes. Lambert building a real team at last UTV

  11. off topic i know…… but if anyone is interested the whole villa game from last night is available on the portland timbers official site. as for collins …. sell, sell, sell, …… bad both off and on the pitch….PL would have been briefed about his apalling behaviour by the background staff… futhermore, wales didnt drop him for no reason… shit example in the dressing room… sell, sell, sell,

  12. Anyone else heard a whisper about Hutton going to Nottingham forest?

    Strikes me as BS because it’s obvious he’s on the look out for a club and Forest have new investors. However if also could make sense because at that level Hutton would be s superstar and that’s what their new manager desperately needs if he’s to have a job in October.

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