Ipswich buy a Left Back, Is Cresswell Villa bound

This time last night the stories of Villa bidding for Ipswich LB first Aaron Cresswell came online.

Unlike other rumours these seem to have some substance. Tonight the Mirror say Ipswich have brought Doncaster’s Left Back George Friend.


This would seem to indicate that Cresswell is off and clear that it is likely to be us. I have no idea on him, so impossible to say if he is a good Left Back or not but lets hope he is !!

So Warnock is off then but it appears no real news where he will be off to. Despite his Liverpool background I do fancy he will be going to Everton who will eventually sell Baines on the long rumoured transfer to Man U.

That makes two new full backs at Villa Park and we await the arrival of at least one Centre Back as it is likely Collins will go. Is Vlaar still a target ?

EDIT 23:45 – Various stories from Ipswich journo’s that Paul Jewell has confirmed interest from Villa

14 comments on “Ipswich buy a Left Back, Is Cresswell Villa bound

  1. I don’t think so (Vlaar) the way Feyenoord have been running to the media at every opportunity probably hasn’t sat particularly well with Lambert and co.

    If Lambert really wanted him then I don’t think that things would have gone the way they have over the past week or so……………..every signing so far has been completely out of nowhere and quick to complete (Cresswell could fall into this category if true) and I think our new centre half will be much the same.

    I fancy we are in for a few more surprises yet this summer

  2. I still haven’t given up hope of us signing Ashley Williams……………..that would be a nice surprise! Plus Matt Phillips of course

  3. Mat kendrick said deal not off just on hold regarding vlaar, did vlaar say what he said or is it bullshit, you just dont know

    • Didn’t see that from Kendrick…….I’m not sure what Vlaar has or hasn’t said, kind of lost a bit of interest in that one after a while (Feyenoord were beginning to piss me off) I don’t think any of his direct quotes definitively ruled out the move, just stated that it was now “unlikely”

      Would sooner have Ashley Williams anyway : )

      • Someone asked is vlaar deal off. Kendrick replied no. Just on hold days after vlaar had said it off for now

        • yep all waiting on deal for Collins isn;t it ?

          question in CD will be who partners Clark

          • I suppose the answer to that will come when we sign a new centre half.

            I do think Williams is a good fit next to Clark, can play the ball and is a very good defender. If Allen and Sinclair both go then he maybe tempted away?

        • Maybe it will then, I don’t know?

          Are you keen Big C?

  4. ipswich have not signed a new left back either?

  5. As things stand, I think this should be our lineup come the first game of the season. I really wanted to include Chris Herd but as I write this, im wondering to myself has he even played over pre season? I hope Paul Lambert doesnt have something against him because Herd is a quality player. Him and Ireland were two of only a few bright sparks in a miserable campaign last season, and I could see Herd as a Villa captain in the not too distant future.

    ———–Delph——–El Ahmadi———-

  6. I just can’t believe Guzan is on loan to Chivas until Jan.

    It makes little to no sense!

  7. LATEST Paul jewell has said you will not get creswell unless you pay 5 mill plus add ons. and no itfc have not bought a left back were completing the move of heskey today at 4pm. cressy is going no were check out his twitter!

  8. I’m telling you I want to see Douglas from Twente in a Villa shirt. Would be the perfect fit next to Clark. Would only cost about 5 million. Make it happen Lambert!!

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