Gabby commits to AVFC but are they to him

Interesting quotes from Gabby today.

Despite getting a lot of stick for this I have been a long time supporter of his ever since he broke through in MON’s first season. Obviously the last two seasons it has been a nightmare for various reasons but he still retains my confidence he can pull it around.

So when he says

Agbonlahor added: “As long as I’m contracted to the club then I’ll continue to play for them – until I get told otherwise.

Of course the bit in bold is the most important thing. What Gabby says is excellent, I love it. However if the manager or owner wants him out then what can he do ?

He could stay and become a problem, he could sit around and mope or of course he could leave. I know many Villa fans on forums and the likes would like to see him sold and we all understand the Bent/Gabby situation is difficult.

However as we saw under MON there is great potential there, the next two managers nearly ruined him. Under Lambert I am convinced if he is played up front on the shoulder of the defender he can return to his old self.

Where that leaves Bent is another question !

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37 comments on “Gabby commits to AVFC but are they to him

  1. Andy Carroll is a top player Ken.

    Gabby might not be international class, that I would definitely agree with, but he has been, and will be a Villa stalwart.

    Nothing to do with him being a local lad. Plenty of local lads have worked their way through the ranks and have clearly been not good enough, Albrighton and Delfouneso to name two recent failures.

    Rock On Gabby.

  2. A bit unfair to label Albrighton a failure. Was looking good until McLeish came in. Probably only started about 10 prem games last year. Give him a chance with a manager who understands how to pass the ball and attack.
    Likewise Delfouneso. 1 start last year. Any player especially a striker needs a consistent run to find their feet – unfair to judge him on a few bit part sub appearances.

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