Best AVFC decision ever

Like the piece on the worst one ever I am thinking off events away from the playing staff.

This is of course in my lifetime and I can think of a few.

Opening Holte Suite up at HT

The way Randy did the outside of the Holte End with the Mosaic

The Holte Pub

Employing Nicky Keye🙂

In fact most of them are of course in the non Ellis era that I can think of. However the one decision I think that stands out is a very recent one. This decision is one that many may not agree with but I think was taken because to go through with the plans would have been pointless to us.

That one was of course the decision to pull out of hosting the Olympic Football tournament. As we have seen it is a total non event. Many grounds have barely sold a quarter of the tickets and even the GB team failed to sell out games in Wales.

It would have meant that for a month or longer Villa Park would have been out of bounds to Villa fans. It would would have meant a big loss of revenues to events that we host at the ground.

And what for ?

Well not a lot of cash for sure. Have we lost any prestige by hosting the Charity Sheild (that is it’s proper name without fast food sponsorship !!) instead of Ghana vs New Zealand.

We made that decision a couple of years ago and I doubt anyone has any regrets over it.

22 comments on “Best AVFC decision ever

  1. Serving cider….

  2. The Acorn sponsorship deal a few years ago

  3. Employing Ron Saunders

  4. Selling downing for 20 mil, still makes me smile🙂

  5. Signing peter withe

  6. Nicky Keye is a top lass

  7. Selling agbonlahahahaha…………shit he’s still here !!!!!!

  8. but didnt we only pull out of the olympics because there was plans to develop the north stand? and for non of the reasons u stated? so how that can be even considered as the best decision really baffles me?

    • Correct.

      I think that plans were afoot to develop the North Stand based on the fact that FA funding would be available having won the 2018 World Cup, and that building work would have been ongoing.

      I don’t think that the ground would have been out of bounds, they can’t lock down the Olympic Stadium can they lol ?!?

      Personally, would have been quite nice to add an Olympics to Villa’s list of notable events, but not to be.

      Reckon there would have been far more turn out at Villa than Coventry anyway. Knowing Randy, season ticket holders might have got half price or something.

  9. Some of our better ideas ;

    – start a competitive football league

    – play football instead of cricket

    – buying Bodymoor Heath

    – backing Acorns

  10. Oh yeah, that starting a football league thing, how did that work out?

  11. Sacking McCleish?

  12. McLeish Out

  13. The signing of Peter Withe. The final piece in the jigsaw.

  14. I know you guys are mostly too young to remember him, but the best decision ever made was to make Vic Crowe manager. No money, dropped into the third division, got us out, and was the first manager to win the FA youth cup with Brian Little. Oh, and he produced the best result I and Steve Strideever saw, knocking Manchester United out of the League cup to get to Wembley, two and a half years after their winningthe European cup. He gave us our pride back after Docherty and twenty years of decline had made us the laughing stock of English Football. Ellis for once got it right. He had little choice, but he could have done something daft. He didn’t. Respect to Mr Crowe please and remember the dark days when we played at places like Halifax and CHesterfield

    trevor fisher.

  15. They weren’t ‘dark days’ though Trevor.

    They were great days to be a Villan. The re-birth. Gave me my greatest ever Villa memories, culminating of course on that unforgetable night in Rotterdam.

    Chesterfield, Halifax, Port Vale, Torquay, Bristol Rovers, Mansfield Town, Swindon, Highbury, Rotterdam. It was great to have been at all of those venues. Great days.

  16. Releasing Lee Hendrie

    • It’s before my time but setting up the football league?

      It’s a simple idea that has brought joy to millions of people (and misery to the Bluenoses) as well as making an enormous contribution to the economy.

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