Nursey – Carroll is a long shot

The Andy Carroll debate is certainly a good one to have on any forum.

On Saturday we know Lambert said that there was an interest in Carroll. Yesterday his words could be interpreted as any way you wished t oread them Now we have the Mirror’s James Nursey saying

James Nursey ‏@JamesNursey

@johnnybridge91 I was at Burton on Saturday when Lambert admitted wanting Carroll. But were also told at time it’s a long shot by ‪#AVFC


(Yes it is from James but actually I think he provides some bloody good information)

A long shot is an interesting way of putting it. I do not see what he offers for us at this stage and never mind the cost of him which would be £20M plus between £60-80K a week in wages. Liverpool have now made it clear they are only interested in a permanent deal and not a loan. also added to this, if we brought him we would have to buy at least one if not two quality wingers.

On VT HERE you can see the argument for Carroll from ‘Richard’. I disagree with a lot of that.

My main problem with Carroll is all about the style of football. He is not good with his feet as say Crouch is. He has one main asset and it is an easy get out for lazy players. We may need a tall forward in the squad but I want one who is able to play it on the floor. A player who is not likely to have off the field ‘issues’ and a player who offers a lot more.

I know some say Carroll showed at the end of the season what he can do but that was the first time he had in 18 months. sorry I don’t want him at Villa Park but of course the manager is allowed to pick his choices.

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40 comments on “Nursey – Carroll is a long shot

  1. Good.

  2. He’ll go back to Newcastle if anywhere.

  3. i said it before and i ll say it again.dont pay that money for andy carroll cause he s not happy having to move from lpool and he will be too hard to manage for who ever takes him.id have berbatov .i think he would bring the best out of bent and he is not a big price either.he always wants to play and always fit to play and he has a point to prove unlike stroppy carroll.great result last night.el amhadi for captain.COME ON THE VILLA.

  4. what a complete load of rubbish , i remember going to see him play 2 seasons ago and was amazed how good he is with his feet ! his hold up play is second to non, he never hardly loses a header , again i was amazed how high he gets and how good his timing is !!! also hes a good finisher with both feet , played in the right system hes top class !!! to say hes not good with his feet like crouch is ridiculous as the one thing that amazed me was how good he is when u watch him up close !!!

    • ya kris two years ago.everyone will agree that he was class then but look at the big picture.lpool paid big money for him and now after one session they want rid of him and are willing to take way less then half of what they paid.join the dots man

      • I was quite impressed by Carroll’s performances in an England shirt during the Euros: up until then I’d always assumed that he was just a donkey, but like Kris says, he was actually quite good on the ball, good first touch, etc.

        Having said that, I don’t expect him in a Villa shirt, the cost is likely to be just too high, even before the wage question.

        As for Liverpool – Dalgleish was as poor at getting ‘value’ from transfers as MON had been for Villa; the bin dippers now need to offload anyone they can shift. Wonder whether they’ll try to sell Judas…?

        • A very tidy and sensible assessment for me, Ardent. I just don’t see the possibility of Carroll at Villa Park; would be very surprised if this came about.

          • I’m a bit surprised that we haven’t [yet?] been linked with a bid to bring Downing back – he’s hardly been a success at Anfield and we need a winger – & I’d better quickly add that I’m NOT advocating a return!

          • It’s bound to happen sooner or later, Ardent! Seriously, have to say that I respect Downing the player and always have, but Downing the man proved himself to be a contemptible weasel. Hope he rots at Anfield, and I bet I’m not alone in that line of thought.

  5. I would prefer Berbatov too….. get rid of collins/hutton and we could afford him and Vlar = very good business without spending too much. all we would need then is a decent wideman (phillips) …. happy days!

    • you think we are in any business giving a 31 year old a three year last pay day and probably wants £80K a week ?

      Have you not learnt anything the past two years ?

  6. I completely agree. I’m happy with signing a target man but one who is mobile. I don’t see the football being that attractive with a Carroll and Bent partnership. Bent an 18 yard box striker, he can’t come deep,dribble or take people on. Carroll is slow also not skill full. I can’t see beyond punting it to Carroll to flick it on to Bent. There’s no flexibility in that partnership. If we get someone to play alongside bent it needs to be a Demba Ba type player, otherwise I think we’re better off with a five man midfield with Ireland playing just off bent with N’zogbia and Holman either side.

  7. Imagine what 20m could get us in the Euro market. If we have that sort of money to spend then I’m sure PL will spend it wiser then that. It was probably ever going to be a loan without a buy clause.

  8. ian…. hutton/collins departure will pay his wages…. you do the maths…. berbatov on a 2 year deal will help take this club forward.. and its not ALL about the money.. the youngsters can learn from his technical ability which is outstanding. you asked about carrol… well do the maths. for the asking price of 20 mil we could have berbatov , vlar, philips and simpson….. now that looks a top 8 team to me!

  9. just because a player has a poor time at liverpool it doesnt mean they are shit… joe cole or robbie keane anyone????

  10. ian….. its 5 mil…. and i suggested a 2 year deal…. pay attention lol

  11. I hope we don’t get get Carroll. That’s the problem with English mentality towards football, we must have a target man, someone who we can lump the ball up to and let him hold it up. I’d rather we bought a clever forward, someone who’s not afraid to take a player on and have a shot. I’d like odemwinge from the baggies.

  12. i just think we need a proven forward that will play good football for the club he s at.at least we know that villa are willing to spend money.ianrobo has a point about berbs wages.we ll just have to sit back and let lambert strute his stuff in the market.cant wait for the season to start.COME ON THE VILLA

  13. philg…. totally agree…. we seen enough of hoofing the long ball under McLeish… PL (hopefully) wont take us down that path again.

  14. I think donovan is a good shout.

  15. We finally get rid of Heskey and his massive wages and now we want to sign the white version of him. F*ckin hell. If we sign this donkey we can throw all hopes of good football down the sh*tter

    • thank you some1 that sees sence carrol is s**t but dont see us going 4 him anyway and we trying 2 get wages down not pay loads 2 a sulking jipo,lol

  16. Couldn’t agree more, Carroll is lazy, awkward, club footed & about as mobile as a sleeping sloth. He’s not the answer to our front line dilemma & never will be. 4 lucky strikes towards the end of the season doesn’t make him worth £20m especially when Ibrahimovic has just gone for £15.7 m, I know which one I’d prefer in my starting line-up. So far Lambert has not put so foot wrong IMO, positive signings & leaving Hutton at home so he can find a new club.

  17. CROUCH GOOD WITH HIS FEET? Ian that is outrageous to say even heskey has a better touch than crouch!

    • No offence mate, but you don’t seem to know what you’re talking about. Crouch has always been better on the deck than in the air – well known fact.

  18. Andy Carroll has a superb left foot, to say he can use his feet is ridiculous. We dont need quity wingers, look what Lambert did with Holt at Nowrich. He’d be a brilliant coup, I hate to say it but he’d offer more than Gabby.

    • I’m a Villa fan who works opposite St James’ Park. Carroll will end up back at Newcastle. At the tail end of last season I saw him twice in two weeks in his jeep driving around the local streets (actually both times it was on Stowell St, but different ends).

      Whether it’s good for Villa – I doubt it. Getting the next England target man leading your team is always good. However I agree his value is £10m now he has big, big wages.

    • no no no gabby will be good this season look how well he played under oneil and lambert is a lot like him, sorry 2 have a moan but sick of people having a dig at gabbs he is a villa fan so last season he must have been as mad as us (stuck we mct**t) give him this year and watch he will come gd.

  19. No point of carrol when we have delfouenso.He has height,pace,mobility and two good feet.Just needs lambert to give him more game time.I have a sneaky feeling that lambert will use a diamond 4-4-2,with Ireland at the tip,el ahmadi,holman and bannan.

  20. dont want carrol where ever he goes he going 2 sulk cause he wants 2 stay at liverfool and they made it clear he not wanted. def not 4 me see another ireland happening ( sold as he wasnt wanted and didnt want 2 go) always makes a bad transfer. as i said b4 we need players that WANT to b at villa and a big sulking jipo just ent worth the time or money. if we getting a new striker then lets get a young 1 that wants 2 prove himself.

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