Nursey – Carroll is a long shot

The Andy Carroll debate is certainly a good one to have on any forum.

On Saturday we know Lambert said that there was an interest in Carroll. Yesterday his words could be interpreted as any way you wished t oread them Now we have the Mirror’s James Nursey saying

James Nursey ‏@JamesNursey

@johnnybridge91 I was at Burton on Saturday when Lambert admitted wanting Carroll. But were also told at time it’s a long shot by ‪#AVFC


(Yes it is from James but actually I think he provides some bloody good information)

A long shot is an interesting way of putting it. I do not see what he offers for us at this stage and never mind the cost of him which would be £20M plus between £60-80K a week in wages. Liverpool have now made it clear they are only interested in a permanent deal and not a loan. also added to this, if we brought him we would have to buy at least one if not two quality wingers.

On VT HERE you can see the argument for Carroll from ‘Richard’. I disagree with a lot of that.

My main problem with Carroll is all about the style of football. He is not good with his feet as say Crouch is. He has one main asset and it is an easy get out for lazy players. We may need a tall forward in the squad but I want one who is able to play it on the floor. A player who is not likely to have off the field ‘issues’ and a player who offers a lot more.

I know some say Carroll showed at the end of the season what he can do but that was the first time he had in 18 months. sorry I don’t want him at Villa Park but of course the manager is allowed to pick his choices.

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40 comments on “Nursey – Carroll is a long shot

  1. Berbatov please…£5m. Job done.

    • No chance of Berbatov. Would love to see him at Villa as he’s a brilliant player ( way, way better than carroll) but he’d want at least 80k a week (maybe more). We’re not in a position to pay those kind of wages, especially to a player over 30 that probably wants a 3 year deal at least too.

  2. Carroll not very good with his feet? Really? Watch his Newcastle footage, look at the goals and assists he has to his name… he is a confidence player who will only get better and better under Lambert (who lets not forget turned mr Avergae Lump Holte in to a threat) i think would become a monster for Villa… HE would also go a long way to curing our set piece woes.

  3. berca…. lol…. why not go after RVP too?

  4. Whether Carroll would be a good fit or not or whether he is great or a load of poop, he simply does not want to live in the Midlands, so there is nil chance of him coming

  5. If we are willing to pay that on transfer and wages I personally would rather have Sturridge. With the fact that he has family here and is also a Villa fan it could convince him to come. He would rot on the bench at Man City like Milner has, where as he would get regular games here and be able to compete for England.

  6. Berbatov every time half the price id imagine his wage bill is around the same but he woukd cost 5-8 mill cant rember if he played with bent at spuds tho any thoughts…..

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