Just 4 Weeks to go and excited optimistic fans

Regular readers of this blog will know I dont get excited about too much (well maybe OGS, Phillips etc !!!).

However on Saturday the Kick Off to the West Ham game is only four weeks ago. I do feel that Paul Lambert’s pre season work has yet to really begin. We have talked ad nauseum about possible transfers in or out but we all know much more to go in that way.

An area we do not discuss often is on the formation of the team and that defines the players you get in to fit your system. It could be that Lambert has to fit in what he has and maybe few other transfers in ?

However what we have seen in the limited pre season so far gives us no clue as to what the preferred system is. I know Lambert likes to play different formations and system but all managers have a preferred system. So far we have seen 4-4-2, 4-1-2-1-2 and a form of 4-3-3. No one today if no other moves in or out could say with any certainty the majority who will start at Upton Park.

I guess I can say with confidence that if fit El Ahamadi will start, I think we may see Holman, Bent of course but beyond that would be guesswork. That does make this season exciting for many fans. Lambert has certainly got a lot of good will not seen since MON to be a success at Villa. Season ticket sales could reach 25,000 and that says so much after last seasons disaster and the optimism around Villa Park.

I of course do have to end on a negative !!

From Vital it appears the big screen at the North stand is back, grrrrr I can watch a game without the need to see a replay within 5 seconds !

13 comments on “Just 4 Weeks to go and excited optimistic fans

  1. It should be interesting to see where Holman plays. Yesterday during the game too often I found him playing on the opposite side of the field and having to sprint to the other side to cover. Couldn’t get a really feel for the formation but seemed like a diamond midfield. Holman was always cheating into the middle leaving width to the other team, which the Union used more often than not. From this I think we need another natural wide player in the squad, even more so with a question mark over Albrighton at the moment.

  2. Don’t look at the screen then….simples

  3. We should make a cheeky bid for Adam Johnson, he would provide good width and service for Benty and a bit of flair that has been sadly lacking since the departures of Young and Downing.


  4. How about Johnson on loan?

  5. I love the positivity. I hate the way villa are viewed by some as negative. We’re the best in the world (except a small twatty minority) I am really excited and proud to be a villa fan at the mo! Its like Lambert’s casting a spell. Hurry up season, let the good times commence!!!

  6. i mean villa fans btw (2nd sentance)
    Im typo dyslexic!

  7. Message to the idiots that run the OS – we don’t want ads randomly starting up and making us jump out of our skin while we’re trying to read a friggin article! Now I definitely won’t be shopping at Homebase and I won’t be visiting the OS for a while!

    Sorry Ian – I know this has nothing to do with the post.

  8. I am well chuffed the big screen is back, I’ve really missed it

  9. A good formation for villa would be 4 1 3 2

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