No Owen, No Carroll, Villa cabs

So we have some firm transfer news on the forward front.

Lambert has today ruled out rumours of Owen and Carroll (LINK). Ruling out these does not surprise me at all on two fronts.

For Owen, though I would accept him coming he his injury prone and old. It is clear from the transfers so far that this is the opposite to the players we want who are generally younger and hungry to be a success.

For Carroll I am simply not surprised as his wages would be large and Liverpool want a guanrnteened move at the end. So why tie yourself up in this when he could actually be the load of rubbish we saw for most of last season.

Of course as I discussed yesterday we do need a new forward, I really believe that, so we will have to go around searching for names and awaiting some definite news.

On another front Mat Kendrick saw this cab in Philadelphia, how cool is this ?

Seems like the whole staff out there are having a whale of a time from Mat’s tweets – LINK

24 comments on “No Owen, No Carroll, Villa cabs

  1. Would have liked Owen or Carroll, but not suprised their not joining. Personally, I would like Romelu Lukaku or Johnathon Guidetti on season long loans. The question is their wages again though. Would also like to see the Fonz going out the exit door to free up some funds.

  2. how do we know carroll isn’t coming ??

    nothing has been said

    • Ummmm, apart from Lambert saying “nothing happening with Carol”???

      • “nothing happening”…..that doesn’t mean it won’t happen. i don’t think it will, and i never did, but what lambert has said isn’t ruling it out. it rules out owen for sure but not carrol.

  3. he said a few days ago we are interested

    what he said on that link doesn’t definitely rule him out

    have doubts the vlaar deal will happen. pl didn’t sound to sure

  4. this contradicts what PL previously said, that we WOULD be interested if Carroll was available, now Rodgers has said he IS available PL backtracks, this makes me think we are interested and something is on going!

    • Lambert was asked if there was any news or developments regarding Andy Carroll and he said “no”

      Doesn’t rule it out completely but I can’t see it regardless.

      Would like to see Guidetti at VP

      • A big “yes” on Guidetti from me. Isn’t he supposed to be off to Italy, though? (sadly).

        • You could well be right davidg……..could be tempted to team up with Karim El Ahmadi and (if it happens) Ron Vlaar again though maybe ; )

          • We can but hope Macca, and stranger things have happened. The boy looks very useful indeed to me.

  5. Certainly hope so. Don’t want Owen or Carroll here- wages too high for both, owen injury ridden and carroll over priced with bad attitude. Not convinced we’ll buy a striker anyway. Guidetti is a good shout, but I very much doubt we would get him on a permanent deal

  6. Good, don’t want owen or carroll anyway.

  7. Fuck sake michael owen was done at 25, he’s now in his 30s and always crocked, would be worthy of place in the reserve squad. Andy carroll over hyped lump with a bad attitude on 80k a week, why the hell would we want him?

  8. i hope we dont get owen or carroll the donkey . i think we should look at the likes of cska moscow striker Seydou Doumbia if we got the money he is way better than carroll and his strong like drogba and fast and knows where the goal is . what do u think ppl he will cost less than carroll any day .

  9. owen cant take a knock anymore and i wouldnt like to be the club to get andy carroll right now cause he ll be sore over having to leave lpool and could be very difficult to work with.plus there is the matter of his wages.theres plenty of time left and plenty of very good players at lower prices if we have that money to spend.as i say ,in lambert i trust.COME ON THE VILLA.

    • Spot on mossy carrol has gone on record as saying he is reluctant to leave Liverpool. We don’t want anyone here under duress like the Ireland situation that will sulk. Thou I am surprised Newcastle want him bk as the Geordies gave him loads of abuse when he went bk there and they are a much better team without him with a happy dressing room. Liverpool have made a huge clanger paying 35m for him and we all thought Lerner was knieve lol.

  10. surprised me too that newcastle want him back.i think we should have went for berbatov.he d be great for bents game and a good price.

  11. dont want carrol as others have said he dont want 2 go so whoever he does go 2 he is just gona sulk, we all know liverfool and kenny the c**t only got carrol as a panic buy and he not worth 15mil let alone 35 and with a big wage no1 is gonna pay him 80k a week, would be happy with a young striker that wants to b at villa. and owen has been a waste of money for years so a big no 2 him as well.

  12. With Bent back I’m reasonably happy with the strikers at our disposal.

    I think that Gabby could get back on track with PL, he has it, it has just been squashed out of him through some poor management.

    Just look back at his wonderful hattrick against Citeh, and goals against Fulham, Blose etc and he has to be worth a season under PL.

    Delfouneso is frustrating, I think that there is a good player in their, he has the physical attributes, just needs something to click.

    I rate Weimann, think he will come very good for us and can easily be a fifteen goals plus a season man.

    The back line needs sorting, this seems to be understood, other than that, I think PL will want to see what HE can get out of players, and go from there.

    I’d be disappointed to bring in loans or above average players to stifle some of our promising youngsters.

    Rather do business in January or next Summer once he knows what he has and how he wants to develop it.

    We don’t have a bottomless pit of money, we do have some very good young players that deserve their head.

  13. Let’s not get carried away Weimann isn’t there yet, he needs a good season or two with lots of playing time to become good or he will sadly just be another delfouneso

  14. loving Lambert, short and to the point. He knows what he wants and it does not appear to involve media circus😀

  15. if Ianrobo says that we arent in for Carroll

    then you can bet your last penny we are in for him

    i have never seen this guy come out with anything that has been correct yet

    im still waiting for that OGS press conference

  16. Let’s get Defoe out of Spurs and banging the goals in got Villa!

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