A piece of cheese(cake) in the City of Brotherly Love

Quite proud of that title !

So the first game of the US tour starts at 12.30 tonight when many of us will be tucked away in bed. I stand to be corrected but I also do not think that this is on any available broadcast media on TV. It is on AVTV as a commentary of course.

This is almost the full squad and for some players like Collins, Ireland, Warnock, N’Zogbia this is a tour that may well decide their future at Villa. after a decent run out on Saturday and some days in the heat it gives Lambert further chances to try out different combinations. Personally I would like to see Gabby and Bent be given a start with N’Zogbia and Holman either side in a basic 442 and see if it that can work.

There is no doubt that the players are being worked hard and the pre season schedule is quite full. With a smallish squad still every player should get at least 45 minutes in this tour to show Lambert if they have what he requires. Guzan makes a welcome return to the Villa goal and it is clear that Given is going to be give a big challenge to start the season.

As usual the result nor performances will not matter that much as of course Phily are in their season so many players will be rested or lightly used.

17 comments on “A piece of cheese(cake) in the City of Brotherly Love

  1. Quote proud of it too

  2. I dont get it…shame on me

  3. Ian, do you think Vlaar will be a villa player next season, im quite bitterly disappointed that it isnt close and also a bit peed off with PL as he said expect more signings over the next few weeks, now i hear james nursey was right that there will be no movement until after the tour? or am i being a bit unfair:/

    • not unfair, despite the criticism over that Nursey was spot on and it just seems one in one out.

      • It may be 1 in 1 out, but think Nursey said that we had so many defenders that it was best to try and shift 1 or 2 first, ie piss off Hutton so we can finalise Vlaar

    • Maybe a tad unfair, what it does mean is that when PL returns any negotiations should hopefully be at the point of near completion rather than at an early stage.

      We’ve got 3 new faces (Holman granted was already a done deal) and re-signed Guzan already which makes me think PL will make any moves as soon as he thinks we need to. I think PL wanted this week for a final evaluation as reckon as many as 8/10 are under consideration for the chop,

      I’m not too fussed with the delay but that doesn’t mean a new additional this week wouldn’t be appreciated (if that makes sence

    • Big c what’s ur problem ? You’re at bit peed off with PL because he hasn’t signed a player, who, let’s be honest until three days ago wasn’t even in ur thoughts ?bioody hell man give him a chance !!

      • lets be honest if we announce a CD signing now then the price we want say for Collins will go down. you have to remember than when he was spotted at VP that was a big mistake.

      • i just told you my problem, he said expect more signings in next few weeks plus i remember Faulkner saying he would be backed but it seems like the same policy he who should not be named had, i hate 1 out 1 in! its doesn’t help, you need to get rid of deadwood and replace them yes but you also need to add to the squad our squad was bear last yr and for me im worried it will be the same, we need to act now tbh not after the tour:/

        • It’s possibly a tad unfair Big C but I understand your frustration. I think that they have wheels in motion for certain things and that a few more will probably be announced during the week after the tour.

          There was always likely to be an element of one in one out (was always said that there would be a fair few comings AND goings during the close season) and I can’t see us getting in more than two or three more than we ship out.


          btw I have thought of a potential Striker target that could be very useful for us (in fairness the name smashed me repeatedly in the face when I read the Ronald Koeman comments) David Guidetti!! Did very well at Feyenoord last season, talented, big and strong and will know El Ahmadi and (should we get him) Ron Vlaar very well which should help him settle. Could be a good move, not heard him linked or know if he is on our radar but certainly has some quality.

  4. I would like to see the partnerships of KEA and Ireland in centre midfield, be interesting to see how our two best passers can play together.

  5. I really hope we get Vlaar. Looks like a good player.

  6. Ashley young goal against everton. What a moment.

  7. Is the game not shown on AVTV?

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