Is Micheal Owen a good short term shout, he is close to a club

A rumour has been sweeping twitter and fan sites all day now

As well as Vlaar at Villa Park yesterday it is rumoured that Simon Marsh, Owen’s agent was also there.

This was first rumoured by Tom yesterday afternoon. (LINK)

@paulf82 @astonvilla_view Vlaar is not on tunnel photo only stand photo! Michael owen on a pay as you play too!

I dont think he was the white shirt man we saw in the pictures yesterday though !!

I said earlier this summer that I would not mind Owen on a pay as you play deal. We do need another forward but maybe at this time we don’t have the cash or pulling power to get a quality forward. So for one season for a few games he makes sense and if we get better, more money comes in through Sky and other revenues we can go big next summer.

Look at the forwards now, we have two experienced ones, one of whom has been poor the last two seasons. Then we have two inexperienced players, one of whom has failed to make the breakthrough and not rated by many. If money is tight we do need a cheap option to cover (pay as you play is cheap) and willing to come, anyone else better ?

I know some may say Keane of course and he is an option but he may want to play more games than Owen is prepared to.

He has just tweeted THIS

Getting closer to finding a new club. Had a good deal of interest but just need to pick right! Can’t wait to get going again.

It is very difficult double guessing Lambert of course. It is impossible to guess who he may want or not. It is just for me as the reason stated this makes sense for a season.

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116 comments on “Is Micheal Owen a good short term shout, he is close to a club

  1. No doubt he can still finish but the fitness issue means this is surely a no go. I doubt he’ll take a pay and play deal. Not sure whether we’ll buy another striker anyway as I’d expect us to play 4-2-3-1 formation next season. Weimann deserves a run too.

    • As long as it is pay as you play, chances are he won’t be fit for large parts, whe he is fit however he is still a class finisher, maybe our kids could learn from him

  2. No thanks, next……

  3. I have always found Michael Owen a bit annoying, saying that he would be a great asset to the dressing room and would give the young players a massive boost. I am not on top of his injuries at Utd but from what i can gather he has scored in almost if not every game he has played for them.

    He is a clean cut professional who would be an excellent role model to the younger players as well, and he may just help the Fonz in training with directions to the back of the net. Yes he has had a few injuries but his experience and record speaks for itself i can only see the positives as long as they dont interview him too many times after a game

  4. There’s plenty of other options available who can play more often!

  5. According to the Metro we’re in for Caroll for a ‘loan then buy for £20m’ deal. He’s a moody waster, but if PL could get him playing then Bent and Carroll up front could be awesome…

    • Where will villa gett £20million from?

      • Well, if the coming season is half-way decent, and attendances at VP go back somewhere close to 40k, and with the ‘new’ Sky deal kicking in next year, maybe in 12 months time it wouldn’t seem like such a problem?

      • Probably the same place we got the last £100m from.

      • apparently Lerner is willing to put together £15 mil and Liverpool still owe us some for Downing which would be wiped if the deal went through.

        Just Metro talk, not believing it. Never really been a fan of Carroll but it would show some intent on our part. Could be good under the right manager?? Has all the physical ability that’s for sure.

  6. No no no finished years ago and a cert to be injured. Does pay for play mean he gets nothing for training every day then?

  7. I feel it’s worth repeating again.

    No no no no no no pleeease no.

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