Ron Vlaar at Villa Park today

This was posted on twitter today.

Clearly on the tour this player was being shown around, who is he ?

The bellsareringing posted this on twitter on the Tour and Lambert was with him . He has a few more details and clearly was closer to him that the picture shows.


I’m just on a villa park tour and Paul Lambert walks in to the dressing room showing around a player. Don’t recognise them though. ‪#UTV‬

We think it is the guy in the white tee shirt that is the player and some suggestion it is Ramis but the one in the Blue tee shirt could be Luuk De Jong, love mystery’s !!

A consensus is forming that the guy in white is Ivan Ramis Real Mallorca Centre Back.

I have done a check and Ramis’s agent seems to be Javier Diaz but no pictures of him to confirm guy in blue shirt.


For those understandable sceptics @maztalor_avfc (LINK) has posted a series of photo’s and it is Lambert and one is clearer

Another picture from maztalor I missed

Now there is another one there in a hoodie not like an agent is he ? Could be a Villa memember of staff but I doubt it.

EDIT 18:45 –

And now we have a clear picture of blue shirt man and clear not De Jong but a much older man, not a player

It has now been said that the hoodie man is Ron Vlaar – central defender – Feyenoord Central defender WIKI LINK

I found out as the blue shirt man was identified as Arnold Oosterveer and just a quick search found out he was agent to Vlaar

Now Matt on this page as a comment did say

I was speaking to Marc albrighton last night at a local event he told me he has a stress fracture of 4th metatarsal he has a boot on it at the mo and he’s gutted to be missing the start, he said a centre half is having a look round today and if I interpreted it correctly was from Dutch football as al Ahmadi, said he was useful! I’m no itk just opportunistic info.

fits in with what we now know, good one Matt !!

And a youtube clip of Feyenoord fans singing his name

Some rumour Ron Vlaar is a Bosman, that is not right, I trust transfer market implictly and they say until 2014, would cost about £5M. LINK

EDIT 20:25

News has reached the Feyenoord fans – LINK of this news. Also a facebook friend of mine (an ex work colleague) is a fan of Feyenoord and reckons he is very good and worth around £8M.

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72 comments on “Ron Vlaar at Villa Park today

  1. He was or still is mate?

  2. Carroll of to Newcastle on loan thank fuck. Ssn

  3. Ron Vlaar was a massive part of Holland’s shambolic defense at Euro 2012. Hope he was just have a few bad days.

  4. So did you find out or did you just read the chat on VillaTalk?

  5. in wikipedia it say that he is a villa player:) current club Aston Villa!

  6. yeah its on wiki ! welcome vlaar

  7. It say £5.3M

  8. I’ll have a quid on headline for transfer being aston vlaar lol god its nice to have players coming in and a positive mood around club

  9. If hes had the tour then he must have signed then.I really hope he has because he is coming to a fantastic club on the rise again.UTV

  10. They have to sign THEN have the tour? Don’t be daft. It’s a great sign that he’s flown over with his agent, but like with all signings, I believe nothing until there’s a photo on the official site with a photo of the player holding the Villa shirt.

  11. unfortunately its this kind of leak that can scupper a deal, good side is that we have got as far as getting him into Villa park, so must be advanced, here’s hoping!

  12. It rhymes with paul mcgrath….i feel a song coming on

  13. hand in hand ………….ronnie je was geweldig bij FEYENOORD

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