Friendly Full Time – Burton 1 – Villa 2 – OG, Holman

OK this is the first match thread of the season.

FULL TIME – Nice and tidy result and performance. No injuries and some solid performances from Stevens, El Ahamadi and
Holman to take forward. However the key thing is that clearly the arrival of Lambert has given the fans a massive lift. After the last two managers how good to see the managers name actually be sung ?

16.41 – With 7 mins left Holman scores from a tight angle, decent finish.

16.38 – Passing the ball around nicely and a decent cross from Holma, Gabby failed to connect but very much going through the motions. 4,165 there today which means Villa are over half the attendance.

16.29 – Still much the same pattern, Marshall had to make a decent save but we seem to be getting down the wings on both sides this half.

16:12 – Been all Villa, what looks like 433 rather than 442 first half looks more fluid. However it could be as well that Burton have changed and maybe a weaker side.

16:02 – Second half kicks off and a cross by Warnock causes trouble (in the Burton box I should add !!).

For the second half we will see a totally different team as below

Half time – Nice tempo and KEA and Stevens look good, others need to think about it.

15:43 – Nice little move as ball played out to Stevens on the left, fired in from a Burton defender with Weimann right behind.

15:26 – A few half chances, latest for Bent, team appears to be 442 at the moment, decent workout.

15:14 – El Ahamadi with a shot and getting some decent reviews

15:11 – Long range shot from Burton goes in, class finish

15:10 – typical friendly, plenty of space, plenty of time to do things but the first corner we have is wasted, nothing changes🙂

14:59 – Team out and no more mention of the kit other than it is horrible now we see it live. The one thing to notice is the team is small, hutton appears the tallest.

14:55 – Stream now back but jerky and Villa fans in fine voice, hardly hear Jack’s voice though🙂

14:53 – Mat Kendrick has tweeted

Albrighton, Ireland and Delph sitting in the stands in front of us. All three have slight knocks, I’m led to believe #avfc

14:51 – this is poor, stream has stopped and they really plugged this as a new era and must have known the demand would be high.

14:45 – Others missing are Delph and Albrighton and Villa stream is not good and just stopped

14:26 – Where is Stephen Ireland ?

Marshall will play both halves.

14:25: – Second Half team will be

Barrett, Lichaj, Collins, Baker, Warnock, Holman, Herd, Gardner, Bannan, Delfouneso, Agbonlahor

14:05 – Team is out

Villa: Marshall, Hutton, Clark, Lowton, Stephens, Carruthers, Johnson, El Ahmadi, N’Zogbia, Weimann, Bent [c]. #AVFC

good to see one new starter and N’Zog has an early chance to see if he wants to stay. However not so sure Hutton should even play🙂

13:35 – Players and Lambert have been on the pitch and already Villans in the stand.

13:00 – I will not be doing every pre season game but as this is on AVTV, then why not ? Not sure how ‘interesting’ it will be though !!! Now I have put Lambert Limes in the title, this is a piss take !! I hate the away kit, will be interesting if I hate it more on AVTV (it had better be good quality stream !!) then I do at the moment !

2,300 Villa fans will be there sure to give Lambert and the new signings a warm welcome to the world of Aston Villa.

21 comments on “Friendly Full Time – Burton 1 – Villa 2 – OG, Holman

  1. Much sooner you do a commentary on Villa games rather than Molde Ian!

  2. I make it 4 3 3
    Hutton. Clarke. Lowton. Stevens

    Johnson. Ahmadi n’zog

    Caruthers. bent. Weiman

    So two new signings

  3. Where is Delph and Albrighton

  4. How is Jack Woodward employed in the role he has?

    Fucking useless and a complete bellend.

    Rather like Lee Lee Lee Hendrie

  5. The footage on AVTV is stop-start both at home on broadband and on BT infinity at work. Anyone else got the same problem or is it just me? Never had this problem before and it’s bloody annoying. I’m going to have to turn it off in a minute

  6. Ok, it’s not me!

  7. How are Clark and Carruthers playing Ian?

  8. Think Al Hamidi looks good.

    Finally level!

  9. So who scored our equaliser then? Not watching the game obviously.

  10. Are Gabby and Delfouneso making an impact?

  11. My wife gonna buy me a villa kit for my bday which one should she get home or away? Im undecide atm

  12. Lamberts Limes? Look more like Lesbian Limes in that strip

  13. Well its not too bad ive seen worse, might be like in 96 with the blue away one everyone hated it at first then it grow on us maybe just needs time to get use to

  14. whats happend to the live stream on AVTV

  15. Ian, fans sang mcleish’s name all the time😉

  16. Interesting how the biggest impacts of the match came from McLeish signings….although El Ahmadi did well also and Lowton was ok. Hutton is still sending in awful balls as usual.

  17. El Ahmadi the only guy to impress for me.

    An own goal and a Mcleish signing ! I know it’s on a get-fit friendly but I wasn’t overly impressed.
    I wonder if people realise the huge work that Lambert has taken on. He’s known as a hard task-master and a pretty tough disciplinarian, so, with our night-clubbers and our ‘senior-cliques’ – those Lambert qualities are going to be needed in the weeks ahead.

    Only a friendly so no big deal. But other than El-A not overly enthused. And who was the guy who ate all the pies wearing N’Zog’s shirt?

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