Premier Travel Coach travel details for away games

I am always happy to promote Villa fans and companies who provide a service for fellow Villans at reasonable rates.

Years ago I used Premier Travel run by Steve Gough for 15-20 matches a season. It was always an excellent and efficient service with time for a few drinks. I have not to be fair used them for a while now as I rarely go away and tend to go by train now. However I know people who use them and they are still bloody excellent.

Steve has now placed details on their Facebook page for travel details to Peterborough, Forest, Bremen and West Ham games.

The link is HERE

If you wish to gain some publicity for your event or business please use the Contact Form above.

3 comments on “Premier Travel Coach travel details for away games

  1. Ian I have just moved to leicester So I can make most home games now. Don’t suppose you know best way to get to villa park? I’d imagine driving to take ages!

    • How about the Train ?

      by the time you take petrol and parking into consideration it could be cheaper.

    • Tom, simple – M69 out of Leicester, onto M6 north, get off at either J5 or J6 [Spaghetti] – which is usually a 45-60 minute trip – and then try to find a parking space that will take less than 60 minutes to get out of after the game!

      If you want to avoid the motorway, use the A47 [used to be the Narborough Road in the old days] to get out of Leicester, stay on it to go through Hinckley, etc., and you’ll end up at either Castle Brom or Star City, both well on the way to VP.

      Ian’s right – train from Leicester to New Street takes less than an hour!

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