Wages not that important, interesting test

Very interested to read what Paul Lambert has said about wages and the type of players he want.

We all know that Villa are restricting the wage bill and thus the type of player we can attract has changed. Paul Lambert today by his quotes is clearly looking down the route where players will be looking to further their career rather than their wage packet.

Of course this restricts the amount of players available, it is unlikely therefore we can get anyone currently in a PL side. It will be a case of further signings from the same pattern we have seen of lower wages, lower fees but Lambert hopes a much higher desire to succeed.

In this day and age of high premier league wages and it will get higher it will be an interesting test of this philosophy. Clearly at smaller clubs like Norwich and Swansea you can succeed with this as expectations are lower. At Villa however the expectations are high and whilst Lambert has time and goodwill on his side I wonder how long this theory can continue.

I do like the idea of getting younger players with something to prove. I do like the idea of a few buys from abroad and see if they can work. However I am convinced that we need some top quality in CD and CM and this does require an higher wage level. If as reports are to believed, the cap for all but the very best is £45K a week, it will be very interesting who comes into these two vital positions.

20 comments on “Wages not that important, interesting test

  1. Wages “capped” at 45k a week. Such a hard life innit.

    • I know for most of us they get in a week what we earn before tax in two years.

      It is actually shocking what is now being reported as being earnt.

      • The limit of £45k that is still much more than the vast majority of clubs in France, Spain, Italy and Germany can afford to pay. So targetting foriegn players makes sense and if they have proven themselves in Spain/Italy/Germany/France it reduces the risk they flop. Still plenty of players to choose from and I expect a couple of reasonably big signings from abroad to add a bit of star quality throughout the team.

  2. Oh look a pointless post heavily mentioning Leeds, i wonder why that is?

    Trying to get hits in the most blatant way possible uh?

  3. I’d be very surprised if we don’t buy any premier league players at all.

    The key is we are looking for value in the market and hungry players. If Lambert can find that in the premier league i’m sure he will use it.

  4. If people consider how high our salary bill has been and compare it to the league finishing position its little wonder we are hearing a manager talk of wanting players with a passion to play rather than just interested in the £or$. I personally prefer a grafting Des Bremner style to a lets say prima dona Steven Ireland every time.

    • Bill 1982, I think you need a mix – every side needs a couple of Des Bremners but you also need a Stevie Ireland or two or else you will just lose all your games 1-0 ….. see Mr McLeish!

      We are not going to compete with the Big 5 anyway, and never have been able to, but our wages should be on a par with Newcastle, Everton, Sunderland and possibly Spurs – the other big traditional clubs that do not have a meglomaniac sponsor or regular Chumps League/Global commercial deals. This is no different to where we have been for the last 6 or 7 years anyway. The only difference this time is that we have a manager that I believe can work with that budget and hopefully still produce a team that can take on the Big 5 as well as our peers given time and our support.

  5. I’ll be curious to see whether they’ll now also be offering shorter contracts [say] 3 years, rather than 4 or 5, so as not to get stuck with either the failures [bound to be some] or the ones who think that they’ve ‘made it’ and can take their foot off the gas pedal and cruise through the last year or two?

    If the policy is to buy ‘hungry & young’ then presumably as soon as they get either old or greedy they’ll be shipped out to anyone oferring the right money…

    • The problem with that is that shorter contracts mean that they are closer to Bosman’s from day 1. Milner, Young and DJ would have had no re-sale value and we would have been £60m short!

      The challenge is getting the right players on LT contracts like those named above and the younger hungrier players (the way Spurs seem to do it) and the older very well paid players, like Beye, Heskey etc. on ST contracts that offer the flexibility to dump them if they do not perform.

      • The other problem with shorter contracts is that the amortisation of the original transfer cost each year is higher, which makes the P&(L) look worse.
        As you say, the trick is to avoid getting stuck with the non-performers; I wasn’t suggesting that they should do it, just wondering whether we’re going to be in for a quicker turnover of players under Lambert than we saw under MON – who just left his expensive toys rotting in the reserves for years after falling out with them!

  6. Quite a lot like Everton then, eh. I bet we do buy some PL players in the long run, the likes of Howard etc who were being kept out of the bigger teams. In that case those players would still fit the ‘coming to improve their careers’ category.

    What’s the problem?

    • Oh yeah, also like Newcastle. Spurs too.

        • Arsenal’s wage bill is massive, they just sell players at the peak of their value and this means they will never challenge at the top.

          You think Arsenal fans are happy at the moment.

          • They are not………….they have a system in place where young players coming through are on massive wages before they are key 1st team players. Has really bitten them with the likes of Djourou and Bendtner who they now can’t get rid of.

  7. The average wage in the Premier league is £22,353 per week. £45k wage cap seems sensible for us, Bent is on £60k a week though and maybe Ireland too. Only the very elite clubs pay players more than £60k a week. Money is getting tighter, even in the Prem, only City and Chelsea are looking at spending big again this summer as both have immense sponsorship deals, UTD are burdened with debt, Liverpool have blew most of the money they borrowed to buy the club, Arsenal are reluctant to go into anymore deficit with a stadium to pay for, Spurs will have to sell Van Der Vaart and Modric to pay for anyone top class and Newcastle will have to sell players at vast profits and hope they find more bargains to continue on their impressive path. We are getting back to a stable situation and with clever management and dealings we could do better than the MON years where we over achieved with very average players on massive salaries.

    • milan – I know it’s really another topic, but calling it “sponsorship” is being very kind to Citeh and Chelski – [in any other business there’d be a lot of people asking why their owners want to spend far more than they could hope to ever get back…]

  8. I’d much rather have players on less wages and showing great desire to succeed than on high wages with NO passion which we have been getting for far too long.

  9. The problem under MON was that he was bringing squad players like Beye, Cuellar, Heskey, etc, who were also on ridiculous wages. No wonder it all went wrong. You are much better having players who have come through the youth academy warming the bench!

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