James Nursey – Clark to be first choice and defence issue

This neatly follows on from my last post about the Captain.

James Nursey in a piece about Darren Bent staying has said this

The new Villa boss is also a big fan of Ciaran Clark, 22, and the left-sided centre-back is to set to be given a chance to cement a start in pre-season.


In the piece he also says Hutton and Warnock to go, no surprise there. However if Clark is to be the main CB then it will mean a right footed centre back has to be found. Just for information Simon Kjaer fits this !!

What this will mean is a complete change at the back and it is vital to get a leader there when a new unit is finding it’s way. Clark is of course a leader in all the sides he has played in before the first team at Villa. I can not see him as Captain at the moment but who knows.

We therefore know the defence will be

Lowton CB Clark LB

So plenty of room there to find players and especially a dominating CB which Clark is not. Clark is a ball playing one and alongside one of them you do need a ‘clogger’. On Collins he says further on twitter

J Collins’ future at #AVFC still TBC . Don’t see him staying but Lambert can’t sell until replacement in as lacks experience with CC gone

So it is now at a point where a Centre Back is urgently needed and soon so we can ship out. Will we see movements this week, no idea but I expect further links to come out.

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44 comments on “James Nursey – Clark to be first choice and defence issue

  1. Not a fan of Guzan. If he’d got much about him he’d have been snapped up by a.n. other after his contract ran out at B6. No, he’s distinctly average at best, certainly not in the same league as Given……and I’m no huge Shay Given supporter.

    I’ve always thought that Given was a vastly over-rated ‘keeper, but give him his due, I dont think he let us down last season.
    Overall quite competent, with a good few top drawer saves in him, and yes, the odd mistake too.

    Giving Shay a five year deal was madness, and while we do need better, younger, sorry, but I dont for one minute believe that Brad Guzan is the answer.

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