Speculation – Chelsea Reject Bid for Betrand

As you would expect we do have some new transfer news.

The Mirror claims that Chelsea have rejected a bid for their young player Ryan Betrand.

Mirror LINK

He is of course a Left Back and everyone knows we need one so these links can be easy to make. They speculate we made a bid for a loan or for a permanent deal but Chelsea see him as key to the future.

29 comments on “Speculation – Chelsea Reject Bid for Betrand

  1. He is Chelski’s only other LB. So hard to see them selling.

  2. They are being heavily linked with a young left back themselves aren’t they? So you never know. But I believe he is 16-17, so don’t think he’d be back up for Cole just yet. I do like the look of Betrand, impressed by him for the Emgland U21’s, has only been on bench for last few seasons, so he must be frustrated.

    • He’ll be 23 by the start of next season. You’re off by about 6-7 years!

      • My bad. You mean the new left back is 16-17.

        I agree, Bertrand would be a good signing and probably won’t want to play the waiting game behind Cole who has a couple of years left in him at least.

  3. we should go get Anelka still has a couple of seasons left in him and he wants to come back to premier league

  4. Would be a great signing but when you think about it he broke through more last season, started and won the Champions League final. Now Di Matteo has been made permanent manager it would be tough to convince him to leave and they may not be keen to sell anyway.

  5. I should imagine he was top choice but unrealistic but if you dont ask you wont know, he’ll have realistic targets in sight, hey all positivty so far though

  6. Interesting that after just one week, Lambert has figured out we need two full backs!!🙂

  7. He’s 22. Looks perfect for for Villa, but if you’ve only played once by 22 for Chelsea then alarm bells should be ringing.

    • Hmm I dont know about that cole is arguably the best most consistent left back in the world and has been for 8 years jordi alba would still struggle to start ahead of cole.

      • But with cole having probably another couple of years left in him, unless this lad wants to be mid 20’s before he gets regular first place football, this might be worth pursuing. If he is happy in the capital getting paid decent wages and not being first choice, I would question wether we would want a player like that anyway

  8. dont know much about him but we do need a left back so hope it happens, and i do like the way lambert is going for players that want to play for us and see villa as a place to try hard not just names who want better money.

  9. Go for it he is good.up the villa

  10. Even if we don’t get him it’s an indication of the new ambition at VP

    • Absolutely! The ol’ place is starting to buzz. Now if we can just unblock that exit door and pat two or three of MON’s “old guard” still remaining on the back as they head towards it…

  11. I cant stand when we’re interested in other teams academy graduates simply because they’re at a better team. Just because Chelsea have a better first team, it doesnt mean they have a better academy. Miles from it in fact, our academy is far superior. Put faith in OUR academy players! Theres no point in producing them if we’re just gonna sign unproven young players from other teams. It was the same last Summer with McEachran. The lad gets ridiculously overhyped simply because hes at Chelsea, just like Wilshere at Arsenal, and we try to sign him on loan even though we have a big group of our own promising young midfielders like Gary Gardner, Barry Bannan, Daniel Johnson and Chris Herd. Even Samir Carruthers can play there. It was different when we signed Fabian Delph, another promising young midfielder, because he was a player who proved himself and was worth the money even if he has not YET matched his price tag (not that injuries have helped him much). If Lambert goes for this Bertrand chap i wont be happy. Lichaj can play left or right back, and he is quality! In one of the few games he has been given a chance, he took Gareth Bale out of the game completely. He was incredible, though he was playing at right back that day. Nathan Baker was also very solid when he was given a run out at left back and we have Enda Stevens waiting for an opportunity too.

    We DO need another left back without a doubt, but it has to be an experienced player of proven quality.

  12. We have meant to have signed Brahimi. Several sources and Wiki club status has also been changed to us. Is he any good? Some of these players have not been on my radar before….

  13. I think we need to start being just a tad realistic here.
    If McCleish was still here and after Betrand ?????


    Betrand was the number one boo-boy target at Stamford before being rested and then coming back in late. He played well enough. But I think that with his early season up-hill climb he was noticed.

    Ideal for Norwich. Cheap, not going to replace any potential or incumbent player and probably wants-away after his lack of love from the fans.

    So, without taking ONE training session, Lambert is bringing in his ‘Norwich days’ choices, has he given a chance for improvement to our players, given them the traditional open-minded bit that all new managers express?

    No, he is ploughing on rebuilding Norwich, and doesn’t have a clue about Villa or our player’s potential.

    I’m giving Lambert till Christmas. I know he ain’t McLeish, but that kind of reason for happiness is wearing thin as I see him shopping where Norwich shopped.
    And apparently disrespecting the best Academy in England.

    • Was our “best academy in England” able to plug the massive gulf in CM last term? No, so he’s added a new CM who looks and sounds like a good prospect, he’s brought back Little Brad (who no-one wanted to leave) and signed a RB knowing Hutton is a fucktard, how is that just continuing building Norwich??? 3 of our biggest problem areas of last season addressed within his 1st 3 signings!!

      • We had problem areas everywhere last season.

        If he’d bought in Kenwynne Jones, that would have proved he knew our problem area was with forwards – – same if he bought in a new keeper, that would prove he knew we’d have a keeper ‘problem area’.
        These signings were on his Norwich wish list.
        I’m not saying he’s going to fail – (but I expect him to be only marginally better than his fellow Scot) – all I’m saying is that he isn’t in the Championship and doesn’t have the luxury of a new-build. New philosophy new culture.

        He needs to know what he’s got first, add a squad player or two, earlier, then get in the ‘bigger targets’ – IF needed. .

    • Nonsense Hutton Ate My Hamster.

      You can only use the better players from your academy, and maybe only one, or two at the most force their way through to prove that they have what it takes. Most of the academy lads will fail. They wont be good enough. They’ll fall by the wayside, eventually move to a lower league club, or drop out of the league altogether.

      • And last season we had people screaming at McLeish to bring in the kids – which he did.
        A baptism of fire, when it could have been much easier under a different manager.

        Still, bring in the “cheaper” pros, let’s have a Norwich level buying policy and leave it upto Lambert to stifle throughput and development. Might as well do a MON and get rid of any Davies’ & Cahills whilst he’s at it.

        • He had to bring in the kids HAMY, he had no choice. We were ridiculously short on bodies.

          Those people who yelled for the inclusion of the kids, hadn’t a clue what they were on about. You know that 95% of them had never seen the kids play, barely knew their names, yet they demanded their inclusion all the same.

          Lighten up mate. Get behind the new man. You’re moaning and you aint got nowt to moan about. The old ways haven’t worked. The times they are a’ changing. Things might just be different now, players with much to prove coming onboard, as opposed to over-priced players who couldn’t give a toss about the club.

  14. Its makes me laugh that people really think PL should take time to asses the squad before bringing in some players. Any manager worth his salt would have scouted us numerous times, and added to the information available to him from in house sources, would already be able to ascertain players that need replacing, and ones that can be improved under their management.
    PL is replacing in areas of most need. Defensive central midfielder was urgent before Stan fell ill, Right back another area of weekness, but he’s already pointed out Lowton will be given time so at this moment in time it’s fair to assume he is back up to Lichaj a ‘homegrown’ talent who has in turn been promoted in place of the supposedly available Hutton.
    Pursuing and pulling off a deal for Bertrand may also be an opportunity to rid us of another weak link in Warnock, and providing real competition for places.
    Personally I think targetting players with potential to replace an unavailable Petrov, and awful Hutton and Warnock doesn’t disrespect our academy, it provides them a decent level of competition to prove themselves worthy of making the shirt their own….. and long may this plan of action continue.

  15. Bertrand would be a joke buy.we have a crap academy.if they are good the top 4 would have snared them.we should stop dreaming and wake up to reality that our academy is AVERAGE

  16. Our academy is arguably better than average villan from kenyan, but like other clubs of similar standing within the game, you are lucky if even two youngsters work their way through the ranks to make it at the premier league level.

    We I think go over-board about our youngsters. Take Bannan, Albrighton and Delfouneso. Three supposedly bright prospects as they fought their way through the youth and reserve teams, but all will fail to make it on the top flight stage. All are lower league material at best.

  17. Would prefer Plastic Bertrand…


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