Welcome Matthew Lowton

It is being released now from all sources that Matthew Lowton has signed from Sheffield United for a reported £3M.

His WIKI page has already been UPDATED top show he is a Villa player.

Like with the other signings this summer I have no knowledge of him in which to form a juddgement. Ity is reported that primary he is a Right BAck but can play a number of positions.

With having Lichaj at the club and Hutton likely to leave I can not think that we are interested in Naughton or Clyne anymore. IF of course we were interested in these two at all.

So far this summer (well it is summer eh ??) we have signed three players for a reported total of £5M this leaves I hope plenty of money for proven PL quality players AND Matt Phillips !!

EDIT – PaulM a Sheff UTD fan has said

Hi folks – as a Blades fan, I can say that £3m reported is a good fee for Lowton. Sorry to see him go, but, he is not a patch on Kyle Walker. I also rate Naughton higher than Lowton but I guess it depends upon Lambert’s plans for him. Even in League One, he made plenty of mistakes defensively against L1 wingers. He is good going forwards and has a nack of getting goals – but he is often caught out of position. That being said, he’ll be surrounded by much better players and I hope Lambert and Villa can develop him into a solid prem player!

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103 comments on “Welcome Matthew Lowton

  1. Lickvag is pretty good, Hope he gets a good run this season

  2. Personally I like this type of signing could be a gem or it might not be but the main thing is Huttons days are numbered which tells me lambert knows a shit player when he sees one!.. If only we can sign a young quick left back and a centre back were back in business!

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