O’Brien signs for Villa and Grealish signs new contract

Seems we have some good news all the time.

Highly rated Irish U-17 midfielder Jack Grealish has signed a new three year contract today with Villa. Many reserve watchers really rate him and he seems a real good prospect for the future. He was on the verge of first team football last season and I would like to see us use him in cup games this season to see if the potential comes through.

It was also announced today that we have signed 16 year old Danny O’Brien from Everton. From his own TWITTER FEED

We do have some real good prospects in the 16-19 age range a few just need the chance this season to prove themselves.

Danny O’Brien ‏@DannyOBrien_
Thanks for all the welcome message, great day at bodymoor, met the manager and can’t wait to get started on monday! #upthevilla!

On a related note to the Lowton transfer it is rumoured in Sheffield that United will get t
he Fonz as a loan deal.

40 comments on “O’Brien signs for Villa and Grealish signs new contract

  1. Excellent news concerning Jack the Lad. He looks a real talent, and has impressed me each and every time that I’ve seen him play. An exciting youngster, clever on the ball, natural ability, tricky, has pace, and is always alert and aware. A tremendous prospect, as it must be said, is our other extremely talented young wide man, Jordan Graham.

  2. O’Brien seems to be another highly rated winger according to his twitter page. Sounds good.

    Also great to have Grealish sign on longer.

  3. Weren’t we all wanking over Gardner not so long ago and he’s not exactly set the world alight and please don’t say it’s coz of mcleish. A good player is a good player I don’t care who is manager. Jury still out for me.

    • Agree that GG has experienced a somewhat stuttering start to his first team career oohah, but having watched him extensively from his early Bodymoor Heath days, I will be amazed if he doesn’t enjoy a very successful premier league career.

      One of the better youngsters I’ve seen working their way through the ranks going back to nigh on fifty years.

      He hasn’t done himself justice yet when pulling on the first team shirt, but he will.

      • Hope so glensider always better when one of our own make it. Think we will have a better idea in a year. He just seems a bit light weight to me but I bow down to your superior knowledge as I very rarely watch the reserves tbh so am in no position to doubt u. Just hope you are right.

    • 605 minutes in his Aston Villa career, of course the jury is still out for almost everybody as he’s had little to no chance to prove himself.

      • Redmond for blues and chamberlain for arsenal haven’t played much either but look at them.

        • They’re also being overrated for doing nothing at the moment.

          • But have still looked better than Gg on a pro rata basis.

          • Debatable. Redmond and Chamberlain are much like Albrighton when he came on the season. Good little wingers that look exciting therefore look better than they are. Gardner’s not like either of them.

          • What? They have an impact on a game? And don’t believe the hype surrounding them? Got to be honest still waiting to see something, no anything from GG! Sorry but the kid simply aint lived up to his billing.

          • I don’t disagree. Gardner hasn’t lived up to what we thought he could be, however the two he named are just as over hyped who haven’t done much either.

          • Unfortunately for us Andy more impact than GG, don’t get me wrong I hope the lad goes onto great things but with all the hype surrounding him he’s been a bit of an anticlimax.

          • bloody hell he is 19/20, played out of position by a clueless manager ….

            in the right position the ‘Gerard’ role pushing forward from mid watch him go, one of the reason I think we should sell Ireland

    • Oohah you really have got one on you today, had a ding dong with the misses mate?

    • Harsh… Playing in a team with zero confidence has a massive affect on your game. People are in awe of Chris ‘hoof’ Herd, yet every time iv seen GG play, he looks for a pass.
      GG still has to be our most exciting prospect in the middle and i still expect to see him take the captaincy one day. he needs to be used as a youngster and not expected to control a game. PL will use him well i think

  4. You always look at on the half empty side Oohahh. Must be a miserable view.

    • I feel like being a miserable bastard today carruthers Lol

    • The jury isn’t out about Garry Gardner – he’s brilliant.

      He is being slowly integrated into the Villa team. Judge him in 12 months time. By then I think he’ll have become a Villa Park hero.

      • Agree – the way some of the young players were thrown into the team, playing out of position and in a team with no confidence is asking too much in my opinion – especially when there are 4-5 of them in the team at same time. Against Chelsea it was like men against boys. Hopefully the likes of GG and Weimann will be allowed to develop over next couple of seasons.

        • AMC could have had team containing Messi, Zidane, Pele, Van Basten, Cryuff, Beckenbauer ,Platini and Maradona and made then look at best strictly average. You can’t deny it the guy had a gift, not a gift many would want but never the less a gift.

          • A team of gifted players like that at their peak would always be formidable no matter who was manager. Besides maradonna would be a world class goalie under mcclown.

          • True mate, well it would be if they were allowed to venture over the halfway line!

  5. Carruthers, Gardner, Weimann are all in with a shout this coming season. Bannan will follow Delfuenso and Albrighton as bench players.

  6. The Fonz is part of deal?? F**k me did someone from Sheffield delegation shit in Faulkner’s brief case during the negotiations?

  7. the grealish lad is my mate’s next door neighbour. used to always play in the garden when i was over there….. good to see him make the bench last season

  8. ha, no actually, but they may need to invest in one

  9. I think that Gary Gardner looks a real prospect.

    It must have been difficult for any young player to come through last season as the crowd were on the back of the manager and the team from day one practically.

    Hopefully, Lambert can fire up the squad and some of our prospects can make giant strides in a wholly positive atmosphere at VP next season.

    Think it’s a little harsh to say GG made no impact, he came on at Newcastle away and created our best chances, and was unlucky not to score, and against Fulham if he hadn’t hit that tremendous effort that Weimann followed in, who knows how the season would have panned out.

    I still believe he has a great future ahead of him. I am less confident for Bannan and Albrighton, though I like the look of Weimann, has a killer instinct.

    Great to hear that the Academy have some youngsters developing into quality players.

    I hope that Lambert doesn’t disrespect the cups this season, I want us to field our strongest teams and have a real go at both.

  10. I still reckon the Fonz will be something special when given a good run of opportunities

  11. Is it knock the young Villa players day?

    Gardner is a tremendous talent, used properly, with good coaching, and motivation, he’ll come on a bundle.

    He’s got a great future, but as always, some of our supporters can’t wait to put the boot in, give him time, the last 12 months or so has been the dark ages at Villa Park, most of the youngsters have looked short of confidence due to….you know who, that’s all!

  12. Welcome to Villa Danny hope you settle quickly and begin to enjoy your time with the Villa and proceed to the 1st team, glad to hear Jack has committed to the future of Villa as well, brilliant prospect

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