No Steve Davis for Villa – Great News

There are certain players I do not want at Aston Villa.

Regardless of how people try and sell them no one can persuade that some players are good enough for the PL. One of these players is Steve Davis who has now signed for Southampton on a free – LINK. I know many of you rate him but I never did. Like Ireland last season he got Player of the Season because simple he was less worse than the rest.

Whether MON rated him or not I do not know but he failed to make an impression under him. At Fulham he was very poor and then shipped to an easy league to finish off his career until Rangers imploded.

The other player some do think is rated is Peter Whittingham. Much like Davies I do not see what people rate in him and fail to see him as a PL player. I understand looking at the stats they look good but for PL level, nah, simply NOT good enough. If he was after scoring 20 in a season do you not think he would have signed for a PL team by now !

Looking at what we have and some rumours Makoun may be going it is clear we still need a wide player and a Central Midfielder. One name mentioned for CM is Scott Brown of Celtic and another Mark Davies. decent players, prefer Davies than Brown though as he has PL experience and was decent enough.

28 comments on “No Steve Davis for Villa – Great News

  1. Why do we need another inefective small midfielder thats out of their depth? We already have bannan

  2. Would like to give Makoun another crack at the Prem, looked alright in patches, think him and El Ahmadi could be a decent partnership

  3. Just remember, who ever plays it can never be as bad as last season with that Clown in charge and his useless coach at his side.

  4. Bannan aint out if his depth. He’s good enough

    Would be gutted if we sell makoun. Even if he does go we don’t need another cm. We have plenty

    • Agree about Bannan.

      We would need another CM if he leaves. We needed one before Petrov’s illness and we just replaced him, if Makoun leaves we still have as many CM’s as we did last season which wasn’t good enough.

    • his names hollywood pass bannan, he will NEVER make it at our club

  5. Biggoted little git

  6. Never rated Steve Davies but he ain’t bad on the snooker table to be honest!!

  7. We need some power and flair in midfield I think a we could have to good wingers with albrighton who needs a good consiststant run and nzogbia. We may like to add to wings for subs and injuries but we need a powerful midfield who can win balls and some flair to dart through the middle!

  8. Peter whittingham isnt a 20 goal a season player because its not his job to score goals he creates them he was very good for villa and i would love to see him back

  9. Wish we could sign johathan williams from crystral palace a gd att mid

  10. Hit this site again by mistake, Ian is a blue nose and taking the Mick out of you posters, have you lot not sussed him by now. FACT, I know who he is HE HAS NEVER HELD A VILLA SEASON TICKET. You r a load of fools.

  11. I think that’s a little unfair to say that about Whittingham, when he left he was still a kid learning the game. He’s been great for Cardiff and he’s seen more cup finals than any of our current crop of youngster have!

    Davis wasn’t that bad either, I remember watching him terrorise Arsenal one boxing day, he has it in him to be a very decent player but he’s wasted too much time in Scotland. I wouldn’t take either of them back either but I think you’ve been overly harsh there!

  12. I think Davies and Whittingham were both good for us……I remember SD in that game against Arsoles and one against the unmentionables too,at St Glandrews,when he was man of the match by miles.
    It seems all our talented academy players have to leave before they re given a chance to prove themselves………..Cahill for example.
    As for Bannan……he needs intelligent forwards making runs for his “Hollywood” passes,which he hardly has at the moment ….We should be encouraging him not criticising him. Hope he like the others, doesn t go somewhere else and have his success……
    Anyway……Happy days……Lambo Villa

  13. I agree about bannan being shit, don’t rate him at all, Id love him to prove me wrong but I think his league is the championship or SPL I’m afraid

  14. To be honest I think it’s tough to come to any real judgments on our younger players after the traumas of the last couple of years, and especially last season under the playing “style” of Mc*****. I look forward to things settling down a lot under Lambert and his new team, and I think they’ll systematically sort the wheat from the chaff where the likes of Bannan, Clark and co are concerned. It’s hard to put yourself into someone else’s shoes, but hopefully our youngsters (some of whom ain’t exactly that “young” anymore) will be feeling the sense of hope and renewal that we are. There’s a buzz again, and they must feel it too.

  15. Midfield. Why not take a shot at buying milner back, think the villa should atleast enquire, quality player that should never of left, and to be honest hasnt done anything since leaving, you only have to give him an example from the euros as to how poor he is of recent.
    As of price, maybe why we dont buy him.

  16. Looking at some of the targets that Citeh have this Summer, I would imagine a loan move for Milner where we pay some of his wages could be an option.

    I actually thought that both Davis and Whittingham deserved a little more time at Villa than they got.

    Hopefully the likes of Delph, Carruthers and Gardner can step up to the plate under Lambert, it’s an excellent opportunity for them to show what they are capable of.

    There is still Ireland, Herd and Clark who can all play there too.

    I think that Lambert will want to work with the squad for a couple of weeks before making moves, and hopefully he’ll be impressed with what some of these lads can show him.

    Let’s have a bit of positivity around the Villa for the first time in what seems a long time !

  17. I remember Whittingham and always thought he was gifted. I had the misfortunate to visit the Ricoh this season to see Cov v Cardiff and he was by far the best player on the pitch and ran the game from centre midfield. He sprayed the ball about and there were few misplaced passes. That said, Cov were dire….

    Keep Makoun. He is quality. I was gutted he never got many games. It was an unfalimiar sight seeing so many short passes!!!


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