Sky bad for fans, keep the myth rolling

Now we have the TV fixtures out and the rearrangements for the stupid and idiotic Europa league fixture we can see the damage TV does for football.

To make sure the TV companies make money we see numerous games moved and causing all kinds of inconvenience and early Sunday KO’s most hate. Never mind then the stupidity of the Europa league fixtures on Thursdays which see two more games moved.

The situation means that for the rest of 2012 out of 8 possible Saturday Kick Off’s only

Everton on the 25th August

Swansea on the 15th September

Stoke on the 8th December

Wigan on the 29th December

remain as Saturday 15:00 kick offs.I might be an old fuddy duddy at this but I hate other Kick Off times at the weekends. Sunday kick offs ruin that day totally and the less said about early Saturday kick offs the better.

Of course the myth that the ‘newer’ fans since 1994 like to portray is that without Sky football would have been much worse. Younger fans growing up on a diet of Martin Tyler, Richard Keys and Andy Gray know nothing different. They think SKY rescued football but all they did was to cause massive wage inflation through the money and massive unjustified hype.

Is football really healthy with the majority of clubs having massive debts. Look at the trouble we got ourselves in because of wage issues. Look at how much in debt we are for example ? Then look at Chelsea, Man U, Arsenal, Man City and all the debt and wages there amongst that lot.

With the new TV deal this will only get worse, more games to be shown, more demands to fit in around TV. I am expecting that at some point suggestions will appear games are moved en masse to Sunday’s. This will then allow every game to be shown live with no impact on the Football League.

Of course some fans will say how great it is they can see Villa on TV. Frankly I have no truck with that argument, I go to the games and you are inconveniencing ME. If Sky is so damm good how come we are paying so much for games (Villa better than most) ?

In Germany their pay TV masters went bust, they changed their model, they pay a third of what we do, tell me that is not the model to go down ?

HATE sky, you bet, best thing I ever did getting rid of subscription 18 months ago.

(not posting on Culverhouse and Karsa at the moment. That news was the least shjocking of all time !!)

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55 comments on “Sky bad for fans, keep the myth rolling

  1. How depressing, four saturday 3pm kick offs. That’s awful, I thought as we were no longer challenging for fourth we wouldn’t be on telly as much. Every villa game is available for free on the internet now so Sky is redundant, not that I had it anyway!

    • not quite Steve, depending on feeds the old European ones of every game has been stopped. Depends if especially people can get middle east TV

  2. just a thought but would it not be better for the epl clubs ans sky to sort out all fixtures and which will be on tv before making the fixtures publlic rather than releasing fixtures and then changing them and pissing off lots of fans in the process??

    • good idea but it would still mean few Saturday 3PM KO’s

      • Agreed Ian an may still anger a lot. My main point was that it would be a final fixed fixture list and people would definatley know which fixtures were possible to attend?not attend giving more choice on wether to buy/renew season tickets etc.

  3. Just a thought, but what would actually be wrong with a Friday night ko ? Surely it’s no worse than a Monday, and it leaves you the whole weekend to do whatever you wish.

    Appreciate it’s an issue for long away games, but that’s a fairly small minority of Villa’s following.

    • a fairly small minority who are the most loyal get totallty stung like a boxing day KO at 8PM
      Noty sure the police would appreciate an high profile game starting at 8PM Friday and it would mean no game over the weekend either. No thanks.

      • Stoke away on Boxing Day at 8pm wasn’t that great a hardship. Chelsea away on NYE was worse.

        I think Boro once on a New Years Day at 8pm was the worst I can recall, maybe that’s because I drew the short straw and had to drive.

        Most people’s weekend starts on a Friday night, and people were moaning how Saturday lunchtime or late games aren’t suitable, and that Sunday matches ruin the whole day.

        It was just a thought, like most things on here, if it doesn’t suit your personal thoughts or agenda on an issue it’s ridiculed.

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