Real touching as Petrov gets Birthday wishes

This makes you think all arguments over stupid stuff is rubbish !

Petrov looks a different person in here but you can his spirit is strong within him and a strong emotional tie for all the squad.

18 comments on “Real touching as Petrov gets Birthday wishes

  1. This just shows what a genuine nice person he is. Top bloke.

    Aston Villa should always keep an opening for someone with his qualities.

  2. Wasn’t expecting this video to be so moving when I first watched it, it’s had me choked up all day.

    Get well soon Stan, and happy birthday!

  3. I have watched the video, and I must admit it moved me. Great player and an even better human being. Get well soon Stan. We are all behind you.

  4. I was very moved by that I like all of us supporters are hoping and praying for this player I have never met him however my girlfriend who has been a massive fan and a season ticket holder said he’s a great guy who always has time for anyone I wish him well hopes gets through this battle.

  5. Happy Birthday Stan, and get well, We all would love to see you back at Villa…

  6. Watching it was very moving and very unexpected. He’s so highly thought of at the club. I think they should retire his shirt number as a sign of how highly he’s regarded at villa park.

  7. this brought a tear to my eye, and i’m just a big dopey herbet! should have a job of some sort at villa for life, he gave everything for this club last year, and although he may not be a ‘quality’ player, he’s a quality human being.

  8. This is really moving. Ianrobo, you’re right, this does make other arguments seem insignificant!!

  9. happy birthday captain stantastic.great to still see ya smiling and its great to have you around the club.what a legend.get well soon.

  10. Wow, that was really moving. Stay strong Stan, we’re all right behind you mate.

  11. Yup. Choked me up as well. Great to see him looking so well though and I’d love to see him turn out for us again even if it was only to say our farewells and give thanks to a guy who has represented our club with nothing but pride, love and respect! Another, guy, along with Laursen, who would be welcome back with open arms with his coaching badges, I’m sure.

  12. Fuck me, first time in a long time that me bottom lip has got a bit quivery.

  13. Its nice to see the club stand by stillz in this way.He has been a genuine player for AVFC always worked hard on the pitch for villa.Im sorry to see him look ill like that bit pail and drawn from his treatment.God bless stillian petrov for a speady recovery.

  14. Seriously, this man will get an ovation never heard before in football if he gets back on the pitch for villa, either playing or not. What ever happens he should have a job for life, long before this illness I have told the story to a few about how he almost has to be pulled away from the school gates cos its time to go cos he is stood there talking villa to all the dads. He might not be a supporter from birth e.g Ian Taylor but he will always be Villa at heart now and deserves a role like Taylors if the sad moment of retirment comes – Theres only one Stanny Petrov !!!!!!!!!!

  15. It does put life into perspective.

    I think that Villa have handled the situation very well, and I sincerely hope that Stan can win the terrificly difficult battle that he’s fighting.

    God bless you Stan.

  16. I nearly cried watching the video. True gent and looks to me even tho he is going thru a truly horrendous chapter in his life he is still eating sleeping and breathing the might villa. Hats off to u Sir Stan Petrov and sincerely hope that u make it back to Villa Park in some capacity. Am really tempted to now steal somebodies word froma n above post on the back of my new home shirt when i get it. STANTASTIC !!!!!!! (apologies for stealing the word best one word sumnation ive seen of our skipper)

  17. Bloody hell, highly emotive.
    I love the bloke and have often stated that he’s a fantastic captain for us and a great pro.
    By all accounts a really nice bloke too.
    Get well soon Stan.

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