Guzan to come back so Given under pressure & Siegrist on loan

The Mail today provided the news that has rumoured for the last 4 weeks or so.

There is a reason I never stopped following Brad Guzan on Twitter, a little bird had rumoured he would be staying. I welcome the news that he will stay, Brad should have never gone and was treated unfairly last season. He is more than solid, he knows the club and is an easy signing. I do have worries that not much cash is available as shown by ‘value transfers’ for the first three, we will see.

Now I am sure that Guzan would have had plenty of opportunities to be a regular starter. Has he come back to us because 1) it is easy or 2) he may start a fair few more games. Shay Given is an interesting keeper. He is obviously a very very good shot stopper but he simply does not command the area. Now Brad does do that and I think this is about putting much pressure on Shay who has had a bad Euro 2012. This will put the pressure on Given for sure.

With Brad back there is now a question on the the progression of Ben Siegrist. He is the only Villa player in the Olympics for Switzerland and is of course the only World Cup winner we have. He is very highly rated by all who see the youth teams and he will be a fine keeper by many judges. At his age Joe Hart had a season at Shrewsbury and getting regular games. I would like him to be number two at Villa, this is not the case. I hope therefore he gets a full season on loan somewhere where he will play as first choice, he needs it.

33 comments on “Guzan to come back so Given under pressure & Siegrist on loan

  1. This from Twitter:
    BPL Transfer News ‏@BPLTransferNew1
    Aston Villa have made a bid for Luuk De Jong #avfc #nufc

    could be very good if we get him

    • they are all BS’ers and please ignore

      • Are there any good ITK on twitter?, also very good news about Guzan he did very well when he played last year

        • nah, the odd one will get things right occasionally by deduction

          • Agent_ITK, the guy literally hasn’t got a single thing wrong since I’ve followed him. Great example… 9 months ago said that Redknapp would leaving Spurs at the end of the season. Called it 8/9 months in advance! Lucky guess maybe, but that’s incredible.

          • The best ITK (& the only one I trust) set up an account in the Winter Transfer window, wrote BS for the public but sent some great tips through direct mail. One about Ireland suggests they are training pitch side.

            They stopped after the window (having been widely harangued by Robo etc). They started again last week and sent me Guzan.

            Checked BMI again today but offline again.

          • Really glad Guzan has re-signed, he is a good solid keeper and would have no problem with him starting more games.

            Ian, regarding Siegrist……the kid is much better going out and getting a season as a number one in the lower leagues, going straight in at number 2 is of no value to him at all. Keepers need to gain experience playing every week and him being stuck on the bench would really stunt his development.

            I would think he needs a season in the lower leagues and then one in either the C’ship or at another PL club.

          • totally agree look at Joe hart, PERFECT example

          • exactly, there are many others as well.

    • Its 100% true that Villa were interested in De Jong but were put off by the asking price unfortunately.

  2. This just makes complete sense…. no transfer fee, knowsthe club and is at least as good as shay!……. well done PL…… im impressed by his no nonsense, rational thinking….. now find us at least 2 decent defenders and a striker and its happy days again!

  3. any more news on the young french kid, he looks a gem!

    • Just that he wants away from Rennes as he believes he won’t be used but confident in his ability that he should start. Other then that, just the media claiming we’ve made a loan bid for him.

  4. Ok, I’ll bite and show my naïveté : Ben Siegrist world cup winner? This a junior competition or something?

  5. Realy like the sound of de jong. Even if it is only rumour. Thow i do think we will sign a more recognisable striker.

  6. i missed something over the summer, but i have no idea what happened to elliot parish? any ideas please?

  7. Left in jan did elliot

  8. plays for Cardiff City

  9. good news on guzan.fearless keeper,i love given because he s a great keeper and an irish legend but i love villa more.in recent sessions given seems to be rooted to his goal line and lacks that cutting edge which guzan has .iv spent a good bit of time looking at yacine brahemi.i know he is only loan with option to buy but id still like to get him to villa park.its like the ball is tied to he s foot,low center of gravity ,scores all sorts of great goals and very hard to knock off the ball.someone said he s like ashley young,i say ashley youngs goal should be to be more like yacine brahemi.he has a great attitude towards the game.COME ON THE VILLA.

  10. Spoke to Terry Gennoe at end of the season and asked him about siegrist and he said they hope to loan him out somewhere

  11. “I do have worries that not much cash is available as shown by ‘value transfers’ for the first three”

    What? First of all, they may be ALL ‘value signings’ because for all we know, Lambert might want to bring in more than we even anticipate. Two, surely ‘bigger’ transfers take longer to sort. Thirdly, give me value over MON’s rubbish, over-priced transfer policy every day of the week, month and god damn year! NRC, Sidwell, Beye, Warnock, Shorey, Harewood, Collins etc – yeah, I would take value over that nonsense. Finally, people like Kendrick keep saying about wages being available for ‘special players’ if needed; I am sure if Lambert really wanted someone, Lerner would back him.

  12. LMAO Ian you full of bs mate, if you know that if you knew guzan would be staying you would have blogged about it. So Im not having that load of tosh that you knew he could be staying. Your one of these people, who go yeah I knew about that a few weeks ago, when a source told me, but really you didnt know. Laughable.
    Sorry hate having a go but its always the same, yeh I knew about that but you blog about it after … say before things happen you would look more creditable

    • twitter feed about a month ago I asked the question based on some info. I have stopped blogging on that kind of info if you notice and speculate via twitter.

  13. Get the feeling Given will be out with injuries again, especially if he doesn’t lose some weight, so great to have Guzan back.

  14. maybe we will go for van persie

  15. Happy with el ahmadi but we arent doing enough, nathaniel clyne is signing for west ham top class youngster, hoilett in talks with everton, krasic in talks with west ham etc what are we doing ? Brahimi isnt consistent enough hence why itll be a loan with ‘view to a permanent deal’ we will end up average players, el ahmadi is average any thing above that he would not be at villa but i know the likes of adam johnson and luuk de jong are dreams …realistic few years ago shame, fancy west ham tanning us as it stands

    • Mate Just stfu and get out, every1 gas gr8 optimism for the new campaign….then theres u, go back to small heath!

      • 1st things 1st, this comment is from my dickhead of a brother who happens to be the most negative villa fan walking, i love PL and what he looks for and so far am happy with what he has done and am looking forward to seeing some new faces coming in so again i apologise for my brother’s comments………..and dont ever tell me to go back to small heath i wouldnt be seen dead there!

  16. we haven’t spent much on the first couple transfers, because it’s rumored we want most of the money for 2 fullbacks and a centerback. And why not, if we can look abroad for some cheap talent in midfield, the get some solid defenders with our money… perfect. I mean think about it, we had a rumored what 15-20m? well 3m on CM, 2m on Bahimifrenchleague kid, then that only leaves us with 10-15m for 3 solid defenders. Not looking like as much now is it? The money goes quick, but it’s there. You have to be smart about it when you need 6 or so players. GK, CDM, AM, LB, RB, CB… and we almost have 3 of those solved for 3m up front 5-6m if we purchase Bahfrenchleaguekid. Sounds like absolutely fantastic work by Villa to me.

  17. What sort of wages do you think West Ham will have to be paying to get these players to sign for them? It’s not a case of being gazummped by them, it’s more a case of realistic value for money

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