22K season Tickets been sold & players back Thursday, Optimism

It is gearing up for Thursday now.

No question by the time the players return on Thursday we will have Ian Culverhouse and Gary Karsa in the backroom and we may have two more as well. Added to this we may have another player I suspect as clearly more work in that areas has to be done.

So we are bouncing into the season with renewed optimism and the season ticket sales are reflecting this. From a couple of sources I have heard we have sold 22,000 so far. This represents a near full renewal of tickets and a fair few new ones. I have been told that we may reach 24,000 and say we brought a ‘top signing’ who knows. To put this into context at the peak of ST sales under MON we sold 28,000. Those figures alone say a lot about the impact of Lambert after Mcleish.

So when the players come back they will see a different club from the last game of the season. For some they will thrive in this, they will grasp the chance and progress further. It may be surprising names who love the NEW Villa and maybe other surprises who will hate it. It will be interesting in pre season in how long Lambert gives players to prove themselves before making any decision.

From the fans point of view the optimism is palatable and pre season game trips are being arranged. I hope to get to the Forest one myself and may see 5/6 new faces and a new manager. So much different from the last couple of seasons and that is all we asked for.

30 comments on “22K season Tickets been sold & players back Thursday, Optimism

  1. All looking very promising.. UTV!!!!

  2. Great I’m sure after a few more signings more will buy st great 2 go 2 vp and have some positivity on and off the pitch

  3. Out of interest, does anyone know, can anyone recall, approximately how many season tickets were sold last summer?

  4. why have you got an advertisement for manure on this page?

    beggars belief….

  5. And I think most of those were renewed before we realised who the new manager was going to be.

  6. There’s a great buzz about the place again. El Ahmadi could be just what we need and Holman might prove to be another good signing. Plus, I’m sure there will be someone else here before the American tour.

    • Hopefully so. Our stateside pre-season tour fits in very nicely with our annual trip over there to visit the in-laws. I plan to attend all three games. Drive to Chicago and Philly, fly out to Oregon.

      The more new faces, the better.

      Thanks for the reply Ian about last summers s/t sales.

      • Search the aston villa v. Chicago Fire facebook page. Weve coordinated a group of 100 to 150 people travelling together to the match. Should be a great weekend

        • Thanks Kentucky Villan.

          We’re travelling from Cincinnati, its about a five hour drive. There’s two car loads of us heading up there, eight in total. We though are heading up early Saturday a.m.

          Just thought that if you were lacking transport, I was going to say that if you get to Cinti, we’d have squeezed you in somehow.

          Pleased you’re sorted. See y’all in The Windy City!!

  7. any news on us signing Clyne from Palace? Looks a great prospect.

    • Clyne? Meh, just another overpriced, over-hyped home market player…

      Only joking, Benno. The link to Clyne is a persistent one and he’s one of a few players I’d love to see in a Villa shirt, including Matt Phillips and Sigurdsson. First two are realistic options, I think, the latter an extremely unlikely personal “wish list” signing.
      Bloody Nora, how interesting and exciting it is at this time in 2012 to how it was in 2011; some hope, enthusiasm and expectation again. Have to keep our feet on the ground! Can’t wait for that magic moment when two or three of the usual suspects are shown the location of the door marked “exit”.

  8. It’s all very quiet on the signing front………I’ve barely heard even the slightest bit of transfer goss to keep me going and have even been going onto the Sky sports news “your rumours” section for the dregs!!

    Lol……one guy today posted on there that he had “from a very reliable source” that Clint Dempsey was on his way to VP this summer……ha ha ha

    Please someone give me some kind of gossip because I’m considering going there as being a new low for me!!

    • Well Macca, I can give you one piece of news about a nailed on deal from a 100% guaranteed source.
      I looked into my empty tea cup this morning to see that the tea leaves had spontaneously arranged themselves to spell out the message “Matty Phillips for Villa”. Keep it quiet for the moment, but you can take it as gospel that he’s on his way to B6, and remember you heard it here first.

      • Thanks for that Dave………I feel much better now, was in cold sweats hyperventilating and all sorts before.

        You know I’d love that to be true just as much as I know the feeling is very mutual regarding young Mr Phillips.

        • Absolutely, mate. Seriously, I live in hope (and just a little expectation) on this one. I want “Phillips” on the back of my new shirt.

          • I had it on good authority that Big Eck had earmarked Phillips from Blackpool as his number one transfer target for this summer, had he have stayed of course!!

          • The two big stories for today, as you may have already seen, are Rennes midfielder Yacine Brahimi and the return of Brad Guzan.

  9. just read were linked with kone from levante. iv seen footage of him before and i like wot i saw. wigan,spurs,reading,lo moskow and the very rich psg also want him. hmm.

  10. Good Evening Gentlemen …. I’m reliably informed that Messrs Culverhouse & Karsa have now left Norwich -departing for pastures Claret & Blue !

    Now this seems to conclude the outstanding business between out 2 clubs all that is left for me to say is I wish Aston Villa FC every success in the forthcoming season.

    Kindest Regards to you all.

  11. Why Thursday ?

  12. Anyone heard anything about Brad Guzan?

    Seemingly, close to signing for Steve Bruce at Hull City, seems he has now opted to remain in the top flight. With who I wonder?

  13. Good news Glensider…… Brad Guzan looks like hes returning to us. This makes a great deal of sense to me as I feel that he is, at the very least, equal to Shay at present…… another positive PL move.

    btw Glensider….. were you around in the Johny Ross, George Coreless, Aiden Holland, Vince Walsh, Mousey, Geoff Broomhall (boot) era?

    used to travel on flights from stockland green with all these Holte Enders.


  14. This is a twitter rumour so take with a big fat pinch of salt, but i have to be optimistic, Fulham are interested in Hutton.

  15. I will carry him piggyback all the way there if true

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