Welcome Karim – One of many transfers this month

We have transfer news and not the most unexpected of all.

We welcome Karim El Ahmadi to Villa Park for a reported £2M.

I have to be honest and I have no idea who he is, how he will play and whether he is any good or not. Therefore I hope like Holman that shopping at the lower end of the market proves to be a big success. These are the type of signings many have called out for in the past few years.

The really good thing is that with low expectations I would hope we give him time and he can be a much bigger success than a failure. This is the usual youtube clip of him.

So this is the first one of the summer and I am expecting up to another 8 transfers (in and out) in the next couple of weeks. This will be a large revolution but a cheap one given the amount of work to be done. I would like to see a so called ‘big name’ come in but I just do not see it really.

There is simply too much work to do to revamp the squad and not enough cash to do it with higher priced signings. Kind of makes it different for us to get used to.

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103 comments on “Welcome Karim – One of many transfers this month

  1. Guess Im a pessimist but it sounds like everyone is content being Wigan. We nearly avoided relegation and now we are bringing in Championship talent. Kind of frightening. Hope Im wrong. In Lambert we trust.

    • Hey Kentucky Villan.

      You going to any of the tour games stateside? I’ll be in Cincinnati from July 10th. Driving to Chicago and Philly, flying out to Oregon.

  2. Whereabouts in the Commonwealth of KY do you reside KentuckyVillan?

    I’ll be right on the state line (as you well know), in Cinti, where its just a ten minute drive across the Ohio River into KY.

    • I’m in Louisville, 90 minutes away. I’ll be in Chicago for the match. Would love to do all three, but my wife just gave birth to our first little Villan a few weeks ago.

  3. Just watched the video, and he’s certainly got an engine on him – reminds me of Denis Mortimer (even runs a bit like him). If he can keep that up he’ll give us something we’ve lacked for a while – a propper midfield dog

  4. This guy can tackle, not short of pace, finds space off the ball, gets forward, and can pick a pass out, more importantly he’s not a hoofer of the ball.

    I’m surprised, well I’m not really, that some are already writing us off, have some faith people, we have an excellent, top class, ambitious manager who will take us places.

  5. I agree, all the back line out to free up wages also bring in about £7 mill.
    Then bring in a few experienced player’s to help the youngsters. Then sewhat is about in January

    • Couldn’t agree more, mate. I suspect this will prove to be easier said than Dunne, but we can hope.
      (Easier said than Dunne, geddit?? Alright, I’ll get me coat…)

  6. Clubcall
    Boss Paul Lambert is revamping Villa’s scouting operations after bringing in his ex-Norwich staff Ian Culverhouse and Gary Karsa.

    Viva la Revolution!

  7. I’ll post out of sequence to stop the weird indentation that WordPress does in order to obfuscate any sensible comment!!.

    In response to Glensider… I only remember Wilson of the Wizard (Alf Tupper’s competition). I used to attend reserve games but to be honest at that age reserve games were always a good excuse for a kickabout with a rolled-up newspaper whilst the game was being played.
    I think that Briggs was a makeweight when we bought Charlie Aitken as they were best mates.

    In response to Davidg … If I remember correctly we all wanted to be Stan “The Wham” Lynn when we played in the schoolyard because it was a good excuse for kicking the ball as hard as we could so I don’t think you were unique in your hero-worship of Stan especially as he was a goal scoring fullback who even scored a hat-trick. He did lose a lot of his glister when he went to the “dark side” in 1961.

    • Aye up Paul.
      Yeah I was devastated by Stan’s defection to the Alliance. If I remember correctly, he played against us when the Dark Siders beat us in the League Cup final a couple of years later. There’s just no excuse for that kind of reprobate behaviour.

  8. Paul, like your good self sir, my vistations to Villa Park back in the swinging sixties for the pleasure and enjoyment of Central League football, was not really about watching and enjoying the game, but mainly to enjoy the luxury of being updated every fifteen minutes with the score from the first team fixture being played out elsewhere (best way to really keep in touch with updates in those days due to there being no internet, allied of course to there being very basic and extremely poor media coverage).

    Clutching the orange railings at the very front of the Trinity Road enclosure I’d wish away the minutes between each score update, hoping that Tony Hateley or Harry Burrows, Bobby Thompson or Bobby Park had popped one it at Stamford Bridge, OldTrafford, or wherever.

    They very rarely had. Sadly most fifteen minute updates would bring sad and depressing news, culminating in a miserable hike back up Trinity Road post game to jump on the 33 or 90 bus back home.

    It was a huge relief come the mid-sixties when away game trips became the norm for yours truly, initially via Flights Coaches out of Stockland Green, making the reserve team fixtures almost a thing of the past for a long, long time.

    Ah those were the days eh?

  9. Oh Paul, by the way. You kick my rear end good and proper with regards to the timing of your first visit to Villa Park.

    You beat me by six years. I ‘lost my Villa Park virginity’ in February of 1962, a Fifth Round F.A. Cup tie against Charlton Athletic. You were a Villa Park old timer by then.

    Well Done Sir.

    • You let get down VP on a Ring & Ride? Thought I could smell piss.

    • Hello gs;
      Can I get in on this? Speaking of Charlton Ath, were you by any chance at the now legendary 11-1 demolition job in season 59-60? Totally incredible. We’d been relegated, but Joe Mercer wasn’t standing for it, and wanted action. Again, if my memory serves, Gerry Hitchens (who’d been struggling for goals) got five, and I think McParland got a couple. I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. Think we scored an incredible 21 in three; 11 against Charlton, and 5 against Bolton and one of the Bristol clubs(?).
      Those were the days indeed.

      • Ah sorry mate; see you’ve posted your first match as 62. How about you, though, Paul?

      • I was there for the Charlton game. The thing I remember most was that nobody knew the actual score whilst the game was being played – I can’t remember if there was a current game scoreboard. I know all the folks came out at half-time and full-time with the letters A-Z and lined them up along the side of the pitch adjacent to the appropriate scores but I really can’t remember how the game that we were watching was recorded. Can someone remind me?

        • I can’t remember either to be honest. What I do remember is that Hitchens got a very early goal, and to my youthful exasperation, Charlton equalised around the twenty minute mark. By half time it was 4-1, and the roof fell in on Charlton in the second half, but to be fair to them they lost their keeper and one of the outfield players had to go in. I was in the Trinity with my dad, and I also remember some jokey arguments about whether it was 9 or 10-1.
          Happy happy happy days.

    • first match was was against Man City in December 56. As I’ve said elsewhere, my Uncle Arthur was the Villa Park postman for 40+ years and he had a house in Bevington Road (spitting distance from the Villa Tavern) so he provided lodgings for new players when they first came to Villa Park. Therefore I got lots of autographs (lost ’em all) and “comp” tickets.

      • You shade me by a couple of years, mate; my first game was March 58 v Burnley; a 3-0 win with McParland scoring twice.
        Funnily enough my first game was down at Small Heath; I’d been nagging my dad to take me to a game and to shut me up he took me to St Andrews the week before the Burnley game. Remember the Alliance chalked up a 4-1 win; that could never seduce me to the Dark Side, though, I was a third generation Villain.

  10. Yes, sadly I missed out on the 11-1 hammering of Charlton Athletic davidg(We beat them 2-1 in my debut game by the way – so fell nine goals short!!!).

    The biggest Villa Park victory I’ve seen us achieve was beating Leicester City 8-3 back in April of ’62, then two days later, on Easter Monday we spanked Nottingham Forest 5-1.

    Thirteen goals in three days. And who dares to suggest we were rather shite back in those days?…….(we were!!).

    • As Maurice Chevalier trilled in “My Fair Lady”, “ah yes, ah remember eet well…”
      Don’t have happy memories of the two games you mention; I’d eaten something dodgy and been sick as the proverbial parrot for what seems in my memory to be about two weeks, and missed them both. Funny how these things stick in the memory; I can’t remember what I had for my tea yesterday. My dad took me to Highbury as a treat a couple of weeks earlier, and that was another high scoring encounter; 5-4 to us, the legendary Derek Doug scored, but I can’t remember who else.
      We seemed to find the net quite a bit in those days!

      An apology; to anyone reading this, who finds a ramble down memory lane irrelevant to the topic under consideration.

    • Anyone else was at Oldham 0- Villa 6 back in old 3rd Div days? Chucked it down. Bunch of us tried to take shelter under halftime scoreboard as no roof on the stand.

      Wycombe game a few seasons ago (8-3 after being one goal down) was great, too, as one of the first games I took my eldest lad. Had to tell him afterwards we don’t always come back from 3-1 down away.

      • Yes sir, I was in attendance. Must have been November time, 1972, maybe very early December.

        Got there on the Football Special from New Street (maybe it was Snow Hill) – first train of two.

        • Glensider – I asked more in hope than expectation. There were not many Villa fans up that day. Seem to remember my namesake got a couple and Bruce Rioch also scored at least one from miles out. Would love to have someone now who could shoot as hard as ‘The King of Villa Park’

      • Wasn’t at the away fixture but remember the return fixture at VP well. After what seemed like a walk in the park at Oldham, everyone confidently expected to hand out another drubbing, but oh how we struggled until Ian Ross (I think it was) put us out of our misery with a very late winner.

        • You’ve got me thee davidg, don’t remember that one, but pretty sure I was there as I went to all home games that season.

        • It was Ray Graydon Dave. Late, late winner indeed. An absolute scorcher up the Witton End.


  12. No – Yes – Yes – Yes – Yes – Unsure – No – Absolutely Not – No.

    • So you’d keep Ireland over Allbrighton?? Don’t think I would rather take a risk on youth and potential than disinterest and lethargy.

      • Yes, I would Billy. I dont believe that Albrighton has what it takes. He’s stood still, hasn’t improved in the last 18 months. I think that he lacks what is needed. He’s no premier league quality wide man.

        I was a fan four, five seasons back, when I first saw him at Bodymoor, through the youth and reserve team ranks, I thought that he had a half decent chance of making the grade. I said so on Vital Villa many, many times, alerted the guys on there to keep an eye on him.

        Like many before him though, he has found it difficult to make that final push, he’s stopped developing and improving.

        He wont help improve us, move us forward.

        Ireland however I still have faith in. Naturally gifted, flair player. Used correctly in the right set-up, and he has the needed qualities, and enough of them, to bring something concrete to the table.

        Whether PL will see things the same, we shall soon find out.

        • Glen AMC could have made lionel messi look ordinary, not that I’m saying MA is the next Messi just I feel the lad suffered under AMC and his anti football, give him a chance uner a proper manager. Just not a fan of Ireland simply don’t get him, no pace, can’t go past players, can’t tackle, can’t head a ball but apart from that he’s brilliant.

          • *under*

          • Fair comment Billy. I’m in the minority though I guess. I think Albrighton was going backwards post McLeish.

            In his latter season in the reserves he’d lost his way somewhat, then he enjoyed that stunning debut vs West Ham United, a performance that catapulted him into the spotlight, and into everyone’s good books, and I thought that maybe he was back on track.

            Then he faded, got injured, struggled, then along came the Big Eck, and everything went on hold.

            I feel he lacks pace, cant beat a man, is extremely one footed, needs time and space to get a cross in, something he wont get all that often at the top flight level, and he’s little short of a liability when he tracks back and puts in those ill-timed and reckless lunges.

            I hope he proves me wrong. I hope he enjoys a great season, makes huge strides, and becomes a regular starter. I just cant see it.

            Just opinions I know, and we all see things differently.

            Working their way through the ranks are two outstanding young wingers, Jordan Graham, and Jack Grealish. You’ve probably seen them, or at least are well aware of them. They possess the natural ability and skills that Marc lacks, and hopefully both will continue to develop and improve. They are both someway off right now, although I will be extremely surprised if PL doesn’t attempt to fast forward them somewhat. Two very exciting youngsters.

            Marc will struggle to earn a starting role I think (maybe Ireland will too, I dont know), and as he himself has stressed, this is a very important season for him. He has to step up to the plate, and show that he’s the player many supporters believe him to be.

            I just hope he surprises me. I’m not holding my breath though.

          • Not post McLeish – I meant PRE-McLeish.

            Its that damn one too many sherry’s again…..or the advancing years!!

          • Glen I lke MA and hope he goes onto great things for us, you’re right about the lack of pace but going back a bit John robertson at Forest was hardly blessed a blistering turn of foot but still had the ability to make just enough room to get a cross in, so pace isn’t always the be all and end all, one name, shaun (here’s me head, me arse is following) wright phillips.
            I bow to your superior wisdom on the young lads coming through and I hope they go on to shine for the Claret and blue.

          • No pace, can’t go past a player, can’t tackle, can’t head a ball…………sounds an awful lot like a description of David Beckham there Billy!!

          • Lol, remember John Gregory saying something similar about Beckham when asked if he did dossiers on players.
            Never a Beckham fan but at least he could put over a decent cross and was bit useful with his free kicks too.

  13. Have to say it is refreshing to see that Lambert seems to actually be utilising the foreign transfer market, as this was my biggest concern with him. Saw earlier that we have been linked with Toby Alderweireld (Ajax) and Ivan Ramis (Mallorca), so hopefully the majority of our signings will continue to come from abroad. Sick of being ripped off for british players.

    • Good point. A few people were saying when Lambert joined us that their one reservation was that he might prove to be a bit of an O’Neill mk2 in the market. Certainly not the case if even half the links we’ve seen so far have any substance at all.

    • I can only agree with those sentiments Sam.

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