Transfer window now open and targets sign elsewhere

Yep it is open, from now on players can sign officially for a club.

It is course only a symbolic date but it does mean a lot. This week teams start to return, holiday’s are over and the real work begins. So what we will have and Twitter is getting worse for this is a lot of transfer links and speculation. a lot of it can be ignore, a lot of it is attention seeking from unnamed idiots.

However for a while Simon Poulsen (Denmark LB) was linked with us. Today AS Sport in Spain report he has signed for Deportivo La Coruna (LINK) in a twi year deal. So already with the window open a so called target has gone.

The warning is clear that whatever you hear or read from anyone should be taken with a total pinch of salt. Every speculation article is just that and do not give credit to one over the other. I doubt this window I will get much if any info. If I do remember any info I give is just as unreliable as any other.

Another rumour started on Twitter was Warnock was wanted by West Ham. Well today West Ham resigned their old Left Back George McCartney from Sunderland. Of course some may say MON may come back for Warnock but we will just have to wait and see.

Or should I call for PL to go now as no new signing yet ?

(that is sarcasm before people go OTT !!)

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62 comments on “Transfer window now open and targets sign elsewhere

  1. Interesting to see that Cuellar has been signed by MON (again). I don’t get it; he hardly played him when he was down at ours…
    Also interesting comment on the Beeb that we’re “listening to offers” for Makoun. Personally I was hoping that Makoun might get a real shot at it under PL, but it sounds as though the new broom might be going for a real sweep out.
    Hope to goodness then that there might be a club or two out there insane enough or desperate enough to come in with bids for any or all of the (Not So) Fab Four…

    • Agreed Davidg strange signing. Cuellar already saying how great mon is. This is the man that signed him for 8m and left him in the bench preferring Zat shite FFs. Even mon won’t be stupid enuf to take Dunne and co of our hands especially if not in his financial interest to do so: allegedly of course.

  2. Does anyone know anything about Yacine Brahimi, a young midfielder from Rennes? According to “sources” in France, we’re pursuing a loan move with option to buy.

  3. Wiki
    An attacking midfielder and a winger and is described as a “technically gifted player”. His coach, Frédéric Antonetti, has declared that Brahimi will be the “future play-maker of Stade Rennais”.

    • And Newcastle have been linked with him and them Geordies seem to know a thing or two about these here French fellas.

      • Cheers BWS. Don’t know how many of this type of link will prove to be remotely plausible, but it’s fascinating and exciting to think we’re looking for young players in talent pools like Holland and France. Hopefully we’ll unearth a few gems; naturally not everyone will click, but even if they don’t, can they do any worse for us than Hutton and Warnock?

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