No AVFC players in the Olympics team, delighted

With the fuss over Beckham being omitted it has masked what a farce the Olympic football tournament is.

I do know those who will defend it will say look at the strong Brazil team or the Argentina team that won with Messi. However those players come from far different leagues than the PL is. I did think Darren Bent could be involved but I am delighted no Villa player will be included.

We all know how vital pre season is to any team. This tournament is on (including training before) right in the middle of pre season. I know some say it is better to play competitive games than friendlies (the Inter Toto excuse) but I have never believed that.

Especially as soon as this tournament finished the season starts it means if the GB team got to the final then the players will have had no pre season with their club. It comes as no shock that Gareth Bale has withdrawn with a ‘back injury’ and Fergie determined as few Man U players are in as possible.

For Villa with the new manager, extensive changes and new systems then it would have been a massive problem to miss pre season with any players. We have to look after ourselves first and foremost and worry about 3rd rate competitions last.

7 comments on “No AVFC players in the Olympics team, delighted

  1. I think you mean ‘omitted’.

  2. “admitted”…hilarious….

  3. I totally agree Ian, we.are in a far better place not having any players part of the Olympics.

  4. We don’t have good enough players 23 and under to get picked anyway!

  5. Olympic football should be amateur only and maybe 5 a side.

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