Exciting transfer times, Nursey says 6 in

James Nursey has provided some insight into who we will get in the summer.

Of course it is speculation but James has claimed he has been proved right on a few occasions. He has said this

@gazancfc ‪#AVFC‬ are signing midfielder Karim El Ahmadi next week. They also want new LB, RB, centre back & a striker


We have already signed Holman so if James is right then that is the 6 players we did need at a minimum and is probably the selection most would have gone for. There is one obvious position missing from this though, a winger or wide player. I know Holman can cover there but also for Ireland in the centre. It is the one area I would like to spend some big money in and never hid I would love Matt Phillips at the club.

You would expect some players to leave on top of this. It is not clear if the LB & RB are in addition to what we already have or just replacements when Hutton and/or Warnock leave. The forward needed is also intriguing, given we have just three and that includes Weimann at the start of his career (do not include Fonz). So then who is the player there given the wage constraints.

When we get to September 1st I really do believe we will have a few surprises. The first two who have come in have been at the cheaper end of the scale and we had to play in that market as we need too many players for a reported £20M net budget.

No idea how we can guess the starting line up for the West Ham game. Is Given and Bent the only two sure starters (if fit) ?

65 comments on “Exciting transfer times, Nursey says 6 in

    • Who cares? Honestly what is it with these grammar authority types taking over the internet, this is a football debating website not an English homework group.

    • How’s this for grammar YOUR A FUCKING PRICK! Get a life its a football site! I’m sorry Ian didn’t get his dictionary out for every word, I’m sure he will next time =)

      • You’re*

      • The problem is that if an article isn’t grammatically correct it’s difficult to read and therefor people will be put off reading it. It doesn’t matter what the website is about anybody who writes an article for any site are pretty much journalists and should put a little more commitment to the written word.
        This article’s not too bad put the previous one (‘clearing the decks(again)’) is frickin’ awful.

    • U loser!!

    • Seriously. You speak English so it can’t be that hard for you to write properly. How can you be expected to be taken seriously if you come across as semi-illeterate?

      • Ian often posts via his phone, I believe.
        We all know what a nightmare that can be.

        My O level English tells me my grammar isn’t too bad, but even I mess up sometimes if I’m not using a proper keyboard.

        And as has been said, it’s the gist that’s important, not the grammar.

        We all know Ian doesn’t spend hours proof-reading, he just gets his news and views up (often before many other sites): so why not just accept it and concentrate on matters that are being discussed?

        Just my tuppence worth🙂

        • Oh and sorry Dr G, but I hardly think you’re in much of a position to criticise when you haven’t even spelled “illiterate” correctly mate😉

  1. Ignore them … some don;t like me so think it is fun to take the piss.

  2. Very interesting observations from Nursey, comments that will indeed be music to the ears of Villans everywhere.

    A lot of activity taking place over the next two to three weeks, what with the lads returning to training, PL likely to name his backroom brigade, new faces arriving, possibly some tired old faces departing, and then the pre-season friendlies getting underway.

    Cant wait. Bring it on.

    It seems as if we’ve never been away, but boy, has everyone’s spirits been massively lifted since that abysmal showing at Carrow Road.

    Things are beginning to bubble up nicely. Aint y’all glad we are Villans?

  3. It’s you’re a prick not your😉 only joking spell it how u want who but the totally boring would care? I also want matt Phillips in at villa but a new manager and 6 new players to freshen the place up that will do 4 now!

    • I’ve heard a few people mention this Matt Phillips Davfc.

      Excuse my ignorance, but this is the Blackpool winger is it not? I cant recall ever having seen him play, so I cant pass comment on his abilities or capabilities, but when I hear (or read) a few people championing his cause, it is quite obvious that I need to get up to speed.

      We desperately need a quality right wide man, of that I am adamant. Interesting, I must check this Matt Phillips out.

  4. So Mr Nursey cites the blatantly obvious?

    I’m not convinced we need a winger Ian.
    Well, not as much as the other positions, anyway.

    I still expect little to happen defence-wise, as PL will need to see them for himself, imo.

    I seriously expect us to do more business in the Jan window than this one.

  5. Oh and as for spirits massively lifted, am I the only one who isn’t buzzing?

    My way of thinking atm, is that we’re looking to achieve a decent top half finish on a cheapskate budget, which imo is going to be dificult.
    I suspect getting rid of the highest paid players is the priority, but when you’re replacing them with cheap crap, it will inevitably fail.
    At least at the level we all seem to be expecting.

    I’m not feeling the love, is what I mean.
    I still see many pitfalls this season.

    • Well I guess we all have to hope that your fears and concerns are not realised anon3.

      No, I doubt very much that you’re the only one that isn’t ‘buzzing’. There’s no doubt quite a few out there that have reservations just as you do. I too have a few if I’m honest.

      It’s not going to be easy, far from it, and things are far from perfect. We all know that, at least any Villan with the slightest iota of common sense does.

      Paul Lambert is virtually starting over. It was blatantly clear to the supporters who were at Carrow Road back in May, that we’d well and truly hit rock bottom, and that it was going to be a long and arduous road back.

      Its going to be an interesting campaign, and there will be pitfalls and set-backs. Anyone who thinks otherwise is merely deluding themselves.

      But overall yes, I stick to my earlier comment. I do believe that generally spirits have been massively lifted amongst the Villa support following the events at Carrow Road.

      • I am happy we are seeing a clean sweep and I would go further than most

        Ireland, NZog, Bent or gabby, collins or dunne, Hutton, Warnock all HAVE to go for me.

        after the previous two seasons I have no respect at all for the experienced pros left at all they can all go for me …

        • And replace them with what?
          That’s desperate measures mate.

          We need at least some seasoned pros and I can’t believe you’ve said that.

          Unless you think things are more rotten than you’re letting on.

          A team full of kids and cheap buys will not do it in the prem, no way, imo.

          Fwiw, you missed Given, who is one I would look to get rid of.

          • PL wants 100% commitment from players, Ireland and N’Zog hmmmm NEVER showed that and that could be the issue.

            Now in training they could show everything but I somehow doubt it

          • I’m not convinced Ireland and N’Zog never showed less than 100% commitment Ian.

            As an old fogey, I’d suggest it’s more a case of it just doesn’t come across so obviously.

            You can have kids chomping at the bit, but they’re crap.
            And you have others more laid back, who just know they’re good.

            You must have seen it yourself in everyday life at work.
            It’s just how the manager responds to it and does the blend.

            The previous 2 incumbents obviously couldn’t do it, imo.

            I’m not saying PL will be able to do it.
            But you’ve just called out our 2 most most technical players and if they go, I don’t see them being replaced.
            Which is what worries me.

          • Not sure nzog ever showed 10% comitment.

            Waste of a shirt!!!

        • That is ridiculous Ian, you’re being way to premature. N’Zogbia had a bad season yes but he had issues and I believe he will thrive under Lambert who of course was a winger himself. Don’t think you can throw a player of his undoubted quality and potential out after 1 AMC season. No way should Ireland go, best footballer at the club! We can keep Gabby AND Bent why get rid of one of them, Gabby is due a good season. I reckon Dunne will stay and Collins will go, need a bit of experience at the back anyways. Agree with Hutton, but if Warnock goes is Baker/Stevens adequate back-up!

        • I agree with the defenders, no way should we get rid of the attacking players you mention, we should build a team around Bent. Ireland could be massive for us, N’Zog could also be massive. I’d definitely give them this season, it’s impossible to judge anything based on last year’s debacle.

      • I hope you’re right Glensider..
        From my POV, I’m glad our scouts have been sacked.
        Big point of complaint for me, as I can’t see anything they’ve done.

        • Absolutely in agreement.

          The scouting system at B6 is/has been a failure, and PL has thankfully acted swiftly to clear the decks. As you so rightly ask, ‘What the hell have they done to earn their corn’?
          Its beyond my comprehension and understanding.

          The coaching set-up needed a clear out too. It was lacking, it wasn’t producing. Here again a clear out was needed.

  6. It seems to me to be a fair bet that the new RB and LB are intended by Lambert to be replacements, rather than in addition to. Wasn’t it reported that Hutton has been told (quote) “to find a new club” (unquote)? Can we realistically hope to shift Hutton and Warnock, though, not to mention Dunne and/or Collins?
    Wonder who Lambert’s got in his sights? Interesting times!

    • I don’t know what Mutton is on, but I’ll bet it’s way more than he’s worth.
      Same as the others.
      Hence I don’t see much movement unless we basically give them away through subsidising their wages.
      And if we do that, expect even less quality coming in.

      I don’t believe that “find a new club” quote came from PL for one minute fwiw.

      I’m hoping that the rumoured £25 mill pot is true, but we’ll see.

      My attitude is that PL might be good, but I don’t see him as a miracle worker at the level we expect instantly.

      • the thing is even if a LB is brought in as replacements we have little cover … is gunter really better than Lichaj for example ?

        • Exactly Ian.
          Cover (same level as we already have) is all well and good, but we need some quality too.

          And I don’t see much coming, tbh.

          • who would come who is ‘quality’ already at this stage.

            that is why we will be looking for the gems, who knows the first two could be and I would like money spent on the likes of Phillips.

            we have to be honest and not think of us challenging for top 6 within 24 months at least. If Lambert does it before that, he is a genius.

          • “who would come who is ‘quality’ already at this stage.”

            Anyone we want if we pay the dough Ian.

            So that answers both points I guess😦

            A clearout and survival by a margin is all I’m looking at.

          • Survival ‘by a margin’ eh anon3? You have me worried now.

            It could indeed play out that way, after all he has inherited an absolute mess, but I’m looking more towards a top ten finish, tenth maybe, or thereabouts, and unlike the last two campaigns, I dont think that the relegation dog fight will concern us.

            Trouble is, I’ve been known to be wrong before………….and often when AVFC are concerned, I speak from the heart, not the head.

          • I should have said “a fair margin” Glensider🙂

            I’m coming from a “massive clearout” pov, which I really don’t think will happen, tbh.

            I don’t believe for one minute we’ll be in serious trouble under PL.

            But I don’t see things going the way some of us suggest either.
            Getting rid of massively overpayed players isn’t going to be easy (regardless of if I think they’re any good or not).

          • You’ve hit the nail on the head there anon3, when you say ” but we need some quality too”.

            Quality is very sadly lacking at Villa Park right now, and the introduction of genuine talent and quality into the B6 ranks is a priority for PL.

            As we all know, we’ve offloaded in recent summers all the genuine quality that was in our squad, and we have failed miserably to replace them.

            That course of action has been recipe for mediocrity, decline, and serious flirtation with relegation, as has been evident to all.

          • I don’t think that we offloaded them, I think that they chose to go…… and that is a difficult road for us to close.

  7. to see people think we could get Sturridge or Defoe kinda makes me wonder what land they are in or I have misread this ?

  8. I hope PL signs a new GK, Given is miles past his best and we looked much better as a defensive unit when Guzan came in for a few games. Given has poor communication, poor distribution and no command of his area. I’m surprised we never tried to go in for Foster bcus he’s a decent keeper

  9. Cuellar to sunderland DONE DEAL according to the Mirror, think MON has a bit of a bargain there

    • The same Martin who signed him and never played him when he did usually right back.strange choice king carlos come back and get warnock and few others now please

    • If we’re talking ability, that’s a shocking waste of a player.

      Of course, if we’re talking about wages……

      I wonder how much of his pay was based on appearances?

  10. I was under the impression that we had a new manager at Villa ? should we not let this new guy do what he wants and not what we think, I would like walker back and a few more that that twat let go, I say lets let Lambert do what ever he has in his mind to build Villa back to them good days. I believe we have the right man and all he needs is the right coaches and not that shite we have had for 3 years. I will know after 6 games if hes Brilliant or not, been saying for the last 5 seasons the managers are crap, I do think this guy will shine.

    • We can have our views surely Bill on what we think is needed.

      If we brought Heskey back (I know he has gone elsewhere) would you say that was fine ?

      • Ian you know I would not, and I know why you said that, what Im saying is at this moment what ever we say will not matter, this guy will do what he thinks and I will go with that. Im hoping that this is the man to lift us back where we should be, yes we can dream Ian our discussions about Villa is only weeks away, I have a good feeling about the club at the moment.

        • Oh don;t get me wrong I am looking forward to the season but I am in no doubt it will be tough. Lambert is a good manager but this is by far his biggest test and he will be tested like never before.

          For all of us this will be a learning experience.

    • Six games and your mind will be made up Bill?

      PL has inherited a mess, and yet you feel confident that by the time our good friends and neighbours West Bromwich Albion depart Brum B6 at the end of September, you’ll know whether PL is ‘Brilliant’?

      I think that a tad more leniency and understanding is required on your behalf.

      And I argue the claret and blue cause when friends, family, customers etc accuse Villans of being demanding!! You’ve proved me wrong.

      • Glensider its not all about our neighbours , yes I will have my thoughts on things at the park after six games, as for the mess dont you think a start was made the day he came? what we have to do now is believe in the man, like your selves I’m aware of the pitfalls inside the club I dont think he would have took the job if he had doubts, with the money that’s coming in from fans today will show the club how to move forward.

    • Well said BP me thinks just a few too many arm chair managers on here, all I am saying is give Paul a chance. And as for Dunne, Warnock, Hutton, Collins, Ireland, Nzog and to a degree Given well they can all close the door quietly on the way out as far as I’m concerned.And be replaced with what? Well anyone PL feels can do a better job!
      In Lambert we trust.

  11. Gentlemen… Good evening. If I may be permitted to air my news. I’m told that Messrs Culverhouse & Karsa will be joining Aston Villa within the next few days. Karsa will (I’m sure head up your scouting policy / philosophy).
    I’m also told that contact between our 2 clubs has been made regarding Jonny Howson – Norwich are understandably reluctant to sell – but Howson worships Lambert & I fully expect him to follow him to Villa. How good is Howson ? I firmly believe he’ll get an England call up soon enough & you’ll all be raving about him.

    I’ll sign off for now chaps. I hope you all have a pleasant weekend – Best Regards to Mr Glensider and of course Ian.

    • thanks Mate, not unexpected.

      One Q though I have been checking Norwich reaction on Howson and hardly glowing, No idea myself though.

    • And sincere regards to you Mr Canary Wharf sir……and thank you for the update on Messrs Culverhouse and Karsa. Interesting what you say about Jonny Howson too. We’ll have to keep a watch on that one, see how it develops.

      Enjoy your weekend.

  12. We need a goalkeeper or we can carry on conceding for fun from set pieces..You say Given is a shoe in to start against West Ham i pray you are wrong!!!!

  13. I’m more concerned about whos going out rather than coming in. The whole back four and I mean the whole back four should be let go yesterday they are absolute shit and if just one stays we are fucked as none of them deserve to wear the famous claret and blue. Dunne gets worse and worse and was appalling for Ireland given didn’t cover himself with glory either but I’m 50.50 whether he shud go. Warnock like Dunne is disruptive and makes too many mistakes, Collins is a hoofer but at least he gets stuck in and if pushed would be the only one I’d keep as he has experience to, Hutton is useless but at least tries and i feel if he wasn’t a mcleish signing we would have given him another season but tbf he dosnt cut it either. If we just got rid of that dross and signed no body I’d be a happy bunny as whoever is in our squad now couldn’t do a worse job. Clarke and baker at back, Lichaj rht back and that guy mcleish signed as left bk (forgot his name lol). Would rather see that bk four anyway of the week not saying they would be great but couldnt be any worse than what Wev got for a fraction of the wages.

  14. I can I only see QPR wanting Hutton, try seem to want anyone available, they are the Man City of sh*t players.

    I’m gutted they got Guthrie😦 Would of been good a Villa, great passer of the ball. Think we need another experienced CM, only Makoun and El Ahmadi being available as experienced CM’s next season. (I count Ireland as a striker) Think we need one more or we will struggle like last year in that department.

  15. Would love us to sign Boltons Chung Yong Lee and Stuart Holden, Team for next season: Given
    Lichaj Dunne Clark Olsson
    Lee Holden Makoun Nzogbia
    Agbonlahor Bent

  16. For me,its hard to say exactly who deserves to go.It must have been hard for all the players during the McWho season…….Given is certainly responsible for our poor defnce of crosses, as his efforts for Oirland showed.
    Hutton deffo out…..Warnock yeah…….Dont know about Collins and Dunne….I think theyre ok especially if they get some good defensive cover from mid field.
    The attack was, to put it mildly fkn useless without Bent……but I really like the look of Weimann and Carruthers.
    The other “kids” had better shape up……..Holman I think will be good…Dont know much about El thingo but if he is a flop I spose we can always call him Fkn El.
    I would like Phillips and Ince from Blackpool and a decent back up striker….Gabby I m afraid has had enough chances…Weimann has to replace him or someone else has to come in…..We simply cannot win games without scoring goals.
    Anyway,it will be at least nice to have a good positive atmosphere round the old Park again….And I m quietly optomistic we ll do alright…I reckon mid table somewhere and maybe better the season after.

  17. As a Villa Fan in Blackpool, I am aware many Bpool fans rate Ince more than Phillips. Having seen them both a few times, so do I.

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