The Quiet before the Storm (do not mean Joey Barton)

After the weather earlier the title is quite appropriate I think.

Euro 2012 is nearing the completion, scouts have their reports on players involved. Managers and players are getting set for a return to pre season training and transfer plans are being advanced. We will soon see as we approach July 1st a lot transfers start to happen, the fun is about to begin.

For us we already have one player signed, one looks almost certain to join and a number released. We all know where the gaps are and who we may want to see leave and who to arrive (within the budget of course). We will also have our ideas on players coming in. I have seen a few say we should trust Lambert in every signing but if I believe a player is not good enough I will say so.

On Holman and El Almadi I can not offer a view on these players as I have not seen them. Certainly they fit the profile of being in the right age range and to some extent ‘bargains’. These are the type of signings because of the cheap cost can not fail but can easily be large successes and for me Holman could be the real star.

There are some players I certainly do not want to see at Villa, Whittingham, Steve Davis and Naismith easily spring to mind in this category. We do need squad players but also they have to be good enough for the PL and I do not believe these are, no doubt others will disagree.

One that has been mentioned for example is Joey Barton – LINK can not think of player more likely to destroy the positive mood around the club.

So the pre season will soon start to ramp up and we will have plenty to discuss. No one can say with any certainty how Lambert (in terms of formation) will line the team up and which will be the first 11 starters. This is truly a new era as we will see a large turnover of players and certainly the back room staff.

Season Ticket sales are reflecting this.

28 comments on “The Quiet before the Storm (do not mean Joey Barton)

  1. Good afternoon Ian. I’m one of the “In Lambert we trust” crowd but I too believe we have the right to air our comments. Why have a forum if we can’t speak our minds? I agree with your no to the suggested names above but must confess that I once thought Barton would be a good signing for us, not any more. I like the look of both Holman and El Ahmadi and believe they can only make us better. So bring on the new season and maybe we’ll even see you wearing your ST holders badge?

    • NOT a CHANCE …

      the thing is are those saying he should be trusted 100% would say the same say he resigned back Heskey (I know he has gone elsewhere !!) ?

      We have our own views on players, I for example would be delighted if we could get Matt Phillips for example and still believe we should pay the money needed for Naughton.

      It does show money will be tight and will be fascinating how it goes, if we got Barton I could NEVER support that and I doubt the club and Lambert are that thick !!

  2. I’d be fuming if we signed Barton!

    He’s an arrogant, egotistical thug who isn’t even that good a player. Don’t want his sort at Villa!

  3. Would be happy if we could sign Simon Poulsen for LB looked a real player at the Euro’s, would also like to see us sign Jordan Rhodes or a Romelu Lukaku loan anyone.

  4. So the link comes from Caught Offside? No worries then.

  5. PL needs to get his staff sorted. Surely things are happening behind closed doors. If it gets to July and PL has not got an assistant manager, I will start pointing the finger at someone. Whether its Randy’s fault or even PL’s only time will tell…. Its been a month now. Norwich got their new staff sorted within a week of PL arriving at VP. EERRRGGHHH!

  6. Anyone on here going to Heaton Park tomorrow night?
    I can’t wait, this is the quiet before the storm!

  7. I think the majority of our business will be done before the tour of the US……so should be a busy few weeks in front of us now.

    • my recollection is that when they got promoted Norwich did a lot of business early.

      Is that correct ?

      • I think you could well be right Ian.

        It just makes sense to me that Lambert will want to have the majority of his targets in place to go on the American tour. Maximum time to bed them into the squad and tours are always a good way to build a bond within the squad……..something that I think he is quite big on.

        • what we do not know is the precise numbers in or out. normally most teams would look at maybe 3 but we need a few more plus more if others leave.

          then on top of this how much is there to spend plus wage levels.

          the first two signings indicate lets say tighter resources than we may want

          • you may well be right………..although, the early part of the summer is often the best part of the summer to pick up a few bargains by getting in early before others have the chance to start a bidding war.

  8. At least if we sign Barton he can have Chris Turd’s back of a Monday night up gatecrasher😉

  9. We have to trust PL to make the right signings to improve the team.
    He seems to have identified the centre of midfield as being one of our weak areas last season and I’m sure he will strengthen the defence next ,in particular the full back areas.

    Exciting times ahead, it feels good to be a Villa fan again !

  10. I do not get the obsession with Simon Poulsen, one of the most overrated left backs in the Europe. He is not a defender, he can not defend. You can find far better players in Championships i.e. or across Europe.

    Re Barton: there is not one rational manager who wants Barton. Only retarded manager can sign so mental psycho as is Joey.

  11. There are troubled geniuses like balotelli, cantona & McGrath and there are thugs like Nigel de long, shawcross, scholes then you have troubled thugs like Barton. Problem is those that see troubled often look to the greats, those that see thug will look towards scholes. But the combination of the two is toxic, no one wants Barton. IMO.

  12. Doesn’t Culverhouse’s contract finish tomorrow? Will we be seeing him joing PL soon?

  13. According to Mat Kendrick, we’re getting a whole new scouting team while El Ahmadi is a player Lambert wants, not scouted by Numan.

    • Goodbye and good riddance to Glen Roeder. What did he think scouting at a football club was about lighting fires and tying knots? Cause as far as I can see he aint picked up any gems or diamonds in the rough during his tenure has our head scout.
      I remember reading in April he attended Wigan V Arsenal to watch Victor Mosses, now come on he is their best player FFS and I think any of us could have pulled that one out the bag, isn’t he supposed to be at Scunthorpe on a freezing November night watching some kid no ones heard of?
      Bye Glen.

  14. the issue for PL to do business early is that he hasn’t yet had a training session with the team, and the previous backroom staff aren’t there to give player assessments. There’s some things PL will know from scouting Villa / playing against Villa and some players are much easier for him to know about. But I’m sure there a lot of players he just doesn’t know enough about to decide if he has to replace them or sell them or strengthen in that area. Mainly the younger players, and whether they can step up or not. If he doesn’t have much money, I think we will see a few weeks go by before we see the main transfer activity.

    We’ll see!

  15. Rodellaga anyone? He’s a free agent I hear

    • Must admit bentdarren, that whenever I’ve seen him (Rodellaga) play, that cracking Wigan opener at Villa Park apart, he’s never looked remotely threatening, or someone whose destined for bigger and better things than the DW Stadium.

  16. Looks like it’s bye-bye to Messrs Montgomery, Numan and Roeder then. The Lambert revolution is getting into full swing. Culverhouse and Karsa in soon??

    • And may I just add;

      !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!COME ON, STAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Quite possibly davidg. I think we can expect a few happenings and developments now that July 1st is almost upon us.

      I never like to see anyone lose their jobs, but a clear out was required on all fronts, and PL doesn’t look as if he’s going to fall short when it comes to eliminating the deadwood, or those quite simply who dont fit into his vision for the immediate future of AVFC.

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