The Chelsea way is a failure

OK you may think what does the title mean, please bear with me.

Whilst on holiday in Tenerife I watched The England/Italy match in a good bar surrounded by a mixture of fans. Those who knew something about the game, those who are avid viewers and of course Those who knew nowt. What became obvious quickly was we were playing the ‘Chelsea method’ one of which you hope the obviously far superior team fail to score and you scrap a penalty win.

Of course those of us who knew the Chelsea CL was such a freak and fluke win knew that it is really a 50/50 call. Those I spoke to were Sunderland and West Ham fans and we all agreed none of us would want our teams to play like this, so the point of this ?

Well it is simple, Paul Lambert is known a manager who wants positive results. He is not prepared to sit back and let the ‘elite’ dictate and hope for fluky wins occasionally and for him to accept our lot. What those fans in the bar agreed it was it was better to go to win the game and lose 3-2 then try and bore our way to a 0-0 and then hope to win the lottery of penalties.

We saw last season what a negative attitude brings and even though that the result for trophies was trophies but there was no admiration. What I think all Villa fans want to see are the results but also an attacking mentality and positive attitude. The positive attitude around at the moment seems to be because Lambert is trusted to deliver this.

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39 comments on “The Chelsea way is a failure

  1. Surely Barca were the failures ?

    They play wonderful free flowing attacking football, but failed to take a host of the chances offered.

    They missed out on their league title and the Champions League because they did not convert their undoubted superiority in terms of squad and individuals, into superior results.

    In fairness, as a neutral, Chelsea rode their luck and would lose all three of their last games in the CL MOST times. But they didn’t.

    As for England, they made the most out of what they had I thought. Roy was let down by some pretty underwhelming individual performances.

  2. I really do not know the premise upon which chelsea’s play tagged “the chelsea way” is based. For me football is all about the results. Why entertain the lot with great piece of passing ability cum attacking flair with no result to show for?

    To be frank, no team would’ve got a result against a Barcelona team and even a Bayern team with an attacking play. Real mardrid, powered by Mourinho employd defensive play to dislogde barcelona, but at the end of the season Mardrid had over a century goals show all.

    Every game comes with a tactical plan, and if it requires that a team played the anti-football way inorder to get a favorable result, so be it.

    We @chelsea needed the result against Barca and Bayern, both of whom were favourites, following d quality of football they offer, thus d need to utilize our strength – defensive piay wt a disciplined attack – against their weakness – attacking play with an undisciplined defence line (as in the case of barca). So it was a case of utilizing what we had @the time against what they didn’t have @the time;

    If u cared to know our play was based on TACTICAL PLAY; and not the “CHELSEA WAY”

  3. …it might also interest all villa fans to know dat a chelsea playing the “chelsea way” will not only be @the among the league contenders come next season but will score more goals than an aston villa playing the “barcelona way”…

  4. England are shite, miles behing in technical ability. Did well to qualify.

  5. I think villa under mcleish played like the Czech Republic against Portugal in the quater finals, but i understand the point that if you sit back and hope to win by a mistake from the opposition you have a 1/100 chance of winning where as if you have a go in is more like 33/100 chance due to their higher technical ability.

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