Round up and catching up

So had a nice break in the sun and seems I missed little.

Pre season must start very soon and still no backroom staff in, is that correct ? Clearly we want the Norwich two and money the issue, which brings me to some actual news.

So we are close to deal with El Ahmadi a player I have never heard off but I guess at £2M is worth a go unless someone tells me more and says he is either useless or a bargain of the century. Of course this is two cheap signings from Netherlands, Arthur Numan doing his job then ?

I see chance of Rangers freebies, I bloody hope not ! Can not think of one player good enough and people mentions getting squad players but they have to be good enough to play PL standard.

Then there are our neighbours over the road, got a decent manager I think but HOW ??? Sold one of their star kids no money and a fantasy owner, was Clark THAT desperate for a job ?

As for England, watched it in a bar full of England fans and we were frankly bloody hopeless, just like watching a Mcleish side over the past 12 months. I want a team to go for it, even if good enough, just because Chelsea got champions league by negative tactics should not mean we all do it !

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42 comments on “Round up and catching up

  1. No staff = no improvement from last year. Right now I would be happy for Culverhouse to breach his contract with Norwich and we will pay the resulting compensation dictated to us by Tribunal. Having the right staff is worth taking £2m out of our player transfer fund. Its alright buying players, but with no staff for tactical training and coaching, we might as well play with 9 players on the pitch.

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