Speculation – Villa offering Ireland for sale

Stephen Ireland unless Villa come out with a statement to say he is staying I think could be the next transfer saga.

Tonight we have a West London paper claiming we offered QPR Stephen Ireland – LINK.

With any speculation it could be total rubbish of course. I am not a fan of Ireland at all and can see the logic behind getting rid of him and his wages. The quandary over Ireland is that he can be very very good but infrequently shows this. Can he play in any other position than an attacking left sided midfielder supporting the forward ?

We are seeing of course lost of speculation with similar type of players. We brought Holman in and at the time we saw a lot of conversation was he Ireland’s replacement ?

Ireland splits the fans like no other player currently at the club. you have those saying a great creative player and those like me who simply do not see that. If you go on stats last season was abysmal for a creative player but that is in the context of a Mcleish side.

To save it from being a saga I hope we get a definite statement either way soon enough.

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156 comments on “Speculation – Villa offering Ireland for sale

  1. Its all over everywhere about el ahmadi looks a deffo.Looks really comfortable with the ball team up nice with clarkey boy he likes to go forward to el ahmadi UTV im really looking forward to next season.

  2. Looks deffo this Karim el ahmadi

    • Certainly looks like it from the amount of noise in the media. Wonder how this might affect the situation re Makoun? I was hoping he’d get a chance under Lambert, but maybe he wants away?

      • Could end up having both in there??

        Where has Ian gone?

        • Hope you’re right, Mcgrath; I’d really like to see Makoun given a chance to show what he can do under Lambert’s management. One interesting aside about this signing of Karim (which I’m taking as pretty much done, given the coverage) is that a few people expressed a concern about Lambert’s past record as far as lack of overseas signings were concerned when he joined us. Interestingly, he’s clearly got a few bob to spend really for the first time, and straight away he’s gone for a Dutch/Moroccan player. Don’t know much about the guy but reports suggest that he’s highly regarded by Feyenoord fans, and they’ll be sorry to see him go. It’s early days, of course, but I think it’s an encouraging sign that Lambert’s not only going to be looking at the lower leagues at home (not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course!), but will search for value abroad as well.

        • Hope you’re right, Mcgrath; I don’t know much about Karim so perhaps he and Makoun may complement one another in the side. I don’t know why, I’ve just got this gut feeling that Makoun won’t hang around for some reason.
          As an aside (and taking the Karim deal as read), it was interesting to note that a few people expressed a concern about Lambert’s past record, or more accurately, lack of one, regarding signings from overseas when he joined us. Now he’s got a few bob to play with really for the first time, his first foray into the market on our behalf is for a Dutch/Moroccan player. Early days, of course, but it’s encouraging to see that he won’t, as some feared, be confined to the lower leagues at home in his search for value! As I said, I don’t know much about Karim, but reports suggest that he’s highly regarded by the Feyenoord supporters, who’ll be sorry to see him go.

  3. has this forum closed lol rubbiish ! how long without a post .!

  4. has this site closed??

  5. Ian, ? are you there?

  6. I have seen we are linked with a new player. Normally Ian is first to mention it. Haven’t had anything new in here for over a week. I have a feeling something may be up with Ian so I would recommend being careful in your comments

  7. Hi IAN mate hope your ok???Its mad since mcleish left there hasnt been much to talk about lol nothing to moan about apart from who is coming in as things are looking up.Im glad our new manager is starting to bring players in and not leave it to the last minute like others before him.We all need the exitement of new players coming in and its what i look forward to the most.Players who can bring us some good times now we have a new manager.I also hope Paul Lambert is the diamond in the rough player finder people claim he is and the good manager people claim he is.I am really exited about new players coming in and hope PL gets rid of the shite.I hope we are all happy with our new set up and hope that our season to come is blessed with good football,great new players and plenty of victories so we can rise again back to our rightfull position back in europe and winning trophies.I am really optimistic and hope you all are to .I beleive good times are ahead so UTV and SOTC..

  8. Whats happening Ian, have you closed up shop?

  9. Looks as though Allan McGregor and Steven Naismith may be two of the players to leave Rangers on the cheap!!………………Wouldn’t be bad signings

    • Mcgregor would bve a good signing he is a very capable goal keeper, asd much as i rate Given he looked shocking at the Euro’s as did Dunne

  10. Think Ian is taking a break he said as much a couple of weeks ago. Think he’s all blogged out and taking a well deserved pre season break.

  11. Hi everyone UTV.I have just read that Karim el Ahmadi has agreed terms with us and that he will be Lamberts first signing.Ive watched a few you tube vidz of Karim and he looks very comfortable on the ball.Pass and move all the time drifting from left to right quickly always on the move plenty of energy.He tackles well and goes in so it looks like he doesnt fxck about.On the vid against ajax he does this reverse pass like brings his right leg round the back of his left leg and chips the ball down the wing and plays this spot on.I dont want to hype anything up as from erdervise to the prem is a big step at 27 but he looks pretty comfortable on the ball and is a morrocan international player too.I wonder who is next in and who is next out lol.HAPPY TIMES YEY.

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