Paul Lambert – Forget Last Year – easy

At the fantastic kit launch Lambert was introduced to the fans to a loud welcome.

Proley posted this on the last post and he said this

Quote of the day goes to Paul Lambert: “I want you all to forget about last year…” too right Paul, too right.

What is great about this quote is that of course last year is damm easy to forget, it was horrible. do you think anyone has brought the season DVD, not actually advertised by the club. The feel good feeling created by Lambert’s arrival and today’s event has from reports seen a large rise in kit sales, that speaks volumes.

Of course the proof of this is on the pitch but it seems from all the signs Lambert is at the forefront to revitalise this club. Yes we will forget last season, in history it will be the forgotten season.

so as we move forward we will soon see the backroom staff come in, we will soon see players in and out. The pre season games will start, every kick will be analysed to see differences in style and attitudes. Certainly I am looking to go to the Forest game to see the NEW Aston Villa.

Now all we need is the reality to live up to the hype.

15 comments on “Paul Lambert – Forget Last Year – easy

  1. Funny thing is, I DON’T want us to forget last season. I want 2011-12 to be seared into the memory of everyone who loves and cares about Aston Villa FC, particularly Randy Lerner and the board, as a salutary lesson and reminder about the dark place we went to then. We must never allow ourselves to sink to that level again, and from the developments of the last few weeks, it looks pretty much as though Lerner has found some new energy and a fresh vision for the club. Early days, but the signs look very promising.
    “…the NEW Aston Villa”; I like the sound of that!

    • Totally agree, Davidg, it should not be forgotten, the board need to know that they cannot ever pull a stunt like that again.

      • Spot on.
        Last year was the closest I’ve ever come to pulling the plug on the Villa for ever,
        by a long way.

        The worst decision by any Villa chairman ever, by miles😦

    • ‘Should not be forgotten.’ Jesus Christ, it wasn’t the Holocaust. Cautionary tales in football are Leeds United under Ridsdale and O’Leary, not Villa under Lerner and McLeish. It’s also not the first time Villa have almost been relegated from the Premier League. Where have you been? It really wasn’t all that unique, so I don’t see why it’s a season to sear into the memory at all.

      • Fair enough, IT; a perfectly valid view to put forward, I think.

      • You completely miss the point IT…Last season was he very 1st time Aston Villa THE CLUB and it’s supporters were split right down the middle & the whole dam thing nearly ended for thousands of supporters. Never before had our great club failed in the attempt of failing they chose failure above giving it a go and they dam right succeeded. This should never be forgotten NEVER…The People at the top need to understand that it’s us supporters the no1 sponsors know whats best for Aston Villa not a rival manager and so they should listen and learn!!!!

        It wasn’t all that unique??? I think it was!!!

        • Then your memory is very selective indeed. Big Ron’s last season, Graham Taylor’s last season, O’Leary’s last season – none of these come to mind? Would have been the same under Houllier too if he hadn’t had his heart attack, no disrespect intended but the club was on its way down.

          • You are mixing up discontent at the end of a season with discontent before a ball was kicked that lasted the entire season. Never seen protests and Facebook pages set up to try and get the fans displeasure at and appointment noticed. Never before has such a stupid appointment been made where a manager who has just been relegated is then head hunted by their fiercest rivals in the league he has proven not to be capable of staying in and then the fans watch a repeat performance!

  2. For the amount of players we need to get in and out, we are surely not getting enough speculations. Ian can you shed some light on what could be happening?

  3. Khalid I no we need atleast 6 new faces but atleast we no the players we already have will perform 100 pc better under Lambert an not played out of position

    • Sorry to puncture the bubble of optimism that has grown around Lambert, but next season we’ll probably only get seven to ten more points than this season.

      Right now the expectation levels around Lambert are unrealistic. Therefore we need to accept:

      1. He will often play ugly football. This squad took 8 months to learn to pass under Houllier, since he retired they’ve been taught each day by McLeish to hoof the ball far up the pitch. Therefore Lambert will have to adopt pragmatic tactics until this squad get their skills back. I can certainly envisage Villa playing into the corners for 45 mins to defend a 1-0.

      2. He will fall out with players, fans, the board etc. The word that is most often associated with Lambert is driven. Such uncompromising characters have fall outs that undermine the club.

      3. We’re not going to buy wonder-kids and certainly not from abroad. Lambert is going to stabilise the club. That means proven performers.

      So whilst it will be better than AM, let’s not get carried away by the Lambert era… at least not until his second season.

      • Some thoughtful observations, Axl. You use the word “pragmatic”, and I think it quite likely that this time next year, we’ll look back at 2012-13 and that one word will sum our season up. I think there’s every chance that you’re right when you say that it often won’t be pretty. That’ll be alright for me to be honest; the first thing we need to do is become effective again. As you say, Lambert’s going to need time and patience as he works to rebuild and remotivate our jaded looking squad. I’ll settle for nice and quiet next season; a comfortable berth in mid table, no relegation scares, accompanied by some clear sign on the park that Lambert has got us organised again, and playing with some belief and commitment. That for me would represent some tangible progress in his first season. As the old adage has it, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

      • I agree, 7 – 10 more points this season = mid table and I for one will be delighted with the improvement – he will get relegated though if he doesn’t start sorting out his staffing levels!

  4. Last season wont b forgotton by lerner but it will b a season no one cares about I thought we were comedy gold ive never laughed so much at somethin I love so much. In my life

    • I don’t think villa fans can forget last season right now. But if we keep it fresh in our minds, so too will linger the taste of disappointment. We need to allow everyone a fresh start. The board, the owner and the playing staff.

      This is the new era of Aston villa fc.

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