King Olof back, heck why not

When you saw Olly yesterday you know he still has loads to give.

I make it a rule that you should never go back for players. This pre season I have said no point in wasting money on older players, every player should be younger. However there is always an exception to the rule eh ?

That exception is indeed Olof Mellberg. He is a player I think I can say LOVED by every single Villa fan who reads this. We are short in central defence and he would cost us nothing, wages would be no problem on a short term contract. We also know he loves it here. He only left because 1) Juve wanted him and 2) he wanted to test himself. Not a SINGLE fan blamed him for that and imagine the reception if he came back to us.

I want us to buy younger players but the respect, experience and quality Olof would bring us would be immense to the team and I also believe so helpful to Paul Lambert in the dressing room, a natural leader. Of course he would not start every game but just to have him around the squad, on the bench ready to help out.

Of course Paul Lambert will have his own ideas, I can not tell who to buy but with money relatively tight and wages tight this is a deal I think dead easy to make. I will leave this with a quote.

I could never think about playing for Birmingham City. That’s not an option. I made up my mind during the games at their stadium. The atmosphere between the players was not brilliant and I’ve just got the feeling that I don’t like Birmingham City at all.

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41 comments on “King Olof back, heck why not

  1. No. Just, no.

  2. It would be grait to hav im back at villa

  3. To me this is one of those heart v head arguments.
    The heart says “the guy’s legend, he loves the Villa and we love him, we need some quality, he’s still got a lot to offer…”
    The head says “new manager and a fresh start, it rarely works second time around, he’s nearly 35…”
    I’d be surprised if he figures in Lambert’s thinking, but stranger things have happened.

  4. why not proberlly still got more pace than dunne

  5. Why not bring back Kenny McNaught and Evo?

    If we are going to reconsider the golden oldies, lets go with the absolute pick of the crop.

  6. I think he is a legend, but England ripped him a new one in the first half. Not good enough now.

  7. The man, the beard the legend that is Melberg!

  8. Mellberg is a true class act, but lets be honest, he sint the player he used to be.

  9. He is past it. No way he is able to play on the highest level again. Do not get me wrong, still able to head the ball, but lacks pace and strength defensively.

  10. if you give him the first goal against England (which he did score) he scored more in one game than Gabby & Heskey in all of 2012. Maybe we play him up front!

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