Fantastic Kit Launch and Welcome for Paul Lambert

I was very disappointed I could not make it down to Villa Park today.

There was a real worry that the weather would ruin what was a special and unique day to launch the kit and welcome Paul Lambert. However from trusted reports on Twitter of the day and a couple of text messages it has been a fantastic success.

You can see photo’s from the event on these feeds from twitter.



Aston Villa

Also BAZA171 has commented and shown pictures of his kit on his feed.

Of course all the credit for this fantastic event has to go to Aston Villa for them listening to the great idea that Richard Franks of Counteract Magazine presented them with. In particular I am really pleased for Richard and I know the hard work and stress he has had with all this. when he saw the weather forecast he must have had bad thoughts but the fans have been great and turned up in large numbers.

Just wished I could have made it there.

6 comments on “Fantastic Kit Launch and Welcome for Paul Lambert

  1. Well done to all those involved in organising the days, and well done Villa on what is a real positive message for supporters and may have won over a few neutrals too.

    No doubt some will whinge and moan as per usual, but this is exactly what we need to be doing to make that little bit of difference.

  2. Yes, an excellent day, regardless of the weather. Bought my daughter a new shirt (I’m waiting for the away shirt) and queued to get her name and number on the back. A long queue but a good atmosphere and very good music. Great to see Barry Bannan and Paul Lambert turn up. Bring on the new season.

  3. Just got back from kit launch and bought 2 shirts (with printing spent £95 ) – would have gone to Sportsdirect usually but with all the events and free wristbands for all the activities in the academy the extra works out as good value for money. I know its been said before but its true – commercially, when we are good, we are very good. Quote of the day goes toPaul Lambert: “I want you all to forget about last year…” too right Paul, too right.

  4. Got it got it, the shirt I think the sales will tell the club we are back big time. Yes bring on the season things are looking up for the Villa….

  5. Bought two shirts for my boys, really like the new home kit, great day had by all, despite the wind. Mind you Paul lambert really could do with learning to project his voice. I could barely hear him from 20 yards away with him using a mic, I hope he is more vocal on the side lines😉

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