Caption Competition for the Yam Yam’s

Wven West Brom fans must cringe at this promo for their new kit.

As I found on VT – LINK

So this must cry out for a caption competition, best one wins the admiration of this blog owner

12 comments on “Caption Competition for the Yam Yam’s

  1. “Celebrate……..we couldnt afford Mcleish”

  2. Is the wonga grandad underneath their new signing that ain’t had the time or energyto get a kit on

  3. Players excited as tesco announce a continuation of their sponsorship deal…..

  4. “Altogether now ..YMCA”.

  5. “oi Blondie! Where’s your other arm?”

  6. Exclusive… One armed Leo Sayer makes premiership debut!

  7. ”I wank with my right hand, just like this”.

    ”I’ve only got one hand so I have to use it”.

    ”Well, I use my left hand just like this”.

    ”I use both hands. One for me, and one for the gaffer”.

  8. “we got who? Steve Clarke?!”
    ” yay… When he takes us down, perhaps a big club will come in for me…..!”

  9. “I don’t think your gonna get many games this season now you’ve had yer legs blown off, mate”

  10. ” He’s celebrating,he just doubled his salary ……won a tenner on the lottery “

  11. Carson Yeung has just been given the green light to continue running Birmingham City

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