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99 comments on “Lambert – A lot to prove and not keen on Hodgson

  1. What a complete load of f@#¥#€g rubbish go back and play with your Lego and leave your dads computer alone

  2. Part of the article about Hodgson is the biggest pile of wank that I have ever read. Ferdinand can’t play 2 games in a weak and was poor this season and that’s why he’s been left out. Hodgson was wrong place at wrong time at Liverpool and any1 would have failed. If Redknapp was manager, we would have lost to France, his tactics don’t suit our players as we ain’t good enough to go out and attack. Hodgson has done brilliant so far, apart from a bad 10 min spell against Sweden, we were in complete domination and France never rli looked like beating us. Stop whining and accept that the FA appointed the right man.

  3. I got tired of reading absolute rubbish, so I stopped. Poorly written and well, quite frankly nonsense.

  4. Wind up merchant. PISS OFF!

  5. Shane_villan as you say everyone is entitled to their opinion, which is true: I disagree with most of your points above. I would suggest a couple of things to improve future postings which are my opinion. Firstly less is more: if you can express your point in fewer words do so, more people will engage. Secondly stick to one subject per posting, the relationship between hodgesson and lambert is tenuous at best.

  6. Wow. Im ignoring the whole Lambert section to comment on the Hodgson section.
    1. Why is it on a Villa thread about Villas new manager? Set up a seperate thread about Englands Euro hopes. 2. I seriously hope your comments about Hodgson bite you i the arse. 2 games, unbeaten, we looked average against both teams yet they couldnt beat us, reference Greence in 2004. and finally 3. If you like Rio Ferdinand so much, go support Man United. Hes not there, hes 34, hes never achieved anything at International level. Get over it.

  7. I have to admit, I thought I was the only one reading this article thinking, why is this guy so negative, what is he talking about?

    This is quite a lot of rubbish. Entitled to your opinion yes, but come on mate! lol

  8. I dont agree with this piece Shane but fair play for putting it out there. i always find it refreshing to hear other peoples point of view as it either makes me question mine or re affirms what i believed in the first place.

    PL ego is not in question here a lot of these players have underachieved and they have got to bow to whatever they are told as i think the whole squad is standing in last chance salon, Paul lambert is a long term appointment and i think the board will back him before they back any of the players.

    On Hodgson i think he is a very good manager, i personally believe our players are over rated under achievers and he seems to have got them playing well together, no we wont win any tournaments but i think we will go further than with any other manager.

  9. Can’t believe anyone read the above, SV regularly posts these boring long drawn out monologues on various sites and I’m yet to get past the first paragraph without losing interest.
    Empty vessels making the most noise and all that.

  10. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but how this got posted as a serious blog is beyond me.

    Some of the greatest managers in the English league have been Scottish, what a sweeping generalisation to state that all would see midfield roles in the same way.

    As for Paul Lambert, he is fully entitled to walk into the dressing room and demand, nay, expect respect from the players.

    None of ours have won a European Cup winners medal.

    They all have had very average seasons the last couple of years. Lambert will state that he is a winner, and expects that to continue, with or without the current crop.

    He has promoted and utilised several Norwich youth players, not sure why we’re to assume he’ll ‘freeze’ out ours.

  11. It’s always good to read someone’s opinions on Villa stuff, we all have varying thoughts, although I disagree with a lot of stuff, I try not to slag it off, and, admitting to not reading all the above blog, then castigating it makes no sense.

    Having said that, I’m not sure where the stories about Lambert’s ego have come from, maybe from people who despise authoritarian figures, and that’s exactly what a football manager should be. Anyway, I’m 100% positive he’ll be a massive success at Villa, with whatever players are at his disposal.

  12. Probably the worst article I’ve ever read. 90% of it is complete rubbish. The other 10% is average at best.

    You clearly have absolutely no idea about football.

    No offence meant, it’s always interesting to hear other opinions, however the above is generally ridiculous!

  13. very poorly written, you say he doesnt merit respect at this level, Lambert won numerous honours as a player, winning the Scottish Cup with St. Mirren as a 17-year-old, the UEFA Champions League with Borussia Dortmund, all the Scottish domestic honours with Celtic and 40 caps for Scotland.

    your a fool he should have massive respect as a footballing person, he will be great for villa!

  14. who is this tosser? Lamberts a manager – you arent ! The remark about the players switching off – thats why he will be selling them you arsewipe

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