Great News – Hutton told to go, Naughton in

As James Nursey has said this is GREAT news.

James in the Daily Mirror has said that Alan Hutton has been told to find another club. This is because Kyle Naughton WILL join us and obviously why the need for Hutton, NONE at all.


Of course I would ask who the heck wants Hutton but I have a feeling that the transfer fee could be very low. This will make it very easy I suspect to find some team to have him.

With Lichaj as a capable reserve and Naughton in, a player I wanted from Sheff United it shows the way Lambert is thinking. Fast energetic and of course young players, the RIGHT way to go !

I would say to James he got one thing wrong. We may not have liked Hutton on twitter, blogs and facebook but he was NEVER booed at a game by the fans. James if you read this I hope you will correct it.

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97 comments on “Great News – Hutton told to go, Naughton in

  1. Is Kyle Naughton really anything special? From what little I’ve seen of him, he’s hardly caught my eye, or stood out as a player in who we should be interested.

    Admittedly I have not seen all that much of him, but if he’s the gem that some are seemingly suggesting, why has he struggled to make an impression at White Hart Lane, and why are no other clubs in for his signature? Or maybe they are, and it just isn’t common knowledge?

    That our defence needs a major overhaul, and that Alan Hutton is not up to the task, are points not in dispute, but I just question whether the likes of Kyle Naughton are the step up/improvement that we should be looking at.

    • Redknapp wouldn’t give Corluka time. Wouldn’t read too much into players that don’t get time at Spurs, or didn’t.

      Wouldn’t worry about other teams after him, it’d be a good thing actually if he is the quality youngster everyone says he is.

  2. Although I too have not heard much or seen much about him, Kyle Walker wasn’t making an impression at White Hart Lane until he came to us onloan then hey presto… and yes… Spurs WERE thinking of selling Walker, contrary to reports ! Maybe a loan with a permanent agreement option to purchase would be an option. You see the goods, you like ?, you buy !!

  3. More to the point, even Spurs were shouting “Take him.. Take him, he’s a great player!”… which to me stinks of a car dealer selling you a Jag for 100 pounds !… There’s gotta be something wrong !.. McLeish took him..Tadaaa… Ticking time bomb in the right corner pocket..
    Lesson – Manager’s, Chairmen, LISTEN TO THE FANS !… either way, you’re getting info or a lesson !

  4. We’ve got to back Lamberts judgement. But I think Lichaz is a better prospect that Naugthton

  5. Hopefully this is true, though I think Hutton sill has 3 years left on his contract so he won’t be easy to shift. We’ll have to take a hit and let him go for practically nothing and you do wonder even then would there be anyone stupid enough to take him (and more importantly match his ridiculous wages). This should be the start of the clear out with dunne collins and warnock out the door soon too. Would be disgusted if any of these twats ever pulled on a villa shirt again.

  6. Very much doubt all four will be replaced in one season

    Dunne and Warnock will stay I think and will be replaced next season

    • Hope ur wrong about Dunne and warnock. Dunne shud be first out IMO did u not see him play for Ireland he was appalling in both games and made his usual cock ups that cost them big time.

      • Harsh, Given was hardly spectacular and cost them the first match, not that that is good news for us. Dunne was only really responsible for the first. He was not the only player nutmegged by the second and If he had tackled on the third we would have been off. However he was definitely not responsible for the fourth;)

  7. Mirror also says PL’s offered Guzan a new contract, goodbye Given??

    • Hope Dunne is next BWS he’s the one that needs to go more than anyone else in the team. Not sure if Guzan is good enough tbh

      • In Lambert we trust Oohah (and I’m not being sarcastic). changing the subject but how shite was Young last night? Never a international player while he’s got a hole in his arse.

        • Young’s got too big for his boots since going to United. I personally don’t think he’s the player he used to be. Maybe too many advertisments for him to do now..

        • Agree BWS thought young was crap last night was never a great fan of him when he was with us tbh. Amazing how many adverts he is in now he is at utd never happened when he was with us. Gets on my tits the bias towards sky 4.

          • I think we are in the minority here oohah but I never rated him either, a complete and utter show boater.

          • Agreed BWS and we r in minority. Is good in flashes but that’s about it. As for his crossing he was awful had to put loads of crosses in just to get one good one. Even at utd he hasn’t improved his crossing despite having better movement in front of him.

    • Hope this is true. Would love to see Guzan get more time. I think he could be first team. Look at ehat he did in Givens absence

      • Really rate him KV I think he commands his area better than Given but then again I am a little bias not being Givens biggest fan.

  8. guzan should not been allowed to leave hope he will sign a new contract ,given his a good goalkeeper but has his faults ,needs a goalkeeper of guzan experience to keep him on his toes,plus i think guzan organizes the defence better.

  9. Wasn’t Guzan offered a new deal but opted to move on for regular first team football?

    Personally I’m not a Brad Guzan fan, and cant help but feel that while we do need a younger back up keeper (although Benji Siegrist is improving and developing both rapidly and nicely), Guzan isn’t the number two that we either want or need.

    • It came as a surprise to me to be reminded that Siegrist only turned 20 in January; it feels as though he’s been around Villa Park for donkey’s. Maybe it’s just me, but when we’re debating the merits and potential of the “younger players”, he quite often seems to be overlooked. Have you seen much of the lad, Mike? Does he look likely to make it in the PL to you?

      • 20 for a goalie is practically kindergarden, davidg.
        It’s no surprise he doesn’t get mentioned, in that sense.

        • Absolutely, anon. Haven’t seen much of the lad, but reports suggest that he looks to be the business, but raw yet. Let’s hope he’s another we’ll nurture, and that he’ll prove to be another quality performer in the fullness of time.

          • Agreed.
            I can’t understand why we let Guzan go myself, but then, I don’t rate Given much.

            Little Brad wants to play and you can’t blame him for going, but I suspect that’ll kick us in the arse, the same as Cahill has.
            Although there are some that will always hold letting Cahill go, against MON, even though they couldn’t see the reasons. Ho hum.

            You can’t play them all and Guzan was never going to get a start over Given, as much as I think that’s wrong.

          • Yeah MON can be criticised for a few things, but I don’t think letting Cahill go was one of them; always much more a case of Cahill wanting a guaranteed start or away, rather than MON wanting to sell, I think.
            Did I dream it, or was there a whisper going around that Lambert was having a second look at the Guzan situation?

          • yep was in the mirror, the more I think about it the more I think Given is not keeper he would buy.

            Not selling he would sell him though

            on twitter Guzan has made no comment on his future.

          • Thanks Ian thought I’d seen it somewhere. Interesting.

          • Mon preferred Zat shite to Cahill that’s y cahill was pissed of and who can blame him. Mon was cluelessabout defenders we are left with his dross and add to that shorey, beye and Zat shite FFs I rest my case.

          • Bloody hell oohah, when you put it like that…!

          • I thought i read somewhere that Cahill was worried about an injury and MON made him play in a game in training, Cahill then became injured and the 2 never spoke again. For me the Cahill episode is the one that changed my opinion of MON, yes he is a good motivator but that really is it

          • Interesting one, MV. Suppose the reason why a player leaving a club is like a zillion other things that happen in life; the result of not one single factor, but rather due to a number of interweaving factors.

  10. who do we get to replace warnock

  11. Warnock could even be shifted into midfield for cover like the back end of last season, didnt do a bad job in all fairness

    • Warnock not bad? Come on! where’s your eyes!! He’s the worst player in the squad and the league. On my count he will the first to go

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