Euro’s, international scouting and talent spotting

These Euro’s have been great, plenty of goals, exciting games and some quality.

However no matter how good a Kjaer is or a Mandžukić is and seems to be in terms of cost we have to remember players shine then fail. We of course got Baros after top scoring, what a disaster that was. Houllier got the likes of Diouf at Liverpool, disaster.

However there is no doubt that if you are scouting a player beforehand and he does very well then of course this helps. I have seen a story Arthur Numan left Villa then another that he is in Poland, I hope it is the latter. He scouted and recommended Holman who I think could be an astute free signing and has a track records. Given we will spend but not as much as maybe we want, bargains are the order of the day.

What we can see in Lambert’s track record is he will buy young and from the lower leagues. He does not have a foreign track record but has never had the scouting resources before. When you see players like Kjaer (and I have never hid my admiration for Scandinavians) then these players are low cost and worth the risk.

These are the areas where of course Lambert will have to step up. For too long we ignored the foreign market, it worked not to go there but there are players we should be looking at. I am excited by the age and scope of our links, I am sure Naughton will sign a player we should have got from Sheff Utd.

However a few years ago I could care about foreign signings and now we need some.

17 comments on “Euro’s, international scouting and talent spotting

  1. Kjaer would cost a fortune, out of our league I am afraid.

  2. Don’t sign Ashley young . Absolutley shocking tonight and against France .
    That’s what happens when you leave villa .

  3. What about some guy call Melliberg from Sweden he looks great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. there are rumours going areound that walker will put a transfer request in id love him back down vp

  5. Theodor Gebre Selassie, has been really good for a poor czech defence and he set a up a goal.

  6. As for Scandinavians, Kjaer would be a great shout but I agree he may cost more than what Lambert is comfortable spending. Although, at 23 years of age Kjaer can only get better. I find it hard to believe we would not either make money in the long term and/or find an immediate solution to our defensive problems. Other than that, I’d be curious to know if there was any truth to the Poulsen link. I thought he’s done well the past two games and I’d also be keen to look into M. Olsson. Despite the losses, he’s looked ambitious going forward.

  7. As I alluded in an earlier thread, I’d get rid of all the scouts and replace them.
    They’ve done absolutely nothing that I can see.

    Even Wigan pull in more than we do.

  8. Melberg of Sweden and ex lion would still piss all over Dunne and Collins i fookin luv im.

  9. agreed with previous comments and the sentiment of the post. Kjaer would be fantastic for the club but a player who would atttact interest from others and would command a fee of £8m + even if he is a bit part player at Wolfsburg

  10. Kyriakos Papadopoulos!!! The Greek Incredible hulk! Break the bank for him…will be a star!

    • Good young defender,still only 20.But i prefer his defence partner Socratis Papastathopoulos,marked Messi in last world cup.and he was only 20 then.Excellent man marker can also play defensive midfeild.

  11. The one worrying thing for me is the form of Shay Given probably our player of the season last year but he had a nightmare of a tournament

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