Programmes that show the rites of passage – Holte Special

It is one of those rites of passage football fans go through.

As a kid from your first game you had to have the programme didn’t you ?

So from my first game in 1981 until the end of the 1997 I got every programme for all the games, Home and Away that I went to, some 450 programmes at the last count. As you see them they tell a story of an club going through the up and downs of the seasons. So I present my collection and you can see how things have progressed.




OH DEAR – Just Plain Awful


Dr JO Experiment

Big Fat Ron

Sir Brian Little

And the best programme of all, the one I think I will always cherish, this one.

20 comments on “Programmes that show the rites of passage – Holte Special

  1. Like any supporter, I must have bought literally hundreds of programmes over the years, and held on to a good few for varying periods, but never permanently. I now have only one. It’s “The Villa News and Record” dated Sat March 8th, 1958, priced 3d in yer old money, and was the matchday programme for our fixture against Burnley in the old First Division. It was the first time I ever went to Villa Park. I was with my dad and grandad, a third generation Villa fan from birth, confirmed in the faith that day!
    That copy of “The News and Record” hangs on my wall still, in a claret coloured wooden frame, with a claret and blue mount, and is a treasured possession indeed. In purely monetary terms, it’s probably only worth the 3d my dad paid for it, but I wouldn’t sell it for a thousand pounds, because it encapsulates too many memories ever to put into words.
    I bet there isn’t a dry eye left in the place…

    Come on the Villa!

  2. I have hundreds of programmes too but I really don’t buy them like I used to. Times have changed and last year’s programme was far too kid friendly. I’m normally too pissed at away games to remember to buy one🙂

  3. Off subject, but Dunne showed the whole of Europe tonight, what we have had to put up with for the last couple of years… The bloke is a liability as fast as a cart horse and we need to get rid quickly !!

  4. I’d like to display my collection but the ladies may be offended.

  5. ps i still have the white programme from rotterdam, just had a look at it to makes sure the kids haven’t wrecked it …… made me quite sad, good old days…UTV

  6. Is there one with a big pile of shit one cover? Obviously representing the ‘McLeish Era’?

  7. Me and my dad have collected loads of villa programes over the years, the first one i brought was wimbleon 1995 yes the 7 1 my first game, my dad has the europeon and championship plus all the leauge cup ones to

  8. My grandfather passed down to me a Villa News and Record from September 1914, with the notes on the first inside page talking about the outbreak of War with Germany. It caused great hilarity at school for an advert inside for ‘Archie Tit at the Electric Pavilion, Aston, admission price 1d’. It was stolen some years later, alongside an autograph book with the centre pages signed by the victorious Villa side and the defeated Busby Babes in 1957 in the dressing rooms at Wembley – Peter Mac had got both sides to sign it for me old fella who knew him from when he lived up Gravelly Hill.

    I trust whoever stole them burns slowly for a long time in hell!

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