New home Villa Shirt – Leaked

It had to leak eventually and here it is.

Thanks to @CustomMade_x on twitter.

I have to say I LIKE it. It is a traditional shirt with some little touches around the collar and neck line. Pretty decent colours from just the picture we can see though the blue looks more pale than normal. We have to put up with the Macron little man but looks subtle enough to me on the shoulders.

No complaints from me, it looks like a Villa shirt and that is the key. Nothing can ever match the majesty of the first Nike/Acorns effort but the designers done a good job with this one.

57 comments on “New home Villa Shirt – Leaked

  1. Lads you can see it at midnight on the official website it goes up at 12am. Dont like it to be honest. Whats with the yellow trim at the bottom? anyway maybe feel different when see it in person……

  2. na i dnt liike colors and the kneck line looks rubbish! ahh well atleast it will be sold on time and its given us more money than nike!

  3. Away kit is a lime green colour with black trim and no collar

  4. This kit looks like a relegation kit.

  5. It’s claret and blue, got the club badge on, what’s not to like? I’ll be wearing it with pride and not complaining for the sake of it!

  6. Horrible pic. I think the colors will be spot on. I was hoping it would be closer to this one though: http://img690.imageshack.us/img690/9162/img1829.png

  7. The kit looks fine. It’s just different from what we’ve been used too. If you look at the other photo floating around the web the colors look a lot better. After the earlier videos about the new kits I had expected the collar, the yellow trim, and the macron shoulder logos. I actually like the yellow trim, although I have to say I am not pleased one bit about that neck drop down. It ruins a perfectly good design if you ask me.

  8. Thumbs up from me!

  9. Disapointed i thought it was gonna look better then that when i watched the Macron behind the scenes videos

  10. I don’t think the first Nike one was as awesome as u say I think it was m

  11. I don’t think the first Nike shirt was as awesome as u make out, yes it was a nice shirt but more of a case that it was a lot better than the previous shit Hummel shirts. As for the macron one I like it, I like the yellow at the bottom for some reason!

  12. Horrid.

  13. James Milner would look great in this kit with a No8 on his back.

  14. I think it will look better in the flesh, so to speak. Picture looks like it was taken in 1981 with one of those home made pin hole cameras.

  15. Personally i hate collars, and the yellow trim at the end seems a bit out of place. Apparently though theres a heat print of our Lion on the back of the jersey, so at least that’ll be something different. I doubt that photo is very complimentary either so i’ll reserve my full judgement for the kit launch.

  16. I like it because its villa whats not to like, its better than last years one thumps from me, stop moaning and wear it with pride its villa

  17. Not too keen on the neckline/collar.
    But overall not bad, quite like it. And after seeing what nike had in store for Barca, Man Utd ect im glad we swapped.

  18. Looks more red and white than claret and blue. Meh

  19. i like it, its different from the generic nike kits we have become used to, better than liverpools warrior sports kit! going off topic, i’m watching spain v ireland, and given looks well dodgy, think we could do with an upgrade

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