No one is sacred in Lambert’s quest for glory

It is always inevitable with supporters that certain players and staff are fans favourites.

Be it Stephen Ireland, John Carew, Gordon Cowans etc these people seem to get a protection at Villa that others are not afforded from the fans. Well I believe that is all to change. Lambert is not the kind of man who is likely to hold sympathy with these kind of views. Yes if someone fits into his style and his way of thinking they will survive if not they will be out on their ears.

That has to be the way to go. Some fans may well moan at their favourite going or in reverse one of their hated players staying but Lambert is paid and paid a lot to make these calls. With the current set of players I see little case for any of the experienced players to think they could stay and I am relaxed if any of these go.

I could say if we are linked to certain names in (for example Whittingham, Steve Davis etc). IF we got them I would not be happy but it is Lambert’s call and he has to live by it and so do I !!

Only Lambert knows what he really plans, who his list may well contain and who he wants to get rid of. I would not take too much interest in comments where he says the likes of Makoun and N’Zog will get a chance. In my view the whole squad in pre season is on trial, every single player in training and pre season games will have to prove they are worthy to stay.

Given a choice these are the players I would want to be sold

Collins or Dunne (we have to buy enough defenders as it is)
Gabby or Bent (we know that they can not play together)

You can see by these list of names the issues that crop up already but wages are still a key factor for us and the scope these leaving would give us is massive. Of course some team out there will have to buy them but there are ways of doing that, in Dunne’s and Warnock’s case as in last year of contract small transfer fees.

I predict that we could have up to 15 transfer moves in and out this close season and this is massive for the club.

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64 comments on “No one is sacred in Lambert’s quest for glory

  1. Lets hope the first 3 or 4 signed are actually coaches, we need staff as well as players!

  2. Selling Darren Bent would be bordering on another act of Villa Park madness.

    We cannot keep on selling our better players, haven’t we learned anything from offloading Gareth Barry, Ashley Young, James Milner, and Stewart Downing.

    Yes, they bought in a nice pile of cash, but as a club, were we any better off for selling them? Of course not.

  3. As for Stevie Ireland. Keep him. Why sell him? One of our better players, technically gifted, eye for the telling pass, head and shoulders above most of our squad ‘footballing wise’.

    If we have to have a clear out, and I accept we do, lets at least clear out the poorer performers, not players who can genuinely help take us forward.

  4. And Ian could you do a mock up of the new Villa kit based on the videos please?

    • I love those Macron ‘behind the scenes’ videos – Really look like a company that care about the kit they have made for us. Talking about the history and tradition and the 80/81 kit.

      Can you imagine a similiar video for Nike? “Aston who? oh yeah I know, purpley colour they wear isn’t it?- got these off cuts from my curtains, i’ll knock something up for them tomorrow….”

      • Exactly mate Nike didn’t really care about us and there kits aren’t even nice like the new Barcelona and Man utd ones are horrible and the Arsenal ones are the same every year. And yh i love them Macron videos i’ve watched about 10 times already lol

      • I loved the videos and am so happy Nike are off our shirts it is irrational. I wonder how many off us can deal with the ergonomic design that is used to show off the athletes physique😉. Maybe they can make me one that is ergonomic ally designed to hide my belly🙂

  5. I wish for an assistant manager and coach. Who will join PL for his Villa revolution? Its gone a bit quiet with regard to PL appointing his team….

  6. We’re again linked with Poulsen for LB. Were linked under McLeish and Daily Mail claims we’ll fight Ajax for him.

  7. Safe to say Guthrie is no longer a target.


    Lambert won’t be impressed by chav violence.

  8. I have total faith in PL and IF he was to decide that Darren Bent was surplus to requirements it’s worth keeping the following in mind:-
    Teams with Darren Bent in them have struggled to achieve much. The average Premier League finish for a side containing the striker is 12th. Furthermore, he has only ever achieved two top half finishes in his career. (Archie Rhind-Tutt, Vital Villa)

    • I agree, i believe it is notable when players are injured during the season and can not get fit for vital matches, however a matter of days later are talking about inclusion in the European championships imo

  9. Good morning everyone how are you.??I think PL already knows who is going and think they will be moved on quick or even released.I also think hutton,dunne,warnock,gabby,Nzog and ireland will be moved on all adding to the transfer kitty which i reckon with players sold about 30million.I am really happy the way things have panned out wasnt to sure about PL while the manager speculation was aboiut but on further education on his style and football policy i am rest assured.I read he likes to mix it up not affraid to change things mid game formations,players but knows why to and when to.I see alot of new arrivals not just to replace players sold but to also deepen the squad.UTV a happy JD.

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