Speculation – Ireland to be let go, bid for Shay

As I just posted not a good night for Irish villans.

The first story is that the Daily Mirror claim that Paul Lambert will let Stephen Ireland go for a £4M price tag – LINK

OK lets get this straight, I do not rate Ireland, I would sell him tomorrow. This news would delight me and for the life of me he just simply does not appear to be a Paul Lambert ‘type of player’. He is in my view seriously over rated by many Villa fans and his player of the season award for me was a joke.

The other link is that QPR will bid £3M for Shay Given – LINK.

The story says we would reject it but of course there is a wage issue which goes for both Given and Ireland, estimates are between £110K to £150K a week for both of them.

There will in my view be some substantial player trading this season and the wage issue has to be balanced. If people trust Lambert than you may have to accept that some ‘favourites’ may have to go.

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147 comments on “Speculation – Ireland to be let go, bid for Shay

  1. Spurs wage structure is far more manageable than ours but they do pay great bonus’s based on league positions which is far better. Probably get bonus paid direct into Harry’s dog’s account to be more beneficial. If Given does want out and moves to QPR how about Ruddy coming in I’m sure Hughton would move for Foster. Interesting times
    are coming thats for sure. Lambert must be backed by all supporters as he moves to do it his way. We wanted him and we needed him so lets get behind him as he gets on with it.

    • Always thought that there should be a more substantial bonus element to players wages.

      • Didn’t mean give them more but make more of their total earnings performance related rather than fixed salary

        • Thats what Cloughie used to do at Forest.

          • I’ve always though that would be a better way to set wages………………what’s the incentive to work when you get £60 + grand a week regardless of performance?

  2. collins dune warnock hutton on 40k a week> omg they need to definitely go.. getting paid that much for being absolute garbage is sickening

  3. Sell the only player we have with any clever movement, appreciation of space and ability to play football in tight areas? Would prefer not to.

  4. What a superb game Given had last night not
    I thought at the time last season Guzan should have got more games
    Sell him
    Ireland – Sell him
    Gabby – Sell him

    Say what you like another 2 games and we would have been relagated, it is time for major changes.

  5. The story isn’t true. Lambert will surely assess his squad when they return from training. Also why would he leak a £4m price-tag?

  6. Of course he will Axl. The new manager isn’t a fool. Why would he start shipping out players before he himself has had the opportunity to fully assess them in pre-season training and games, and sitting down with them face to face to investigate how receptive they are to his plans for the immediate future of AVFC.

    Personally I would think that before we start allowing anyone to hit the exit door, that we bring in much needed additional quality to bolster the squad, then start allowing unwanted players to depart for pastures new. We are very short on experienced quality numbers now, without embarking on an additional clear out.

  7. Given is not all he is cracked up to be ,nothing to do with the Ireland game but my friends in the Toon suggested I watch how often he comes off the line to collect a cross ,they were right generally speaking he doesnt

  8. Just saw the main post from ianrobo , he doesnt rate Stephen Ireland ? you obviously spend too much writing drivle and not enough watching football. Ireland is technically way ahead of everyone else at Villa . I am a sports coach , you are obviously not !!

  9. Anyone who is doubting Given’s ability is clueless. Fare enough he mighht not come for as much crosses as he should but when he has Dunne and Collins in front of him he shouldn’t have to. The goals we conceded from corners were due to our defensive set up which McLeish clearly got wrong. If a manager tells Given tto come off his line he will. Few people questioning him after Ireland’s loss, none of the goals were directly his fault. We NEED to keep Given and Ireland too actually.

  10. One of the main disadvantages of waiting until the end of the season to get shot of mcliesh is that the new man now has to wait until training starts again to get a true impression of his players character and abilities (though some of the latter can be gleaned from video). And by the time he’s found these fact out, and can decide who he wants to keep and who to dump, the season will be nearly upon us (or already started). This means that thew new men that we will certainly need if we have the sort of cull many suggest, will not be bedded into the squad when the season starts.

    I wish we’d gotten shot of mcliesh a month before the end of the season (assuming that a month before the start of last season was not possible!!). That way all the learning would be done and Lambert would now be doing the buying and selling. As it is I feel that we’ll have to wait quite a while for all this to be sorted.

    • Would Lambert leave Norwich with a month left to the season?

    • In a dream world Salisbury Villa, that would have arguably been the perfect scenario. It would have set the new manager up nicely to prepare for the 2012-13 campaign with the bonus of at least having seen the current first team squad playing some serious football.

      In the real world though, it was never going to happen.

      As Andrew so rightly questions, ‘Would Lambert leave Norwich with a month left to the season?’

      It is what it is. Lambert witnessed first hand that shambles of an offering at Carrow Road, so he knows the score. He’s well aware of the daunting task ahead of him.

      He’s no mug. He knows we that we escaped relegation by the skin of our teeth, and he no doubt is well aware, as I think we all are, that we are extremely fortunate not to be playing in the championship this coming season.

      • I know we’d have had trouble getting our man with a month to go, in an ideal world I’d have said do it in Dec/Jan. I suppose what I’m trying to say is that changing manager at the end of the season is not ideal because of the impications for the forthcomming season. At least this wasn’t as late as MONs departure, but the principle is still the same – i.e. in order to not just wildly waste money by making sweeping changes before the values of the current squad are known, PL will only be able to radically change the squad in Jan or, more likely, next summer. Meaning that the forthcomming season will neccessarily be one of assessment and the setting out of his plan rather than dramatic change and improvement – much as with MONs first season where we moved up from 16th to 11th, but didn’t realy change the squad much.

        A look at Pardew at the Toon might suggest the best time to change the manager – came in in Dec, assessed the squad, changed it in the summer and then came 5th and had a damn good sniff at the top 4…

        Bottom line with us is that we may have to be patient for a (joyfully Mcliesh-free) year

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