Villa’s great Scandinavian players

A truism in football is that players from Scandinavia are the best a PL side can buy in terms of attitude.

I have a lot of time for the area. The people in general are open, warm and friendly. OK the beer is expensive but we have a large support base in the countries and it is great to communicate with them. This post is inspired by watching the Holland/Denmark game and then you remember a few players. they never moaned even when they had a right to, they always do it for the team and not themselves.

No player from Scandinavia has ever let us down and these are the great players from there.

Martin Laursen – My personal favourite. Despite having knees more dodgy that McGrath’s he never failed to give us less than 100%. Not the best defensive player but what a lion heart for the club. Remember those goals, remember the leadership. In my view it started to go wrong for MON when he had to retire, we lost the leader. It was emotional when he gave his farewell speech against Newcastle and when their fans barracked it, sending them down was fully justified. He always speaks so fondly of us and I have no doubt he will be back.

Olof Mellberg – Well what can you say about the Viking. THAT gesture at the West Ham game was just fantastic. He will always be known for playing out of position but unlike many others NEVEr moaned, NEVER whined and at the end this one single gesture (come on you remember this) said it all

there is no doubt if he ever came back to VP as a player the standing ovation would be long and loud

Kent Neilsen – Again another centre back and again a top quality one. He was outstanding in his time here and only left as he wanted to go back home. He will always be remembered for THIS shot and the gob ! But he was far better than that, he was an international class player

Marcus Allback – OK strange choice you may say but he has scored one of the most vital goals in Villa history. For that alone he deserves to be in my list.

There is obviously one player missing from this list that would cause the debate. That player for me never showed the same characteristics as those above and he should have been a monster but was a legend for his actions away from the field. I refer of course to John Carew.

Other notable players were Ronny Johnsen, Peter Schmeichel, Tommy Sorenson Peter Enkleman, Erik Bakke & Øyvind Leonhardsen. Not all a success obviously but they all gave 100% for the cause.

If Lambert can scout this market and get a few more I will be more than happy !

9 comments on “Villa’s great Scandinavian players

  1. Laursen + Mellberg= Legends

  2. No John Carew? Fair enough, everyone has opinions of him, but he’d be on my list.

    As for a new one anyone fancy Simon Kjær? I remember he was touted by top clubs a few years ago, and I’ve just seen him and Agger shut out Holland in the Euros. He’s on loan at Roma, and is having problems with his parent club Wolfsburg, more specifically their manager. And just 23.

    Could be our new Laursen.

    • been discussed on twitter and very good today. always wary of buying a player based on international tournaments but would be cheap.

      However carries on like that could well be in demand by many, should Laursen have a word with Lambert and Kjaer ?

      • That’s what I was thinking regards Laursen, held in high esteem by both Villa and Denmark, someone that surely Kjaer respects. I know tournament buys are always risky but he has been good at club level too and looks to have a good future, Hopefully with us😉

  3. PL has never bought a foreigner in his 6 year management career, other than one Irish player 5 years ago. I am happy for him to pick young hungry League 1 players on low wages. If Norwich finished 12th with this formula, imagaine where we can finish with such players with the addition of having the roar of VP behind them.

    I need to find the odds of PL not purchasing a foreign player throughout his tenure at VP, well worth a punt.

  4. Great decision getting himself closer to the Holte End, we’ve got a cunning man at the helm!

  5. ENKLEMAN??????? Smallheaths player of the season 02/03 Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  6. Enckelman had a decent season besides that error, and together with Allbäck he was the one that kept us up.

  7. After watching Denmark last night I would get the Villa scouts looking at their whole back four and keeper.

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