Brigada 1874 in L8 for next season, please no drums

I did hear rumours that they were relocating for next season.

Apparently the problem in L1 was that it was too distant away from the main groups of fans in the Holte End. I can understand that as sat there once for a cup game and L1 is far more distant than L8.

On this thread in their forum it states that they have moved to L8 for next season.

As someone who is in L8 – Row QQ that is an interesting situation for us. As a lot of the seats in that area towards the back were season ticket holders last season it will be interesting if their hopes of relocating actually work, I fear they could be disappointed.

I do not mind them moving over to L8 anything to improve the atmosphere and it is a far better position than L1 for sure. I look forward if they can group together to make it effective.

Just ONE PLEA lads

NO BLOODY DRUMS or TRUMPETS they are so annoying behind sense !!

11 comments on “Brigada 1874 in L8 for next season, please no drums

  1. Are they the idiots with the drum

  2. Ive just seen their video, im sorry but im not buying in to any of this! Away games yes but home games the atmosphere comes when we are entertained, just look how nobody wants to be around them and the surrounding people have the look of kids watching pissed up dad at a wedding

  3. AND, at home is were it is needed more the atmo at home is shocking used to be amazing but last season and half it was shocking, agree that the fans need entertaining, but not all games are entraining so why not try and improve things, and over the season the group have gained a lot more ppl joining in, some of the photos were at the start of the season, since then it has grown.

  4. Just like PL is refreshing the club with the moving of the Dug Out nearer the Holte End and the renewing of the back room staff, I would like to see the fans throw some fresh invigoration into the atmosphere. I can understand the policy “sing when we are being entertained”, but there will be times the players need us when they are under the cosh.

    I am going back on my word to never have a season ticket under RL and have decided that I like the way PL is changing things enough to buy me and the son one for next season.

    It really is time the fans upped their performance and gave a reinvigoration to our vision of things….new songs….new cheers….more intimidating for any of the opposition. It would be good for everyone to give Villa Park a massive atmospheric overhaul.

    Just whilst I mention what Lambert is doing with some minor details. It would be good for the pre match entertaining to move up a step rather than have dour songs on…put something a bit more upbeat on the PA systems and maybe try to develop a personalised theme for Villa.

  5. All for them, but should have gone in p block next to the away fans, would go some wau to shut them up and could be heard at both ends

  6. I think there great I’m hoping they learn some Glenn Miller songs

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