Blues are in deep trouble but what would we do

Blues’s much delayed accounts are revealed HERE on the excellent Often Partisan blog (for them).

They show for the last season in the Premier league a loss of £10M, money from the kit deal being moved to other companies and major financial trouble. The accounts are so bad that the auditors are refusing to sign them off as they can not trust that they have all the full information.

That for accounts is as bad as you can get. No way can the Football League pass these accounts and lift the transfer embargo and with no manager, it can only get worse.

Now of course this is a Villa blog and it is easy to laugh at them. I have said before I would NEVER want them to go out of business but 12 months the smile was on their faces. So we all know bluenoses and the more sensible ones of them realise the best thing that could happen is for them to go into administration. This is where I want to ask questions of Villa fans.

If Villa were in the same position as Blues are now then I know EXACTLY what I would be saying. In the same situation I would have no problems in saying that the club HAS to go into administration and the owner was asset stripping it. We have seen the football authorities are useless at protecting clubs (ask Pompey fans) and it is up to the fans to force it.

Therefore if we were in exactly the same situation as Blues I would be calling for the fans to starve the club of money. Do not buy new Season Tickets, do not buy any new kits, do not SPEND a penny of money into the club. It is the only way that Blues can survive by going into administration as it protects the club from money draining of out it.

So whilst all seems rosey in the Villa garden at the moment, glance across the City and see what can happen as the authorities stand by and do nothing. Few of us really want them to go out of business because we all need local rivals to have banter about.

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39 comments on “Blues are in deep trouble but what would we do

  1. Make your minds up Todd,one poster says this is a Villa site only,you say different.No wonder you’re never happy

  2. Oh dear, Birmingham City are going out of business. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!

    Okay, it’s a bit more complicated than that. The loss is not staggering – but the statement from the auditors is.

    If I was a cynic, I would suspect that Birmingham City has been dragged into some kind of fraud. If so, Birmingham City could disappear. That would be a shame as I love to hate them. If things get dire, I would hope we would loan them some players (although we no longer have Heskey) .

    • I’d be quite happy to loan them Dunne, Warnock, Collins for the next year, long as they paid their wages. Perhaps they might also be interested in acquiring a class defender at a rock bottom £4m, in which case, Hutton is available.

  3. Give them agbonlahahaha now that really would F..k em .

  4. Todd as got to have his say doute if the bluenoses have a site now only a bomb crater.

  5. The enemy is in trouble. Do you show them compassion?

    I really hope Randy Lerner asks General Krulak for advice on this. We may even be able to make Birmingham City into Villa’s feeder club!

  6. Clair d it’s about time you jogged on and got back under your bridge ya troll

  7. Really….I would hate to see The Blosers or any other Midland club go out of business.
    At the end of the day we re all Brummies…Ok we re big rivals during the game but after we should all get on with it, take the piss and have a larf.
    I just hope they hit the Vauxhall Conference before they go bust…….Haaar haaaaar haaaar

  8. Help them out !! We should give them Bannan and Baker, Gives them experience helps them out, Last thing we want is them to disappear, Otherwise we’ll end up with a load of thugs next season supporting Villa !!

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