22 comments on “Looking forward to the new season

  1. good post mate….. just hope we can rope in culverhouse too as the feedback i,m getting fom our norfolk friends is that he is the real inspiration and brains behind the success of norwich…..UTV SOTC

  2. First ,made up with lambo he has got the smile back on our faces again,away from this story did anyone see the Macron video on avtv one minute in , i really hope that is our new away shirt its well cool have alook bloggers .

  3. the way pl came across in the press con really won me over. he exudes a steely determination that was sorely lacking the last 2 managers. im also excited to hear of his plans to move the dugout closer to the holte, good times lay ahead.

  4. I am looking forward to Lambert as manager more than i did with mon, I really think this is the man to bring the good times back to villa.
    due to the fact MON wasted millions on average players on high wages, I think Lambert will have to prove his worth to Lerner before we see spending like the mon days again, and if im honest enough, i think Lambert will prove his worth..
    i have a gang of over 20 going to the first home game under Lambert such as the feel good factor he has bought back so unlike last seasons dire 32,319 I am sure there will be the extra 10.000 full seats roaring the home team on…

    • Yawn…..MON never negotiated wages or transfer fees. He only identified player.

      • and Faulkner was not there then, he was brought in to start the wage cost reduction

        • I remember reading an interview with Lerner and Faulkner together for the guardian or Independent and i am sure in that interview it said Faulkner had been involved in Villa from day one evewn though it was not official.

          TBH Ian it does not matter last season was a night mare but that nightmare is now over, i think the board leanred more last season about the club, the fans and football than the whole of the period before, good times ahead lets all be positive.

          I have moaned about faulkner but the genting, Macron deal and getting lambert on board are all good for the Villa.

          Cant wait for the new season which nobody was saying this time last year

      • you mean he identified shit players then either played them out of position or not at all!!!
        and before you start carping about the good players he brought in, i will give him Ashley Young, he did well beating spurs to his signature, but that evens up him not being able to spot talent which was under his nose, Cahill.
        so yawn all you want, and i am pretty certain he let it known when whoever was negotiating that he WANTED these players.. so its a silly argument saying he didnt negotiate wages or fees…

        • But did he sign the cheque? No.

          In all honesty I think he signed as many good as bad players and most we were happy with when they came. I don’t remember many fans complaining about signings when they were made. Some didn’t pull there weight and I believe all were given enough chances in the first team.

          I think he lost his way in last season and should have rotated the team more, but I don’t think he is a bad manager and on the whole he did a very good job for villa.

  5. Just get rid of Agbonlahahaha NOW!!!!!
    Please .

  6. Now why i am being optamistic about this season is never thought there was ever a possibility of villa bringing in a managment team that maybe emulate Saunders and Barton and am thinking just just maybe with Lambert and Culverhouse Randy and PF may have pulled off a master stroke.

  7. A good read Thanks, on the subject of strikers I wouldn’t include Gabby in the list , and if we stick with what we have we will average .8 of a goal per game again or whatever, Gabby may stay as an attacking midfielder , remember under MON he learnt his trade out on the wing and learnt how to cover too, I can see at least 2 coming in who know where the back of the net is, Holt would be ok , maybe a bosman ? (AJ springs to mind)

    • AJ ? Is he the same AJ who’s been freed by fulham ? Who played for everton, crystal palace ,and small Heath? And the player villa fans hate?????….yes let’s sign him……..NOT!

  8. The stick AJ gets from the Holte End and elsewhere inside B6, makes a move for him to Brum B6, a complete and utter non-starter. It aint ever gonna happen.

    • For absolutely no logical reason that I can put into words, purely a gut feeling, Johnson simply doesn’t strike me as being a prospect in any shape or form. The mere fact that earlier in the year, Mc***** was strongly rumoured to be keen to bring him to Villa Park probably has much to do with this; it’s a simple prejudice on my part against seeing anyone favoured by him in a Villa shirt.

  9. Excellent, thought-provoking article, Malcolm; nice one. However, I would have to take issue with you regarding your rather odd desire that Lambert should dispense with the services of Hutton. Give him a break. What exactly has he ever done wrong, aside from being bleedin’ useless that is?

  10. Gabby and Weimann……….


    Gabby- no brain, no guts, no heart
    Weimann – big heart, no touch, no athlete

    • Weimann is a up and coming quality striker it’s just cock holders like you to always put them down

      • You are obviously satisfied with medicoracy! Stop watching girls games and get real! To be a top forward you need to have football intelligence, a touch, a heart and be willing to run through walls to score. Bet you thought the Moore brothers, delfonouso, gabby and vassell were good enough! Live with facts! See what you see! Not what would be nice!!!! You mong!

  11. Norwich have stated they are retaining Culverhuse, so who will lerner/ Lambert bring in as an assistant? With Lambert driving Hutton on, we may see a very different player this season.

  12. Im not looking forward to this tribunal, you just know that somewhere lerner is going to have to pay up, we need culverhouse and karsa down VP with Lambert , we need the whole team together for this to be a success, when houllier took over thompson didnt join him and that was a major factor in his failure down VP that and his dicky heart of course lol but this tribunal will not help the matter, never ever straight forward with us

  13. Very excited for next season! Who isn’t!!!
    Can we ban the Mc***** word from this site and simply refer to it as ‘the season that shall not be discussed’?
    Must admit, PL’s initials being the same as ‘Premier League’ is confusing me!!! LOL!!! But then again I’m thick as 2 short planks.
    I very nearly left football last year because of ‘the season that shall not be discussed’. Lambert’s arrival he’s reversed that dramatically!!!!! I also think he’ll get BIG responses from some under acheivers from last year, Gabby for one who was clearly very, very unhappy and has been for 2 years – remeber his comments when GH left???!!!

    P.s. I’ve got a mild hangover from 3 pints and half a bottle of Cotes Du Rhone. Am I turning into a Shandy?

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