Clue to the new Away Kit – Mock up

We are getting close to the kit announcements and we are getting clues all the time.

We have had some information from Samir Carruthers – Twitter LINK and he seems excited !!

Samir Carruthers ‏@SamirCarruthers
@micsymmonds the away top colour is unreal but up to you pal

then on H&V we had this snippet from FourOaksVillan

Finally this has been noticed on a enotice that Villa sent out – LINK regarding the Kit Launch Weekend

Then please note the colour in the AWAY KIT WRITING

Chaps the new Macron away kit will be a green shirt with blue shorts and socks

So My good friend Luke Marshall (LINK) did this mock up and Four Oaks Villan confirmed nearly very close

This I would call the ‘marmite kit’ some will hate and some will love it, not sure myself, for sure it is different !!

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43 comments on “Clue to the new Away Kit – Mock up

  1. I thinks it’s fine, always like it when you go away from the norm !, only slight thing i dont like is collars, im sure ive seen a design with a round neck…. but no matter what colour, design, it’s about the footy we play in it and thats gotta be better than the crap from last season🙂

  2. We look like brazil

  3. have a look at west hams away kit, i think it’ll be similar to that they usually are ;


  4. I’m perfectly happy with Macron as the kit supplier. Nike wasn’t doing anything special for us – the first ACORNS kit was probably the only one that I liked that much. Otherwise, they’ve all been fairly bland. At least with Macron we know their focus will be on us. As for the away, I don’t know. it’s different. Looks OK. If it’s that shade of green, it will be a mess of disembodied heads when they’re on the field (like if you watch the Seattle Sounders – http://youtu.be/tgGMBTgoA2E).

  5. the socks look like little blue wellies
    I am sure the john inmans of this world will love it
    If the name Genting is not bad enough (somethin George michael would do)
    Just need a pink set of beads

  6. Been told by someone who knows ,this is not the kit !!!!

  7. seen 3 of these now… one Green, one yellow and another white with blue and claret diagonal stripes…

  8. Anyone else see the kit “making of videos” on the official site? An embossed Logo on the back, wtf?!

  9. That should be the alternative colours, should of made the home one red, away white and this alternative, same design, I like the design just not the colour, looks like sick

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